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Hello and Welcome Peace Visionaries!

I am so honoured to have you be part of our family and membership to this Evolutionary time on Earth. I am glad and excited that you have taken up the call to embrace me and this group of lovely and supportive people here working towards the goal of achieving Inner Peace and Universal Peace in each own’s life and reality!

Salute to all of you, dear earth love warriors who have crossed the threshold to reach this destination!

This membership is a universal prodigy towards assisting you to become a version of  your highest best and for you to attain your remarkable freedom of spirit, soul and mind. We envision you dearly beloved members of our peace visionary family to attain peace in your very core, so you may bring love and anchor your soul purpose here on earth while attaining all the bountiful pleasures earth can provide as a manifestation of abundant divine.

We provide Monthly Universal Forecasts in our Membership Page and can be delivered to your email as well. Universal Forecasts are Energy forecasted one month in advance so that you may prepare the theme of your personal evolution and soul work to evolve and embrace change with a softer flow and more peaceful and gracefully. The Theme for our First Universal Forecast Edition is called “Your Power Center” and will be out by 1st August 2016.

To read the Universal Forecast click here.

Since you have joined our Peace Visionary Family membership, you are now able to browse and view all the videos that were in public Youtube and had been Privatised. You will also be able to view all the new Private Lessons through this membership subscription. Some of this Private Lesson’s may have pre-prepped worksheets just for you! So do check out the Free Worksheets section in the Member Page for some Personal Development work for yourself!

Would you like to understand more of the Universal Starseed Stories? We have a Library of Star Circle Meditation where we Astral Travel to different locations in this Universe to attain elevated consciousness and wisdom of our roots from the stars. Go to our Star Circle page to view the Videos in the Library. It is 90 minutes long packed with energy activation and codes to heighten your energy DNA and Light strands. There are 7 Videos available as Star Circle Volume 1. Incoming New is Star Circle Volume 2.

Would you like to reap the rewards and benefits of being our member in Peace Visionaries? Have a scroll through at the Special Membership discounts for Novelty Readings, Special Sales and other types of the offer at hand just for you!

There is a special Freebie here in this Membership! You get to save and download our Love is Eternal Deck in photo/jpeg for your Affirmations and Soul Wisdom Lessons! We aim to create a physical deck for this so let’s cross fingers and envision this Love is Eternal Deck being born soon!

Visit the Deck page Here!

I seek that you will find yourself and discover your soul light and love here in this membership so you may build a beautiful experience here on this planet earth, and service your life by being who you are truly meant to be, your own unique identity, soul signature, divine blueprint of your own will of wisdom, light, harmony and peace.


For now, Enjoy your subscription to this rewarding Soul Evolving Energy! There is such thing as World Peace and it Begins with YOURS!

With Divine Miracles & Magic
Meredith Mynrose

Universal Healer & Peace Visionary

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