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In this session, You may already have experienced the first consultation universal healing and wish to deepen your insight on your personal and spiritual journey. The groundwork that has been covered in the first consultation provide more detailed information to continue a deeper healing works for your well-being.

You are ready to make the choice in which areas of life, topic, and issues you wish to tackle with the Universal Healer’s guidance, psychic abilities, spiritual awareness so that we can assist you in creating stepping stones to create your strong defined clarity to free you from the puzzle and mess of confusion.

The Universal Healer will assist you to access your inner template and energy so you may get connected to parts of you that you cannot reach on your own. We will uncover patterns of negativity, memories that runs wild, unsettling emotions and helping you combat and bring victory to your current dilemma.

We provide access to root cause and will investigate together and seek clarity, truth, and spiritual justice in reclaiming your true divine spiritual peace and power. Ability to love and feel calm again after x duration of years struggling with the trauma, dilemma, or negativity. We will help you see the things that are hard to accept, and help you shift your beliefs, values, perspectives and desires as well as recover your intention so you may be empowered to recreate the life you love to life.

It is a hard journey, sometimes frustrating, to relief yourself from worry and negativity. But this Universal Healing session is about building faith in yourself, tending to your soul with gentle kindness, giving yourself patience and compassion to listen to your most deepest inner needs and giving a voice to the silent child within you.

You will learn to tune into your negative shadow side and learn to love and become aware of its needs, desires and wants. Knowing that true protection and empowerment comes from awareness of your limits, boundaries and healthy restrictions in your life.

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Please note each session may come with different emotional triggers that will be re-processed and guided through during the session. Be prepared to experience vulnerability and the idea of feeling weak, only after accepting the truth, true revelation will be revealed and true power is reinstated as you shift into your strong stand in the name of self love.

The sessions may create effects such as emotional and spiritual detox, beginning with allowing pent-up feelings to rise without judgment and processing the pain body with awareness and setting it free. Clarity process will help take apart old pains and put past experience back together with inner peace. The sessions aim is to help the client take control of the definition of the past, and help to bring peace in their future and present energy.

We use methods of alternative healing such as energy readings, psychic investigation, chakra cleansing and other spiritual methods of healing based on pure light and love.


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