Soul Purifying

A Human have many seeds, these are cells, they multiply. We need to purify our seeds (cells). So when they multiply. They multiply light. So we can grow more light and remove the seed of darkness (stagnance) from past experience and toxic relationship and surrounding.

Each seed (cells) carry energy, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and stories. Some seeds maybe toxic and holds virus, which will kill or suppressed the healthy cells and the good seeds. So this seeds need to be quarantined until, it can be purified.

The purpose of a Soul Purifying phase is to detect, put focus and search for the bad seeds that has been sprouting in your energy body. We find the seeds that carries Negative and Dark cells. This cells carries Thoughts, Feelings, Experiences and stories from your past. When we find this seeds, we quarantine and limit it from spreading influence and syphooning and affecting other good seeds in your life. To do this we will begin to find the stories behind each seed that may carry negative patterns, fears, doubt, negative emotions, hatred, grief, shame and sorrow. 

After the success of purifying these seeds, we continue to build the essence of this seeds through nurturing and nourishing this seeds with positive essences such as nurturing these seeds with good words, good thoughts, good behaviour. We also secure this pure seeds with a perimeter and boundary of awareness. To limit the influence of any existence that may not be the best desired element to help build the essence of this pure seeds. In Soul Building we build an Authentic Identity for the Seed to Flourish and Grow. The seeds will learn to have strong boundaries and a defense mechanism to repel bad influence, essence and seeds from other outside external elements. (People & Environment). This pure seeds will learn to connect to other seeds within and external elements with a Key Awareness and Strong Boundaries in order to create a Growing Opportunities to amplify light and grow strength. This will create an Aura of Authenticity and Spread Light within for Progress, Personal Development & Inner Fulfilment.

Soul Growth phase is when the Seeds within your Soul is Purified and Built to begin a Journey of Soul Growth. In this phase, The Strong Identity will build connection to the Heart, to ignite inner Passion, to seek what creates Joy, and to instill a Strength of Inner Peace while Pursuing the Peak Potential of the Soul. 

With Pure Seeds of Light, and Strong Walls and Perimeter of Authenticity and Boundaries. The Soul can grow Harmoniously to Achieve its Highest Potential. 

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Soul Purifying Program

Part 1 : 10 Sessions $ USD2000

Part 2 : 10 Sessions $ USD1800

Soul Building Program

Part 1 : 10 Sessions $ USD 2000

Part 2 : 10 Sessions $ USD 1800

Soul Growth Program

Part 1 : 10 Sessions $ USD 3000

Part 2 : 10 Sessions $ USD 2700

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