Its Time To Nurture, Nourish & Spit Loving Fire to Your Spirit


Every one of you has a truth that has been oppressed and need to reveal. It is your Divine Authenticity. Divine Identity. It is your Spirit becoming Free.

Your Life Experiences may have eluded you into believing you are less than your dreams and desires. But your dreams and desire is the key to connect to your spirit.

I want to help you to bring your spirit alive in this present reality.

I have fought dangerously this path of defending my truth, eliminating fears that obstructs my faith from traveling and reaching the people who may need to hear my message to liberate their spirit.

You are here and your life matters. You have a sense of belonging just by breathing right now. You belong on this earth. You have rights as a human on this earth. That includes the right to have peace, love and abundance.

There are people who may disagree with that, and they will compete with you. They will make you believe there is not enough, to believe in scarcity, to believe life is hard and dangerous and corrupted.

There are also people out there like you and me, who share the common sense of humanity, faith and moral values that is filled with respect, tolerance and patience. Kindness is not just a mask, it is a true intention. It is a holy grail of self love and acceptance.

You have to start arranging what matters in your mind. Prioritize the voices that has the focus in your mind. Learn to abandon negative voices that is corrupt and fearful. Accept the violent thoughts that damages your inner peace by sending it away with divine love. Know that your spirit cannot speak to you with intention to harm or injure your gentle heart. The content of your mind needs to be cleared, dust off from its lazy narcissistic comments that injures your self esteem. If there is an audience in your mind, you need to make them become your cheerleader and not to boo your desires and procrastinate your dreams. You need to transform the voices in your mind into loving, kind and gentle.

Being surrounded by violent surrounding and violent people who are fake took a toll on your self loving narration in your mind, and it deeply affect your heart and made it heavier than it needs to be already. We have to get you to become lighthearted and pure and bright eyed spiritually free soul in this current human body you own. You are alive. Its a blessing to be alive. The environment may hijack your gratitude and feeling blessed because it doesn’t want you to connect to the present moment, where you can feel powerful, liberated, capable and connected to your freewill to do what you enjoy.

Your mind doesn’t need to be your enemy, it can be your best friend. It can be your cheerleader. It can be an auditorium of loving fans. Your mind can be a concert loving your every action to bring love, excitement and joy into your dreams. Your mind can be a beautiful oasis of divine synchronicity bringing you everything you need at a perfect time. Your mind can harmoniously sync to the song of the universe that is an aurora of beauty.

You have to find your unique expression and unique identity by learning it is build from within. From connecting to the deep treasures of your heart. To gain access to your heart, you need to learn to tell your mind to let you understand your feelings with no judgement, to let the feelings express itself without conditions. We are too conditioned to express emotions that are “acceptable”. Our emotions must be free, we shouldn’t bite our tongues because its culturally unacceptable, or socially corrupt to raise your voice in the presence of a patriarch or dominant and oppressive individuals. You shouldn’t be controlled to feel guilty when speaking up, especially if you speak the truth. You shouldn’t let narcissist or sociopath take over your mind with false facts, accusations and degrading illusions about you. All this is fiction, delusion and its made up. At least for you and about you. You have to dig deep into your heart and defend your feelings about who you are, discerning on the value of your humanity and unique identity. No one has the right to paint your identity or image. If they try to do that, they are impressing you negatively about who they are as a person, a deep reflection of themselves when they behave with disrespect and violence.

It is easy for soulless human to attack a good spirit. So it is up to us as beautiful souls with integrity and conscience to bring a lot of courage, bravery, fiery self love out in the open and to not live with shame, or guilt for being blessed. For being unique. For being specially picked by the universe to have certain callings, purpose and dreams. We have a heart, and our hearts make us unique. We treasure our hearts. We know who we are. We know our true voice. We are connected to spirit. We are spirit in unique expressions of single human individuals. Everyone of us, has a specific talent, purpose and direction to go. It brings us joy and an emotional fulfillment that brings us peace. My journey is to  help you find that strength, that clarity, that faith to believe in yourself.

To do that, we need to open a new chapter, where I can guide you to love the pieces that was broken and shattered. To help you arrange the fragments of your broken soul into a harmonious free spiritual flow of joy and love. I know you have it in you, to achieve your authentic identity, access your capabilities, and build a reality made purely from faith, love and sheer resilience.

Self Acceptance and Self Love is something to Master in this Planet Earth. Despite all the negative frequencies in the air. The violent desires of soulless people around the world. You will have access to your willpower, your clear mind and your heart to create a phenomenal life you can call your own.

Declare it! Its’ My Life! I love and accept myself as I Am! I am Enough! I am Beautiful! I am Amazing! My dreams can come true! I am In Charge of My Heart and My Desires! I am In Charge of My True Intentions! My life is surrounded by Ferocious Gentle Love that will not tolerate any type of Clandestine Violence! I am a Free Spirit. I came here in Spirit of Love and I will leave this Planet with the Spirit of Love. I will achieve it all, in the Spirit of Divine Love. I am Presence. Love is my Presence.

I am the Embodiment of L O V E.
P E A C E.
F R E E D O M.

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