You Can Always Start Over A New Leaf, If Not Grow An Entire New Tree of Loving Beliefs


After surviving childhood trauma, family abuse, domestic violence, violent desires, and coming to the contradiction of battling social drama in adult life filled with discrepancies. The world has got to give a break to me right. Nope. This was my calling, it was a journey to educate and guide people to become spiritually aware, to become spiritually free and to find strength and inner peace to be themselves despite the chaos in their world and environment. To stop from being on the receiving end of a violent manipulative desires of others.

If you have built an identity and find yourself being destroyed from within. If you have been battling with conflict, confusion and chaos. This pieces of puzzle doesn’t have to stay inside your soul and spirit if it doesn’t belong to you. Weakness is taught and nurtured by violent individuals who are jealous, and envious of your unique vision, and unique identity. They approve all your negative traits as they channel their negative qualities into your spirit and soul. As they watch you sabotage your dreams, sabotage your happiness and sabotage your joy. They smile creepily in satisfaction.

Dealing with fake individuals, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths daily in your life will bring a big toll towards you. Surrounded by violence that charms itself into your life with big smiles, hugs, and false politically correct exchange of words and conversations. Kindness is masked as manipulative attempt to extort your values and ideas. Associations is corrupted by false promises and fake commitments. Your positive beliefs about life is corroded and replaced with fear, replaced with contradicting voices in your mind, replaced with behaviours that disrupts your positive flow. You become stopped at a halt, stuck in a rut and in a deep dark hole that you cannot climb out of. You’ve been targeted by soulless, empty and spiritually broken people taking a swipe of your personal power, confidence and abundance. Simply, cowards pretending to mirror your confidence and courage. Insecure adults, lowering you capabilities with their grandiose feeling of entitlement and delusion.

Your freewill, independence and beliefs was violated. All of this happened, and it was masked by good intentions, generosity, associations, and happy faces. Violent desires that tortured your self love, and personal importance, hijacking your personal power and dreams.

Truth is my passionate game. It has been distorted. Very insidiously, secretly in a wave of clandestine vibes. Helping people live in their truth is my  vocation. Authenticity. Identity. Independence. Free spirits liberated with joy.

Studying this social discrepancies and its dismissed and swept under a rug as common values. It doesn’t jive with the universe anymore. It is not going to be tolerated or negotiated with. It is not going to be put up, or accepted. Peace and Love is not for fools. It is for people who have integrity and courage to stand in the values of Peace and Love despite the lies being paraded around social circles as gossip and defamation.

Social creatures love to paint other people’s images and make an error with it. Only a true soul would look within their own spirit and improve their vulnerabilities and empower their insecurities into confidence, faith and belief. Every human has a soul, but it does not mean they are connected to the right spiritual source of love and divine intelligence. That is why they are able to do remarkable acts of violence void of empathy and compassion.

It is up to us, you and me, to help build this world into a better home for humans and our future generation. We can turn over a new leaf everyday, or find the courage and strength grow an entirely new beautiful and powerful magnificent tree of life, filled with loving beliefs that grows us into amazing humans capable of nourishing peace in ourselves and in every area of our lives while, having the sharpest mind to shield our strong intentions, rock hard boundaries and pure desires of love.

My intention to speak about world peace, empire of love and self love and acceptance came true in 2014 when I spoke at an event in London, where many historical and famous people once stood there. As well as singers like Adele and other prominent historical figures like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

When someone wants to crush your tree and uproot you, all you have to do is just accept their attempt are going to fail. Because, they don’t have spiritual powers or spiritual connection that is powerful. No matter how much violence they portray, its a delusion. It is our fear that empowers their abilities to victimize us. When we hold on to our truth, our power, and beliefs, we can recognize the insecurities, vulnerabilities and shame hiding behind their soul, enticing them to violate our rights, our free will and our personal power. When we choose to believe more in ourselves rather than the intimidation, threats and manipulative story-lines that others are oppressing onto us, it ceases to hold any power to obstruct our path, our extort our values.

We have to start separating other people’s delusions and our true reality. People who have survived PTSD, Targeted Individual, Being surrounded by massive amount of sociopaths, we might have falled deep in a darkness that we keep fighting to get out of. But until we realise our reaction and respond to the darkness is programmed and our willpower and intentions are distorted. We are giving power to a delusion that starts to become thicker in energy and materialize into our reality.  We have to stop giving attention, power and emotion to what the violent desires of other people forcing their delusions on us. All the tricks and lies and games and manipulations. They are all fiction.

When we have our willpower back, our clarity in our minds back, we start abandoning emotions that never belong to us. We stopped feeding the demon and insecurities of other people around us and start to nourish our spirit with gentle, kind, loving attention.
Cause we stop fearing the delusion, and we start loving our present reality.

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