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Hi again!
Below here is the description of the rates for Part 1 and Part 2 of the Soul Purifying Stage Program.
It takes 3 Months to complete for video course or earlier if you sign up for One to One Healing Program.
The first Intake is on 27th November, so Sign Up is already starting today.

When every student and healing participant finished the sessions and group course, we have a graduation webinar on 27th February 2016!
It will be an amazing virtual live party with each person receiving a Certificate of Completion and Participation for Joining this Course.
This Soul Purifying Program is Stage 1 before we move to Soul Building Program with Intake Opening in March-April in 2016.
Similar to Stage 1 Program, We have One to One Healing and Group Courses with 3 Additional Workshops on top of the Video Courses and Email Homeworks.

Stage 3 of Universal Healing Program is the Soul Growth.
Intake is July-August 2016 with Graduation in October- November 2016!
This is a 1-year long program and we have 3 Certificates to give out after each Stage Completion.




~ Special Rate Valid Until 17th November 2015 ~


~ Special Rate Valid Until 17th November 2015 ~


~ Special Rate Valid Until 17th November 2015 ONLY! ~

This is the Group Coaching for Soul Purifying Program Rates

See you in our Video Courses & Program!

groupcoachinguniversalhealers~ Special Rate Valid Until 17th November 2015 ~

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