Desiree Dewi Bracelet Custom Aura Chakra Healing

Desiree Dewi Bracelet Custom Aura Chakra Healing


The crystals selected to create the bracelet is as follows

  1. Bronzite
  2. Black Tourmaline
  3. Brown Agate
  4. Yellow Tiger Eye
  5. Citrine
  6. Garnet

This crystals were selected to help you build your psychic and spiritual boundaries that lies in the back of your solar plexus chakra.

For Bronzite, This stone has a lovely higher heart chakra vibration that encourages an increase of compassion and forgiveness, which may create a positive energetic space for meditation. This is also a stone of psychic protection. It may aid you in helping you to recover loss intuition and loss of personal conviction in standing for what you believe to be true without being relentless but to stick to your truth endlessly with compassion even if the people around you disagree.

For Black Tourmaline, it is a grounding stone and shielding and protective stone. It helps to keep you safe from negative influences that put you in harms way, it helps you to stay grounded and level headed. It’s a very protective stone and with the bronzite crystal will help cut negative psychic energy attacks that does not serve your highest well being.

For Brown Agate, also known as Botswana Agate, it is a good stone for those who are embarking on a new adventure, it will bring positive energies into your life. It is one of the greatest stones for balancing emotions, harmonisation, boosting intellectual and physical energy. This energy will deeply bring a soft and strong path-line bestowing your new journey in London.

For Yellow Tiger Eye, it seems that the solar plexus chakra needs a bit more support with being unruly. A bit more of the disobedience, and a little more of knowing you can make your own rules and rely on your own faith and principals in life too. It helps with social situations where people will provoke your personal power and try to intimidate your personality so that they could overstep your boundaries. This unshackles the perception and impression that your power was ever open to be bargained, negotiated, or toyed with.

For Citrine, this crystal is used to store more light so it expands throughout the inner chakra body. Helps you awaken your own personal belief, personal power, personal views in life and practice what you value diligently. Citrine contains a solar quality of energy. It is traditionally considered a good healing crystal for the solar plexus chakra issues. It can help strengthen self-esteem and a positive, vibrant flow of energy in and around one’s body.

For Garnet, it is used in this bracelet to encourage, nurture, and support you in your quest to live your life in your own terms based on your perspective, beliefs, and experiences with the wisdom you accumulated. This Garnet will be a second layer of firm faith stored in the root chakra where the citrine energy glows within all the 7 chakra in the body, the garnet reaffirms the healing that is done to bring about a desired happy healing whilst wearing the bracelet.

The bracelet is programmed to help soothe the energy hidden away at the back of the solar plexus, it will slowly reveal subconscious pain that was dismissed as a normality, and help you find a new insight of what you value about yourself and your life. It will help you rediscover an emotion that is healthier to carry, a resistance that is healthier to exert and apply in your life. It helps you to blossom and bloom from the wounds of your old pains. It will show you what shadows you protected that doesn’t need protection anymore and you can shine a light onto the wounds and pain so that your circumstances will become a bit better, helping you be assertive in what you feel and desire in life.

The transition of wearing this crystal is to help you bring your repressed power forward. So that you liberate fragments of your suppressed energy and you will find having a space for your emotions and personal power to sit still without feeling sinking in, helps with your next step in creating new relationships, friendships, adventures, that is more authentic and emotionally fulfilling to your soul and spirit. Then you can also use other crystals like watermelon tourmaline, moonstone, Ethiopian opal to spark a different energy to enter your life.

I hope this aura chakra healing crystal bracelet will bring you the goodness and deep healing as you wear it often. This bracelet is safe to bring into the shower. Recommended cleaning is to leave under the sunlight for 30 minutes to charge it. You can also cleanse it with water or place on a bowl of himalayan pink salt or a natural sea salt.

The energy programmed in the crystal lasts up to 1 year. After that the bracelet becomes a normal crystal bracelet that you can cleanse and keep for awhile before wearing it again.

Thank you for ordering a custom aura chakra healing bracelet.

Wishing for you Desiree so much happiness and happy healing with the bracelet.
If you have any queries get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help.

Love x Light
Meredith Mynrose & Mynrose Botanika 

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