November 2016

Universal Healing Forecast November 2016
Week 1  1st – 7th November 2016
Theme of The Month : Interactions 
Chakra of The Month : Crown
Keyword of The Week : Active Pursuit & Excitement
So the energy of this month begins on a high note with a bit of a setback and obstacles in a positive way.
Celebration of an idea coming together. Your work in the past have made this month ready to take a leap.
Transition to a new beginning is in order. Small increments of career progress is seen. Concrete Ideas have become materialised. Small seeds of improvements are budding.
Messages about Money is stable and you are able to feel comfortable even though requirements are not all fully met. You understand this is a journey and your soul is growing with each successfull leap you make with your money ideas.
Speaking your worth is important this week. Protect your vision and values with the way you express yourself diligently. You are protecting your dreams when you carry a sharp intellect in the way you express your words.
Find a time to not be rushed into anything. The reign of your life is within the peaceful state of your mind.
Carry self care as a personal responsibility. All material world needs will not be fulfilled before self nurture and fulfillments. This week tends to the needs of your inner child, your grown up self and your emotional joy. Use the Compass of Happiness to Lead you to the next satisfying moment.
Let your Joy overcome your fears. Let Excitement leap over any fears. The Theme of the week is Active Pursuit while taking care of your personal needs you are equally pursuing your career goals.
Get so tired of playing small that you give yourself permission to play big. Get so fed up of listening to your subconscious criticism that you actively compliment yourself and believe in your possibilities. Get so positively angry and happy and hopeful that you tell yourself no more excuses and I will stand where I belong and show the world how valuable I am because I believe in me and Nobody has power to determine my value but My Own Self. Only I know what hits the spot of my healthy happiness and satisfaction. I can do what I need to get done this week. No excuses. I am Active and I am Excited. Of All the Future Potential of me getting done what I need to complete and finish this week!
Be Open to Interactions and slowly go out of your shell and give yourself permission to act, say, speak and behave the way you naturally are inclined to do without judgement or self criticism. Engage with new people and share from your heart. Do not hesitate to tell people how you feel if it brings strong understanding.
I follow my own Rhythm of Active Pursuit that I understand this life upgrades and development is an ongoing journey and The Excitement of My Satisfying Happiness relies on my self belief, positive self compliments, self love, self reflection, self admiration, and strong protection of my self image. I build myself to become peaceful active loving strong courageous human species. My increasing faith in the Universe reflects on the increasing faith in my self.
Write Three things that you are invited or asked maybe even attempted to do this month that makes you self doubt your competency, get you out of your comfort zones and make you be open and vulnerable. Then slowly motivate yourself to do these three things before the month ends. Coach yourself to be a better version and better thinker and feeler for your highest good. Reason with your subconscious of why its good and listen to the dark whispers of why you cant and tell it that your reasons of yes matters most. Why Yes I Can. Why Yes I Will. Why Yes I Must.
This Universal Healing Forecast is sent later than 1st November but the Energy is still present and active for the next coming weeks. The Forecast is delayed for the past weeks forecast is still building up for closures. Each Forecast carries an energy that gives us insights and challenges to complete. When the entire energy lesson is completed. We get to retrieve the new Universal Healing Forecast. This is so far How the Universal Healing Forecast works.
Feel free and welcome to give feedbacks of the forecast you received.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Universal Healing Forecast November Week 2 ( 8th – 14th Nov 2016 )
Theme : Excellence
Chakra : Crown

A Promising Contribution 

One of the most promising ideas about this Universe is the ability to think and freedom to think from your own desires.
In this world and understanding of life we will get to understand the power of thoughts and mental agility is the only bridge between the power to be free.
A free mind is a free soul no matter how physically restraint the individual may be.
The state of your mental health is the state of your soul. As you become a free being you become a free person. No restraints. No Rules. No Labels. No separation.
Freeing your mind is and will make you able to free your soul and spirit.
When you are free in your mind soul spirit you are able to contribute to the universe and the world without borders. You are able to be an unlimited being able to pursue unimaginable desires. You will break all limits with creative intelligence and provide soaring potential for the next generation to come.
Your life on earth is here based on service to provide and contribute your character and creativity. Your only duty as a human to reach massive potential of your satisfaction and human happiness. In the Universal Law of Balance.
In the journey of finding your authentic individuality. You experience extreme shadow and light experience. The bitter sweet of life and its form of emotional spectrum. Even as you uncover your potential and discover your true selves, you are doing a great service to this Universe by playing a seed role to the evolution of humanity and mankind. In that manner you will be able to understand how precious and valuable you are.
No matter how small your role has been in this universal consciousness, you matter as largely as any other beings across the cosmic borders. We are an enlightened earth and the people, sentient beings here are the manifestation of seed of universal exploration. As a seed of consciousness in this earth platform we each carry a percentage of brush and paint in this world. Our freedom to imagine and think the way we wish and will manifest this desire for the world that surround us.
What do you wish to contribute to this world that makes your soul leap with joy.
What manifestation of reality will you like to paint with the tools you are given that is solely your third eye energy (the projector of your universe)
What feelings do you want to receive from your surrounding, doing the things you enjoy doing? Envision, Feel, enormously embrace the state of experience you promise to feel and accept when you pursue your dreams and passion.
If it makes you happy, go for it.
Promise to feel deserving of all the rewards coming to you. Never doubt your potential or second-guess your enormous capability to contribute your piece of world peace to this world by following your pursuit of joy and happiness.
Say hi to success and have a conversation to your success as if it is already in the now. Which can be tapped in the projection and level of your consciousness.
Visualise success and feel the feelings of the successful contribution you make to the world no matter how tiny or large. The intention to give to the world is the basis formation of your ideal target to receive the bountiful pleasures and fruit of this earth.
Your contribution matters, your intention emphasizes the meaning of the contribution. As you give so will you receive. Harmoniously embrace the overdue blessings incoming to you open heartedly. All the love, respect, recognition that had been withheld from you. The success and credit that had been taken away and derailed from you in previous times was another storyline to bring you to best times in your life.
Promising news, a collaboration, a journey with people of same interests, intention and goals. Proceed with plans even tho with imperfections. The imperfections are sometimes puzzle pieces other people can solve. Share and embrace a team of loving supporters of your vision, dreams and plans. You are not alone. Many friends and union of similar souls are coming together by year end to start an amazing breakthrough in 2017.
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Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary


Universal Healing Forecast November Week 3

15th – 21st November 2016
Theme of The Month : Excellence
Keyword of The Week : Engage & Connect
Chakra of The Month : Crown
Have you selected an idea to pursue from the week before, in the universal healing forecast for the previous week has been a channeling of the information that can paint a prime picture of your life. If you were picasso of your life, the power of the brush and colors of the paint is through your choices and decisions you consciously make.
The universe is becoming conscious of itself through you. You are a universal generator and shapeshifter. Your existence give depth and meaning to the universe because everything is interlink and connected.
Life has become a journey of self consciousness and discovery for you so that you play an active part in creating a puzzle piece for the universe.
Daydreaming from last months activity is painting your inner realm so that it increases energy and paint your subconscious so you are able to manifest it in the coming months or weeks.
Imagine that you are baking a cake. In order to bake a cake there is necessary ingredients required in order to create the masterpiece. in your own personal life. Success masterpiece requires specific ingredient from your personality, character and behaviour.
Your Belief, Self Esteem, Pride in your work or abilities, are just but a very small integral and important part of your life fulfillment, achievement and success. Preparing your inner character through holding on to a knowledge of who you are and who you believe you are to be is an important journey to that destination point. Hold the best vision of yourself in your mind.
Holding a belief in your mindset that you are enough and perfectly who you are right now as a unique person allows you to express yourself without restraint or fear. Self acceptance allows you to share who you are with others. Learn to connect to other people without fear of not being enough or fear of being ridiculed or rejected for any reason. This experiences are just old frame of thought that stuck to your mind from people who interacted badly with you. Lose that thought that in other people’s eyes that you are not perfect, because you were once happy with yourself until people start attacking your personality, finding faults in your character and you have been scratching your head ever since. While you are working hard to Accept yourself, certain people will work hard to reject you and that is how you know who belongs in your circle and who does not.
But truly your trust of others overwhelmed your integrity to view that the truth is not and never lies with them but your own inner voice. Some people will never make sense because they are hiding something from you. The truth. They lie by accusing you misrepresent yourself but in truth they actually rejected the very part of you that is strong and capable. Because having a strong person just like you became a threat to their ego and fear of being not enough in comparison with you. This is always usual to a person who has not adapted themselves into a character who loves and accept themselves as they are.
It is time for you to break free from your coccoon and be a social butterfly. To engage and connect to those you desire to share your talents, skills, life with. To make a bigger circle of supportive and new friendships. You will be secure and satisfied with the new connection you make in life.
You can balance the interaction you give and receive and adequately be discerning in any advice, propositions, comments or remarks made by the people whom you connect or engaging with in a conversation. It is time for you to share your knowledge and begin a new journey to enlarge, expand, and emphasize your new growing network in life.
Your inner security is allowing you to build a physical surface aka external interface a visual projector of your identity and it allows you to be who you are. Share your true self from now onwards feeling secure and happy in who you are.
Go build bridges and create a new and lasting friendships. Its time to spread some of your inner light to spark some chain reaction of loving encounters in your life. Be kind, Be loving and Be yourself.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

Universal Healing Forecast November Week 4 2016 (22nd – 28th Nov 2016)

Theme of the Month : Excellence
Chakra Of The Month : Crown
Keyword Of The Week : Choose Liberty

Relationships is knocking on your door. News regarding childhood memories are returning. Memories of loving encounters are arriving. Sparking a remembrance and reminiscence.

This begins a journey of overwhelming feeling of being faced with your desires and realizing you need to step into love when its in front of you.

If the door to love, the gateway of opportunity is in front of you, would you cross this bridge to get there. Although the light is there, the fear and shadow will always linger close.

The difference now is that you can make this as a choice and a firm decision. Of what you choose to love and give power to.

You will learn to shift through unfinished emotional turmoil, doing your inner shadows work in order to keep the union of love at bay. Understand that keeping your inner temple clear from fear is the dust and shadows you must control. You need to learn to hug your fears. The scary feelings standing against you and your love and desires deserves to be nurtured and put into a line. Guide your fear to be disciplined and acknowledge its existence rather than be in denial of it. Discipline your demons.

Universe is giving you love and is asking you to release fear.
In order to do this you need to learn to feel. Feeling the temple of your shadows. And Mastering your Inner Shadows. Shadows are part of your boundaries. The very main essence of discernment and walls that separates yes to no and right from wrong.

Understand that the Universe is asking you to retrieve and take the pearl from the bottom of the water. And your concern is that you fear the water. Your obstacle is the emotions you don’t understand. Water element carries the energy of feeling. Feeling your fear and shadows without judgement or taking a step back. But standing firm in your faith and knowledge. Experience all feelings as fleeting memories. Do not hold to a past memory as a definition of who you are.

Your fear of feeling stops you from growing. Be brave to feel pain, suffering or any feeling that comes your way, but do not identify it to who you are. It does not identify who you are. Feelings are not permanent but a harmony of orchestra. The ever-flowing and morphing tunes of life. In the sadness and happiness tunes.

When you experienced shock, you held on to an idea that stops you from feeling pain, panic, shock, surprise, negative emotional sequences. Just think life sometimes gives emotional earthquake, emotional tsunami, emotional tornado, emotional volcano. When your mind tried to control how you feel, you control nature. What is natural is for the heart to lead the mind. Nature in humanity is out of order. Instead of leading with spirit, many are led into the brink of darkness with their disconnection to their heart.

There is a foundation of new stronger faith and belief to create new relationships and branch of human connection. Which path will you choose love or fear. Because indefinitely after having the knowledge and understanding you have the willpower to pull which strings in your life. Are you going to pull love towards you, because you believe you finally deserve to be loved and healthily reciprocate this love in return.

The first person for you to learn to love is yourself, so love getting to know who you are, the bad bits and the good bits. From knowing your own individual truth and flaws, and embrace you as you are, fully, you can then improve and attract people who will find no flaws in your imperfections but the very one reason that attracts them to you. Connect to yourself, and through yourself, you can connect to other genuine relationship and create an authentic bond with the people around you.

There is a fork in the road in front of you. Choose, right or left, happy or confusion. Life is simple, fear complicates your life, because sometimes the light is too bright and your own power freaks you out. Be brave and bold and choose freedom. Believe in yourself, of how much you deserve to be loved and how people deserve your love.

Love liberates you. So love yourself, all your imperfections as is, and run around being free spirited child and let go of the fear kindly and hold on to the love you can grow within your own self. Reprogram your internal emotional choice into habit of choosing happy and love and freedom. This decision is solely belongs to you. Increase your faith and take a step forward to the love you seek. Brave yourself to embrace your soul and spirit and be free by being exactly the way you are now. Accept yourself and you partake the power to rebuild your life from where you stand with all the power that is invested within you.

Can you choose liberty? I believe this is your inner calling to reach within. The path to freedom is from your new tint of faith.

Beautiful Blessings to All Peace Visionaries

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

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