What Is Truly Important For You?

Life is a journey, it is not a destination.

It is how you nurture the present day is what will bring you a future that is worthwhile.

As you enter this website, you might want to know about me, what I do, and how much information you can dig through for yourself.

But that doesn’t matter to me. Because what matters to me is that are you committed to practice self love and to shift your beliefs and perspective so that you can change the outcome of your daily lives.

So that you can experience the most loving outcome, resorted by your pure intention, courage to heal, wisdom you have earned from your life.

I wish to make this website a space for serious, committed students of life to grow, and continue to develop their life skills. So that people like you, can keep your heart clear and mind at ease. So that you can channel your energy towards doing good in this world.

You may know that I had complex post traumatic stress disorder, I may still have it. Many adults have it but don’t know it. But I did my work, I faced so many demons and darkness, I fall through a hole I never thought existed, and while that part of my life was in motion, I felt detached, isolated, and abandoned by the world I once knew.

Healing is not easy, I never said it was something I wanted to do as a life long passion. But if you are a soul that wish to spread its wings, you have to learn to take a leap, and at times, falling is all you can ever do. But once in a while, you will land on your feet, and from that ground you have to see the things you are scared of, facing your demons, your fears, yourself in the mirror of your own shadow. You have to grow from it, and that’s even more tougher than taking the leap in order to fly.

Free spirit is not just two words expressing a liberated soul. The story behind any free spirited person, is a tale of deep agony, grief, suffering, that doesn’t get too much popularity and exposure. But everybody thinks that the word free spirit and the person who emanates a free spirited virtue has it easy in their life. So I beg of you not to undermine the people who seemed free spirited. They’ve fought wars you have no chance in winning if you were in their shoes.

Right now I just want to be of service, and focus on the individuals who desires my professional consultancy, emotional support, and healing perspective.

If you are on a spiritual journey, and you need support and are willing to respect the energy exchange, I welcome you to be seriously committed to make an appointment. If you are here just as a visitor to just shy away from committing. Welcome, but I don’t believe I have anything to offer you except the grace of acknowledging you as a visitor.

I don’t have to share my healings on YouTube openly anymore. I know everyone is responsible for their healing and I am no longer interested to put my goals aside in order to help “humanity” achieve peace. I really respect myself enough to end the things I need to end.

If you have come here to see why I have not been on YouTube, I can recommend you to join Peace Visionaries, a group for committed individuals to learn the things I wish to share and part with as wisdom.

I’ve opened my heart way too much for my YouTube channel, although I appreciate the journey I took with my audience such as yourself perhaps, I believe its time for it to end.

For those of you who wish to become my clients. The door is open. Make sure you can afford the sessions, because I will not be wasting my time for pity party or sympathy cards used to gain my generosity. I’m not interested nor do I appreciate creepy arrogant and cheap client wannabe’s. No one is obligated to sacrifice their energy, time, and skill just because someone else said they have to. I say any clients who wants to rob me of my worth, and business, is partially possessed by a demon that doesn’t want me to keep pursuing my intention to do good. And by that ArchAngel Michael and ArchAngel Azrael will shield me from the harms caused by these evil entities and demonic alliances in toxic clients.

I believe the right clients who have compassion, common empathy, basic level of integrity and respect will be able to look through what I said above, and understand how much I experience with toxic clients who likes to take up my time and avoid paying and using the sympathy card to get out of the commitment. Which again and again, never worked. Not everyone can become my client. I may have something wrong that keep getting lousy people trying to be my client, no offense but when you just get creeps contacting you, you get the picture. I was attracting lousy clients. Time wasters. As much as I want to offer healing, my service, my coaching. I have to stop doing the things I have been doing such as my long YouTube videos where I expect donations and yet nothing comes through. I need to change. I expect change. And I’m changing my audience as well. Of course it will help weed out the creepy energy drainers out of my business.

As I recognise my value and worth, I will keep upgrading my standards to match my healthy boundaries. That means shorter videos, and more articles to promote what I do. It baffles me how after so much effort I put into free healing videos I still don’t grow the way I need to. Hence this decision I make is final. I can’t be treating my audience as friends, when I want their respect as a professional holistic healer.

I hope all of you understand this, and that what is important for you, you start taking action on it. That this is important for me, and I won’t waste my time helping others grow while putting my goals and personal growth aside. I thank you all for the times we have spent together. All the best for you in what you think is important for yourself.


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