Meredith Mynrose : A Universal Healer


Meredith Mynrose is a Universal Healer who specializes in healing from the first source of infliction with a thorough cleansing and healing from A-Z She is born with the natural ability to perform healing in relation to spiritual energetical plane.
Started off as a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader, she started to recognise her potential as a Medium and Healer and sends messages of love and peace from the loved ones that have crossed over.
She also assists earthbound spirits and removes spiritual attachments from people. Meredith has successful experience in removing ancestral karmic blueprints her clients through selective and progressive healing sessions.

Her energy is straight from the source of universal energy, pure of love and divine elegance to transform any person to the best of their highest well being.

Meredith is a Universal Healer and a Peace Visionary. She is the Founder of The Love Intelligent Project, Awaken Peaceful and Powerful Earth Nation. 2011-2015

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