Hey Brilliant Stars!

So I am sure that you are wondering, what does it take to work one on one private coaching and healing session with me.

There is a process that will prep you before having a call with Meredith! A form is filled by your good self and in the form it will determine wether you fit the requirements in order to receive the private coaching & healing services we provide.

To fill in the form, for a Discovery call click here.

After the form is filled, Meredith will reach out to you when all informations are in order.

Then you will be able to choose selected services offered on this website.

That would be Single Sessions and Programs.

You can however continue with a Free 40 minute Discovery Call in order to make your decision on the services you are interested to sign up for.

To read on the Single sessions, click here.

To learn more about the Programs offered, ask about it in our free 40 mins Discovery call.

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