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Are you looking for a Healer, Coach and a Person who Understands what you are going through? Would you like to invest yourself in the programs available for you? Are you striving to achieve Inner Peace and Self-Acceptance? Read more below and choose your packages.



We have different tailored programs for different social stands of individuals who seeks to work with us. We cater from the teenager, youths, to adults and elderly. From 18+ to 65. We do what we can to offer healing, guidance, solace and assists you to recover your soul from past trauma, mid-life crisis, toxic childhood and toxic parents, building the mental defense and strong boundaries, life purpose, confidence, and self-belief. We also seek to provide healing to family scapegoats from toxic environments and assisting women and men heal from toxic relationships in their romantic life. Printing energy of self-worth and self-esteem to people who had been conditioned to become people pleasers and emotional slaves to their surrounding environment. 50% or more of our programs carry subconscious energy healing through intuitive energy reading that allows us to reach into the root of the issue and resolving the main wound of your soul once and for all. We help you ease the oppression of your mind and soul through liberating your energy and spirit by assisting you to view yourself and the experiences you carry with clarity, wisdom, and compassion. The key is in your hands and we guide you on how to use it with the training of your conscious mind.

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Terms & Conditions

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Disclaimer : While we do our best to provide alternative healing method through consultation and energy healing work, we advise that each receiver of the services offered by this website to take steps and precautionary measures before making any decisions that impact their life in any way. Please practice responsible decision making and consult your closest relatives or trusted medical professional if you feel like having a second opinion or seeking alternative method of healing or coaching such as the services offered here. We aim to provide our service as alternative and holistic healing for the wellbeing of our clients and customers. Please follow your best personal guidance when making any decision in your life. Our services are not meant to interfere, replace any current medicines, professional therapy you may undertake at the time of receiving our services and products offered.

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