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In this session, the healer will listen and evaluate the current energy situation in regards to the client. The client is required to tell their current state of life, what types of obstacle they are facing, what type of changes they wish to create and any issues that is needed to be healed. 

Please be aware that while we do our very best to provide energy healing, energy clarity, and assistance to heal, we wish to make a firm notice that this is not a fast track healing session. The client must not have expectations that it will be simple. The client must be ready to have a deep self-reflection and to look in areas where they may have flaws and vulnerabilities that needed to be shaped up so that this affects a positive impact in their life.

The sessions may create effects such as emotional and spiritual detox, beginning with allowing pent-up feelings to rise without judgment and processing the pain body with awareness and setting it free. Clarity process will help take apart old pains and put past experience back together with inner peace. The sessions aim is to help the client take control of the definition of the past, and help to bring peace in their future and present energy.
We use methods of alternative healing such as energy readings, psychic investigation, chakra cleansing and other spiritual methods of healing based on pure light and love.

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