September 2016

Universal Healing Forecast September 2016

Theme of The Month : Seeding Passions

Sept 1 – Sept 7, 2016
Keyword : Unleash

This is the moment where the universe lift up all your self control towards hiding your deepest emotions. All your hidden emotions are being triggered to be released and unleashed. All the locks on your heart are broken free and you are faced with looking at unhealed raw emotions and learning deeply of yourself. This can even be forgotten dreams and desires locked underneath the broken feelings that is pushed deep in order to be unleashed.

Eventually a refreshing new emotions begin to enter your cleared heart and emotions. As a gentle bud of new refreshing snippets of possibilities that will began to enter your and slowly process to bloom your heart open as a new phase of something new.

Like a storm that blows down all the old weak foundation of  home, your heart is being cleansed and emptied from the past. The ruins of the old is being cleared to make way for new emotional experience. Even though grief, sadness and disappointments is being processed as confusion.

Learning to manage the new heart engine in your soul. Your heaf is receiving a Universal Healing upgrade in this radical transition of the timeline of our world. We are all being guided to tune our mind towards the truest heart desires and frequencies. All the darkness will be released. So the enlightening new hopes dreams can enter a clear heart you carry in your soul and spirit.

Using the new heart frequency even after the release of the pent up emotions. You are encourage to believe and put faith in your long forgotten dreams that you felt was unreachable while carrying the baggage in the past.

Make a wish of your deepest desires and believe that it will come true. Even if the situation seems not to be on your side. A blessing in disguise is behind each of the obstacls you face individually.

Acknowledge the reality while still holding to your dreams and moving forth as gentle or confident as you can. Trust that even if you may not understand what you are experiencing. There is a Divine Intervention to guide you in the tracks for your highest best life interesf personally. Detach from an idea and hold on to what is true in your heart. Make a wish. Ask. Believe. Receive blessings even if it isnt what you expect.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

Universal Healing Forecast September 2016

Theme of The Month : Seeding Passions

Sept 8 – Sept 14, 2016
Keyword : Charge with all your heart

Passion in Motion

There is an unseen energy as a chariot of faith that is working behind the scenes manifesting your true heart desire, stagnant projects and plans from old past that will start to pick up and move. You have all the tools to take charge, to plan your new direction and sowing new seeds of freedom and joy in your life. Envision your desired life. Take actions to initiate and plant seeds of your desires. Even though small. A seed can sprout with proper hope, faith and action. Tend to all your desires with emotional and visionary faith.

Guidance from the Universe will propel you to face situations that requires endings. Obstacles may increase harder if signs are ignored in order to shift the vibration towards unleashing or detaching an idea that no longer serves or benefits your life. Instead of  comprehending reality, its time to comprehend your true hearts desire, joy, and happiness. To nurture your unspoken and unexpressed longing that only you can tap inwards and feel for your ownself.

Holding your hearts desires despite the circumstances is being authentic to your self and your life. Pretending to feel okay will not assist in the motion of your heart to charge into the unknown and the uncertainty.

Listen to your deepest raw desires, and unlimitedly accept its heartfelt expression without judgement or conditions. Once you hold on to your desires, your mind will shift its perception, and the frequency of your heart will guide your mind to alter your reality in order to take steps into building the desired reality.

Opportunity to have new experience with financial matters, a new set of belief to do with issues in regards to money. Opens a pathway where unseen possible income to flow into your life. Attracting experience of flowing abundance in the sphere of your psyche.

News in regards to an emotional matter will due to arrive 14th September  2016.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

Universal Healing Forecast September 2016

Theme of the Month : Seeding Passions

Sept 15 – Sept 21, 2016
Keyword: Emotional Bloom

Harvesting your Patience & Passion

Courage to breakthrough emotional pain and past baggage. Not holding back to shine personal emotion. Speak and act confidently and arrange the emotional priorities. Walking up to your true kingdom. Setting priorities and agenda straight. Piercing the veil of doubt and hearing your heart perfectly.

Reaching the peak to spark zenith as highest point of internal epiphany, self-awareness and self realization to spurt growth and full transformation and change overnight.

Recognizing your true soul in the reflection seeing who you are clearly. Charging towards your natural desires without holding anything back. Courage and curated faith to master your hearts desires while holding the string of reality and maintain influence of illusionary fantasy.

Connecting pure dreams into great actions. Taking Charge and being in control of your heart and how it influences the surrounding reality. The desire and will in your heart will manifest your UPRISING WORLD.

There will be Full Moon in Pisces on the 16th of September 2016.
This is also called the Harvest Moon.
Wishing you a blessed period of transition in this powerful Lunar Eclipse. Be open to all and any possibilities and know that the Universe will always sustain you for your highest well being.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary



Universal Healing Forecast September Week 4 22nd- 29th Sept 2016

Theme of The Month : Seeding Passions

Keyword of the Week : Soul Radiance

Next Step, UP! Do you feel the shift of the past weeks rolling in and out like waves that guides you closer to the shore of your New Abiding Future Desires. You will get hints, signs and  telltale signs that the puzzle pieces are coming together. Another layer of Authenticity is Build up on your Soul. You are embracing your true voice and radiating your soul as well as true self. You are self igniting and sparkling within. It has become natural to you to embrace attention from your surrounding. You find clarity the more you express yourself freely and open your mind to release self-judgement. Comfortable in glowing yourself.

News of income, money situations are lifted into stronger idea of accomplishments. Renewal or Completion of Past Money ordeals are given the closure factor by the Universe. A giant lift of support to assist your monetary health and financial wellbeing. Business will begin to run smoother as the planet mercury begin to return from retrograde.

With the celebration of shifting towards a new season on 22nd September, Equinox. This season brings Renewal, Rejuvenation with Light shining in our Universal Atmosphere. We thrived through the Universal Turbulence and are making plans to Anchor into the Shore of a New Life. Can you see your desired destination? Have you sprout some seeds of visions into your future. Daydream and feel the possibility of receiving your desires.

Empowering your emotions to materialise your earthly needs. Soundproofing your heart and only listening to the echos of your personal desired truth from within your radiating soul. Hallmark of your Hearts, Joy, Warmth, Happiness and Fulfilling wishes. Emotional stability enables decisions to be made to overcome earthly setbacks so you gain better ground in order to take  more steps into the future. The journey you take is blessed in Gratitude with your emotional bond to your own heart creating an increased element of Self-Love.

With the Universal Chemistry of Water and Earth as you Radiate your Soul you are bringing to life your Desires. The seeds of your desired vision you plant into your mind creates a spark into your Inner Reality, magnetizing and attracting the ability to bend Reality and Form of Life  into the state of mind you carry as form of your true desires, true visions and true feelings. Earthly matters such as home, job, career, relafionship will get a take of fresh air and upgrade as you Radiate your True Soul.

Look out for another Forecast for the end of September.

Wishing you a blessed changing of the season. Loving vibes to all you Peace Visionaries.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

Universal Healing Forecast September Week 29 – 30

Theme of The Month : Seeding Passions

Keyword of the Week : Gravitating Heart

September has been an energy of many more release, surrender and incubation of the heart. Can you feel a soft hum running vibration in your heart. Where your feelings has been widely upgraded and deeper on set healing been unleashed. 
Many or few important decisions has been put into place and the course of your life direction is moving towards a vision you can carry forth. More shackles of past limited behaviour is released and it becomes natural as you follow through with your hearts intuition.
As you progress to complete this month in September you find that focusing on each moment transfers you to the next allowing you to make decision on the spot spontaneously trusting your gut instincts and recollecting your personal power. 
Theres teardrops of heart filled joyful inspiration entering the vicinity of your emotional experience as you continue to gravitate your soul towarda your deep visions of a meaningful life to pursue. 
Opportunities enter your life horizon as much as you open your state of being to expect the divine alignment of the best course of action, frame of thought and selection of emotion to pursue ahead with your desired destination.
Clarity for your feelings are triggered and you are able to make reminders and mental notes on your wellbeing, self worth and how your standard of value is being perceived and respected. A core character of authenticity is being rebuild the more you enter the layer of your heart allowing you to accept the core truth of your self. Embracing your truth and living your free expression without holding back from any fear but true courage to realise your worthy associations in your circle of life. Wether it be friends, workmates, peers and strangers who roam your vicinity. 
Enlightenment of your true set of beliefs are ingrained rapidly and more healthy boundaries are subconsciously created as you realise and perceive your true inner reality formed from your feelings and thoughts about yourseld and your life. As you conquer the emotional paradigm and city within you, you emotionally recreatw the universe surrounding you. 
There is seeds of old and new passion brewing in your heart at least by end of this month. Where sparks of creativity and joyful faith will give phenomenom and signs for you to pursue it. The Universe may have derailed you, put you in faces of obstacles or trigger your vulnerable points so that you see beyond those feelings is your true passion. Let your feelings ride the wave of Universal Healing and follow the moments and embrace life courageously. You can experience liberating relief as you keep motioning forward with your true souls authenticity and heart. 
Truth sets you free, but to receive pockets of truth you need to look at the darkest experience hiding your inner most neglected feelings and come into full realisation that you have the power to invite and welcome the experiences you choose once you entertain your darkest quieries and worries. Nurture your feelings and the Universe will follow suit to deliver you opportunities as long as you bring your authentic heart into the present moment. Be genuine, sincere and real and keep into mind your truest intention for living your personal life.
There is a Black Moon for the North Hemisphere of this Planet Earth. 30th September and the Southern Hemisphere will have its Black Moon on 31st October on Halloween. Black Moon means a great deal of change is coming. A big twist to your reality. Epiphany, Clarity, Deep Liberating Self Revealing Insights will allow you to see yourself in your most Powerful Truth and state of your True Core Being. 
I recommend that you spend time to look at yourself in the Mirror and make notes of how well you perform and change from this 2 months since the first eclipse begin and we have completed the last eclipse of the year!
If you wish to book a session for Universal Healing we have a Offer right now till 3rd October 2016.
Respond this email if you wish to book an Appointment! 
With Love
To My Peace Visionaries
May your Life be filled with Joy and Inner Peace~
Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

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