The Reflex


Assessing Your Reflex Abilities, Becoming aware of your Nervous Sytem, Thought Patterns, Emotional Response, Physical Sensation.

What is Uncontrollable Reflex, Assess The Soul Fragment

What can

The Reflex is 

Feeling the Restrictions is Releasing the Limitations

Acknowledging the Feelings, Associating yourself to the Mental Limits, Holding the Sensation of that Memory, Doubt and Pain. 

Nervous System that has been shocked or frozen may shut down and feel numb. 

The reflex system that has been impaired may not have the elasticity to go back to neutral state.

Frozen, fried electrial synapses in the nervous system and memory in the mind may be altered, and shut down. 

Putting attention the the broken bridges of your mind and memory is building again the lines to connect the energy flow of broken energy in the mind from any trauma, negative impairment or shock.

The challenge in this module is to feel all the shock while staying associated to the body, emotion, thought, memory. Staying awake during the shock so your mind doesnt shut down and lose control of the reflex. 
It will be shuttering, trembling, angry, explosion of inner energy, but truly it is relief that will happen when you access the fear, negativity, trauma and pain. 

There must be precautions involved here as heavy trauma may take days to recover. Lighter pain not as longer. So find a time to do some release when you have all the privacy you need to sit with the negativity, shadow, and trauma.

The reason is to collect the broken pieces so that you can piece them together again. What is truly broken is the spark in your mind. The broken synapses is the one that create the mental restrictions and obstacles that hinders you from flowing freely in life. 

In the Next Module you will Learn How to Hold the Soul Fragments in order to return it into a neutral states. 

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