October 2016

Universal Healing Forecast October Week 1 1st – 7th October 2016

Theme of The Month : Your Mark In The World Map

Overview of this Months Universal Energy

With the theme of this month being “Your Mark in The World Map” , we are being invited to Make a Mark of our Passion, Trade and Goals.

If you are given a Universal Projector within your Mind and Eyes how would you Paint your Universe, Your World, Your Life, What would you create with your Eyes Mind.

Your Eyes have an Intelligence of its Own, when you trust in your ability to free limitations of your imagination you are able to create genius works of art, problem solve, and provide creative solutions.

“What your mind can perceive, can exists,”

This month challenges you to create a reality within your mind, To see possibilities without fault or obstacles within your Inner City of Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Heart and Peaceful Wellbeing.

The Subconscious Mind holds the Energy Generator for your Reality. Perception is the Meanings you hold to define your reality. When you take control of the meaning of your life, you direct your subconscious mind to perceive and paint your reality based on your subconscious dream, desires, goals, values, love, and honour.

Your perception paints your Inner City.

Holding a meaning, that nourishes your soul allows you to generate energy to create your reality. That is why when two people comes together, when one person is not being honest or transparent about their subconscious or state of wellbeing. Your perception gets distorted by other peoples subconscious self denial. Then your energy is influenced to a lower grade of wellbeing.

//When life is haywire or messy, you need to count your inventory of perspectives and meaning of life. Sometimes we get so busy or taken forth by the robust momentum of life with the wrong crowd of people who mainly just isnt the right people for you. And you have been storing negative views in life. //

Week 1 : Conquering Domestic Affairs

This week starts with the Perspective of your Values and Beliefs. Are you pulling your own string in regards to your own definition of “is it worth it?” There is balanced all around in your engagements and associations. You will come out of a deal with the longer matchstick. Reparation is in your good end.

A matter dealt with Authority will come true as fair and justified. A firm ground of Integrity with values exchanged. Any discussions or Engagements regarding home affairs, business settlements, purchases will come off as strong improvements for the future living phase.

Home improvements, new contracts, or refurbished parts of your living quarter is in order. To make your living space in matching vibration of you true soul. Create an environment where you are putting your Soul Signature. An aspect of your Favourite Symbol, Decoration, Painting or colour that makes you feel like you’ve marked a personal territory in your home that matches your personality.

This week Domestic Affairs will be settled in harmonious balanced actions as the soul wisdom takes a step up into the throne of personal independence.

Taking care of your Domestic Affairs allows you to bring Positive Results to your Future Endeavours, Career, Passion and Goals.

3 Challenges This Week

1. Say and Admit your True Desires and Share your Point of Views of Any Matter. Be honest and truthful to yourself.

2. There is no challenging aspect with Authority. A person who carries the role of an Authority comes with Wisdom, Responsibility and Integrity. When you switch your circle of association to focus on the people who carry integrity in the dealings as a matter of fact, your energy requires fairness.

3. Choosing to portray yourself authentically when refurbishing or renovating and decorating your Personal Space, the Personality from the Unique Soul Signature. The refreshed version of you.

Its a Month of Balance! Love & Justice. We have been through a Wormhole of Fluxing Energies to rid of all baggages that does not serve us no more. This month plan a getaway to nature even for a day or weekend. Make time to plug yourself back into the Universal Abundance of Mother Nature.

To my Peace Visionaries

May this month be a myriad of miracles amd blessings comes true, through and through.
Lets rock this Universe with our Peace!

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Universal Healing Forecast October Week 2 8th – 14th October 2016

Theme of The Month : Your Mark In The World Map

Keyword of The Week : Its a Deal!

Your mind is working tirelessly to choose and decide what path you wish to take for your future. Your heart has a desire to fulfil your wishes and you are able to see a space for taking action. But prior to that, considerations are needed in order to ensure the decisions taken is going to be great for long term decisions. You are putting seeds, new seeds into your future with your current actions. You are able to then create a road as you follow your heart in deciding what is best for you. There is many type of communication going around and you have many things to think about.

Choices are all spread in front of you. The layout of your new life path that is fortunable for you to take. Understand that there is no rush in taking or making this decisions. Contemplate, sit on the idea, relax in that energy of possibility that the desire you have for your future is possible. Daydream and consider all possibility in the direction of your actions planting the new seeds in your future and life. 

There are tasks, or actions that is required to get done and do. Such as contacting or getting in touch with people of the expertise in the area of your passion, life goals and what you feel and believe you require assistance in order to manifest your goals. Its time to share your passion, speak about it, share to people your dreams and its time for you to bring faith into your chosen area of life goals. Its almost as if you are planting seeds of desire when you share your intention with people around the midst of your circle. You wish to make it happen and you willed to make it come true. Subconsciously it is almost like you are knocking on doors and see which one opens and which one allows you in. Share share share. Do do do. Have that strong will to just follow your dreams and visions and actively combine it with realistic expectations of what can be done in the present moment. Follow the moments. Enjoy the troubleshooting of getting to achieve your dreams and visions. Actively pursue through being in the present daily activities and implementing strong intentions and ideas in your daily interaction with the people who you meet everyday. 

Time to step out of your old perspective in life. Its an old mode and you need to upgrade your vision. This is what this month is about. Your third eye chakra being upgraded and releasing old modes of perception. Like a diamond being polished from the surroundings of coal plaques. Your eye and view in life is being polished as you face each unidentified obstacle that hinders your view in life. The smudge in the mirror. The bug in your windshield. The dust in your specs or sunglasses. The universe is bumping us up to clear these old mode of perceptions we carry in life. So that we can finally see what is truly in front of us all along. Opportunities are there in front of you, when your whole soul is ready to receive it. We have been clearing and upgrading and processing the emotional and mental body cleansing so we get to this moment to be so clear of what we want to receive and experience in our each specifique and individual life. 

Take the actions your vision has desired your heart to make and let this efforts be released into the universe with full faith and only big hopes. Your actions are harvesting your future as seeds of intentions, actions, dreams and wishes. Believe you have done all you can and keep doing what you know best with the intention it will lead you to your best possible future. Look towards a deal being made between you and the Universe as the Universe guides you to the right people by serendipity, synchronicity and serenity. Be at peace with your choices, at zero gravity with the push and pull of life. Maintain strong balance and hold steady your inner energies as you manifest what is best for you. Strong presence of peace, of serene feelings and have patience to see what the Universe wish to gift you. Rewards are incoming. 

Wishing you Peace Visionaries a wonderful active set of week where joy comes with every action you take filled with satisfaction and fulfillment to make your dreams come true. Have fun and let your Inner Child free! 

Big Love and Happy Peaceful vibes

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Universal Healing Forecast October Week 3 15th – 21st October 2016

Theme of The Month : Your Mark In The World Map

Keyword of The Week : Wish Come True

Hello Peace Visionaries!

How was the preparation and decision from the last week’s energy. Have some deals been made? Have you created a personal space in your home you identify with your unique personality? With The Full Moon energy just fresh off the horizon, we are called to tie all loose ends and cover all holes in our lives. Opportunities for you to upgrade, move, renovate or refurbish your personal home is an action guided by the universe for you to take care of your self as you layer down a firm foundation of your soul and life to invite more peace and abundance into your beingness.

This week actions from your last week will take a great turn in your last few months of this Year 2016. Laying a groundwork of personal fulfillment satisfaction and wishes that you desire to come true, allows an energy of new to keep entering and building your new lives. There is an enormous positive vibes coming your way this week with the position of the galaxies and stars funneling the light and energy rays into our planet and human skins in frequencies and vibrations.

There is an air of celebration for something you have finally accomplished and achieve victory in some areas of your life. You deserve all the goodness and happiness coming your way this week. And more to come in your life. Take this week as a universal restart week of a new soul year for many of you. A universal preview of good things to come as far as you have done your work in growing your soul and healing your core vibrational beliefs.

Your subconscious belief creates your reality and universe. The process of growing up or growing older is also the process of rediscovering your soul beliefs and making changes so that you can attract your true desires and achieve your true passion and goals in this life. You have overcome many challenges from your past and have attain great wisdom for your soul as peace visionaries and able to learn and make practice of the intelligence within your soul design.

The direction of your life has taken a great turn with the decision you have made in the prior past week and with your bottom 3 chakras energy clearing up like never before, you take more pride in being able to make decision on the go and on your feet. Your identity is being uniquely formed and you are able to keep moving to the direction that gives you more love, joy and hope than ever before and you will see and experience what your soul craves and look for.

Love is a subject within your soul this week, the love for your life, the love for your experiences, the love for your reality, dreams and wishes. You finally understood or beginning to see how it feels to do what is good for you because you love yourself. The more you realise how each decision you take resembles and reflects the level of your self love, you begin to attract more events, opportunities and reality that coincides and reflects your worth, value and beliefs about what you believe you deserve. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel good in life. You deserve to have love for yourself and keep it that way. Remember that your personal decisions resembles the level of love you store for yourself in your heart. To attract any factor of soulmates or loving partners, the universe will always send you your frequency of attraction and vibration. This means the way you think of self love attracts other people who love you the same level. Your relationships reflects your self esteem.

This is why Third Eye Chakra is the Main Chakra for Universal Healing this month, Your daydreams and visions of peace for your future is the stepping stone to your wishes coming true. You can design your universe through an active third eye chakra to imagine, vision, and dream daily. Your wishes can come true. Believe in your dreams, believe in your individual visions of inner peace and your world peace. Dream it and enjoy it in the present moment and believe it will come true.

Share your life change and stories of improvement by replying to this email 🙂 We will have a new platform style of communicating amongst peace visionaries member soon.

Beautiful Blessings

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

Universal Healing Forecast October Week 4  22nd – 28th October 2016

Theme of The Month : Your Mark In The World Map

Keyword of The Week : Launch Successful 

Hello Peace Visionaries!
How was the week of fulfilling desire came through for you. Have at least one part of your life come into a beautiful surprising resolution? 
Have you manage to decorate and imprint your unique soul signature energy in your personal space and or homes? 
Some of your old time wishes has come true. Things you have never thought was possible but suddenly just managed to be resolved. 
The weekend on Saturday started with a coming into a harmonious energetical universal balance. The balance and scales have gloriously been tipped into a gentle balance even if you have definitely work hard to follow your souls voice in shifting, transforming, changing your life patterns.
Do you feel satisfied of the changes and growth you have experienced. Do you feel happy that you got some things you for long have wanted but could have never had for a long while. Your soul has grown and made the effort to carry the duties of being wiser and hence the universe has upgraded your life and assisted you with universal blessings taking you forth into goodness and joy. Feeling satisfied you followed your heart and fulfilling your souls desires. Congratulations peace visionaries!
In the incoming week, acting from a fully satisfied feelings will be the root of your decision and desire. You start making choices to only do what makes you feel really good inside. 
Is there something that you have been desiring to launch, pursue, or go forward in your life. Probabaly something to do with your passion, your desires, your wants in life.
Now that you have fulfilled your home matters, personal fulfillment and domestic affairs, you can definitely direct all of your focus into your career and passion. Maybe you are taking up a new study, hobby, volunteership or a new business. You are slowly reinventing your heart and life. Making a move to what makes your soul happy. Be ensured that an unexpected resolution is coming into your career and or passionate calling is making a stage or podium for you to shine your hearts brilliance in what ever interest of life you are pursuing. 
You have the authority to express your desires and the creativity to take steps towards your goals. New beginnings are expected to move forth through a news or messages coming unexpectedly. There is a “magic carpet” coming to take you into a world of your dreams and desires. Despite this dreamy analogy or metaphore, your life decisions and actions have made this all possible. Projects that has been delayed resumes and your goals starts to be developed and grow. 
You have grown and experienced what you required in order to build a solid ground beneath your feet for your life. You have experienced hardships that gave you necessary experience to herald you to the path that liberates you the most. Knowing your discomfort has allowed you to create comfort for your life. 
You are becoming and taking the throne of full autonomy leadership for your life. No matter what your surrounding say or suggests you know now you have the ability to discern and decide if you choose to take the path offered by others or to pave your own path and most likely you see a vision of your dreams attainable by following your instincts intuition and personal guidance from your inner voice and inner compass for direction.
An Incoming support will breakthrough for you to take your projects forward. Have an open mind and sight so that when there is possibility or opportunity appears you get to embrace it and say Yes, I deserve this assistance and help. Yes, this will really help me pursue my goals and dreams. Yes, this decision makes me happiest.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Universal Healing Forecast October Week 5  29th – 31th October 2016

Theme of The Month : Your Mark In The World Map

Keyword of The Week : Vision Come True

In the end of the month of October, you will get to experience a momentous joy but also the declaration of emotional moment for you. For you have waited for a unsurpassable period of time to overthrow and relinquish your past. As much as you peak the moment of joy you will experience also a brief period of realisation that this all goodness and greatness couldnt have come true without your experience of the terrible or negative dark period of your past. As you count your blessings you enable yourself to create an understanding that the darkness have ignited the light to spark your life even brighter. To taste the bitterness of the past have made the present moment much sweeter. Life is a co-mergence of dark and light. And despite hardship and grief or sadness even frustration that has been processed and healed, you too understand that this life is all but an experience and you have the powerful significant mind and freedom to liberate, identify and signify the challenges it brings you forward into the throne of your dreams, joy and happiness. The wheel is turned tonight in the Black Moon of 31st October
Wish comes true for your desire and happiness, a firm solid footing up into your future tonight. A fold of abundance raising your bright soul above the foundation you have built for yourself. 
Expect happiness and once in a lifetime blessings. Begin Anew. START LIFE. On your terms. You use your third eye and vision to project your desired lifestyle and way of living to the best of your desire and potential with the root of inner peace, cultivated self worth and personal joy. 
Be confident in your healthy personality and show off who you are with comfortable silence and personal satisfaction that you are being you and a free spirit. 
You are independent and joyfully so! Celebrate this moment with gusto and jolly happiness.
Congrats for going through another month of soul evolving and inner peace developing life dear Peace Visionaries.
Beautiful blessings and May you endeavour in your Inner peace and World Peace.
Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer & Peace Visionary
If you desire to have guidance and universal healing session with me. Reply this email to book a time and day. 
Thank you very much and see you in your Private Video Lessons!
Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

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