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Meredith Mynrose

Universal Healer


Meredith Mynrose found her calling as she was travelling Australia and decided to have Psychic reading. In that reading, the reader expressed the term “Empath” and “Healer”.

He asked if Meredith had done Tarot readings before, and she said yes, in high school, for fun, for teachers too. She didn’t take it seriously in that time and left it after graduating high school. The reader said that Meredith had many Psychic potential and will go far in life in healing modality.


Since 2011 after learning the term Empath, Meredith venture into a new world of Metaphysics, Psychic Readings, Aura, Chakra, and Healing. She polished her skills as a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader, A Medium, A Oracle and much more. Expanding this skills, within a year, these skills Skyrocketed and it’s as if a Whole New World was born. Meredith was able to tap into a whole new genre of healing that she specializes and nurture on her own.


Accompanying her Herbal skincare business, she starts to offer Tarot Readings and Healing services during her markets over the city in KL. In 2012 after successfully launch and completed a Christmas Market she was called to serve the light in a more profound way. To keep her herbal business on pause and to fully become initiated as a Healer and traverse deeper into her potential.


In this journey of anchoring her healing capabilities, Meredith learns more about Energy Vampires, People who have Personality Disorders, and she connects the clues to Childhood Trauma and Subconscious Mind Programming. Meredith begins to heal her clients Trauma, Internal Conflict and Frequent Life Problem that is on repeat. She finds the trail that connects to the root cause of the Emotional struggle, Pain, and Obstacles in her clients Life.


Using myriad of psychic and metaphysical skills, Meredith seek for the truth in order to help her client gestate in their healing growth and journey. Most of the healing session uses talk therapy and it is familiar to cognitive behavioral therapy. Each session is anchored in a goal to find the truth underneath the emotional and mental rubble and conflict that the client feels and transforming the darkness within the client into clarity, light and love.


Meredith’s specialty is to use her skills in a session to heal childhood trauma, deep forgotten pain, rewrite the experience in a high dosage of truth, faith and love and to help her clients choose a different path that would lead them into a clearing of serenity and acceptance.


Majority of the client has gone through deep phase of grief, death, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, loss of faith, dealing with toxic family and relatives, finding their meaning in life and conquering any complex post-traumatic stress disorder that occur in their adult life.


Meredith helps and guides her client to anchor their energy in the present moment and go through a strong rehabilitation of the soul and spirit in her deep soul healing sessions and programs. Allowing her clients to finalize their suffering with awareness, clarity to make ample positive decisions and holding strong loving perspective on what they desire to make of their life.

Within the session, Meredith will access certain and specific skills in order to best serve her clients. This could the ability to see the issues that is blocked from the client’s memories. This could also be using the energy of deep empathy to reconnect the client to their true abandoned feelings in order to re-empower their strength that was blocked in the duration of their abuse. There are a lot of metaphysical activity that happens during a session with her clients. This also could be chakra healing, aura clearing, messages from higher self, it all depends on the best modality that serves the clients need within the session.

Beyond the conversation within the session, energies will be reconstructed, re-weaved, and reset. There will be layers of new energy that will come to replace the old stagnant energy, and it is through conscious intent of the client to keep a strong hold on their inner reflection to practice self-development and self-improvement in order to harvest the best healing experience for long term benefit. It takes a willpower within the client to also become independent in themselves to use this wisdom shared and actively use the healing to create more stability and inner peace within themselves.

Meredith provides the skills below apart from Universal Healing session

Tarot & Psychic Reading
Past Life Reading
Starseed Reading
Light Language Channeling
Aura & Chakra Reading & Healing

Themed Meditations

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