The Hold Up


Assessing The Content That Resides in your Current Template Left by The Old Reflex System that Released a Power, a Memory, an Awareness.

In this Module you will learn on the content inside the template of your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your behaviour or stubborn habits, and recognizing the energy in your system.

An experience can create an impression that shifts your neutral perspective into negative.

The hold up module seeks to understand the natural present hold you have in life in your template.

You can assess how your past impacted your present state and what you wish to change about this current state.

Expressing your Dislike, Disgruntlement, Dissatisfaction, Opening the Content of your Heart, Mind and Physical Fear. As well as the Lack of Abundance, Lack of Love, Lack of Happiness or Joy in Present State.

Here is where you begin to write down your Present Perspectives about Life.

When you have written down the perspectives you carried from the past experience or soul fragment you are focusing on healing, you have successfully cross the threshold of the broken synapses of your memory, body, emotions, awareness.

You are now in the stage where you can observe without being fully affected by the trauma, pain, fear, negative experience. You have settled down with reality, truth and facts.

Here is where you put seeds of power into your past experience, fear, doubt, pain and broken soul fragments.

Write down What would you do to feel empowered when holding this soul fragment that had experienced trauma or negativity.

Hold the emotions, Hold the thoughts, Hold the physical expression or sensation, and Hold the awareness to Respond to this event or soul fragment healing.

Maintaining the strong hold is important. You are holding a healthy light, memory, awareness in all of your being to become well.

The Reason The Hold Up Module is Important is because You actually acknowledge and recognise the value of what is within you. And Within you, you are holding Power that cannot be diminished because you are holding Awareness, Power, and Truth. Wisdom is when you refuse to let past mistakes repeat.

You are learning to Shift your Negative Perspective created by the Experiences in the Past, into Positive Perspective created by the Experiences in the Present State to Hold Power.

Now you can move on to the Next Module : The Push Where you learn to Push your Power

*You can hold a few realities at the same time when you hold a few perspective at the same time. But when you choose one perspective and hold onto it and keep pouring attention and awareness to it, it expands. That perspective you carry become reality.

That is why when you carry a negative thought and see that negative perspective and put focus and attention onto it, it expands into your reality.

And that is why when you brainwash your mind to carry positive thought and see a positive perspective and put focus and attention onto it, it expands into your reality as manifestations.

Think good things and good things will happen!
Don’t question other people’s projection and just keep having faith, people will do the right thing.

In the energy of this module, Hold Up :

Imagine you are subconsciously holding energies. The energies you hold carry a strong connection to your inner vision. The perspective you carry about your life and yourself. It is like a pair of eyes looking within.

The Hold Up is asking that you become aware of the Perspective you carry about your ideas on life, on yourself and on any part of your interests.

Are you the one controlling your own perspective, or have your perspective been implanted by other people who controls your mind and view on life.


What if you understand, your perspective is what mirrors out to the external world as reality.


What if you understand that controlling the perspective you hold in your heart, spirit and soul about yourself, your life and your desires, is the key component to attract the connections to the things you cherish.

People may come to you and try to change the way you see your life because they hate that you have faith and see the truth of your personal ambition, success, and goals. They try to force their perspective onto you and make you swallow their projections harshfully that distorts the way you see your life and causes wreck and havoc in other areas o your life because the way they see life and force you to see life does not mesh well with your beliefs, talents, abilities and strenght. You might fall and trip when someone force you to see their way and their pathways, they dont know that you are on a different pathway in life and you may not have obstacles they may have, because you were born with different set of inner strength and talents and your level of efforts may have set you on a different destiny. So no one can truly force someone else to see a different perspective. If they see it, great, but never to force someone to see negativity or darkness or doubt when its not about them. This negativity, darkness and doubt is just a perspective the other person carries because they try to control other people’s destiny, future and success. They try to distract this people from achieving their success, instead of respecting individuality, this person who has an ego complex needed to change other people’s perspective in order to feel secure that they are right about life, that life to them is seen in only their way and not other people’s way. They dont respect other people’s life because they may also been forced to see life a certain way, so they try to put other people’s mind in a box, because thats what they know. So learn to become aware when certain people want to fit your mind in a controlling way, this is how its suppose to be, this is the way it should be, you must follow society rules and acceptance, you cannot break the mold, you cannot be a free spirit, you cannot take this risks, its scary, nobody has done why should you, why should keep talking about your big dreams your big ideas, its scary to think you could make it, because i cant think like you, your thoughts are so risky, so modern, so futuristic, so visionary that I can’t accept it, it doesn’t harmonise with my comfort, and my beliefs. You scare me, so I need to exile you, so I try to gaslight you and distort your mind, so you stop holding such strong belief of a better way, because the old way has worked, why should we have a new way, just follow the rules, stop changing things, stop creating more space, let it stay as it is. Stop changing the world. Stop wanting better things, Stop pushing the limits. Just stay simple, stay safe, stay comfortable, stay in fear. Stop wanting more. You might lose so much more than what you have now. Dont take any risk, just follow the society blindly, dont be a hero or a heroine. Dont save others, save yourself, watch your own back, dont watch over other people. Just mind your own business, dont take care of other peoples business. Just be a stranger, dont be kind, dont be nice. Just separate, just hate, just reject, just ignore, just pretend, just dont connect to the world. The world is bad. Dont trust it. Its safer to keep everything to yourself. Don’t ask for help. Don’t go helping people. Just pretend. Forever.


Your Perspective is the Energy You Hold for Your Physical Reality, an Invitation for Reality to connect to your Inner Beliefs, Values and REality.

When other People control your perspective, they try to invite their reality into yours and that may create clash and havoc of interests where they try to control your spirit and soul destiny rather than respecting it.

Imagine you are in a buffet at a nice hotel called life. Everyone is provided with 1 plate. And there is one person who keeps putting food and food they like on your plate, but you dont like their food, You want to pick your own food. So same in life. You have the choice to create your own favourites, your own interests, and your own taste in life. You dont have to follow how other people force your taste in life to be. Protect your taste in life, protect the perspectives you carry about yourself and your life. People cannot put their opinions, or taste or perspective in your life if you become aware, that even though they may attempt to the point of harassment. Know that, if you don’t believe them and you know how foolish they are, then they cannot influence or impact you in the way they want to. Learn to accept the unique differences people have and accept that everyone’s different and not everyone should have the same interests or same view in life. Its okay to have different views in life. Because everyone does things different ways. Its okay to do things in different ways. Just because one person sees you in one way, does not mean everyone see’s you in that way. One person’s opinion of you, does not determine the worth you could share with the entire world. One person’s negative view about you, does not determine the belief the world sees in you. Just because you have been surrounded by negative people and negative circles, does not mean that there is no good people with positive vibes out there. Just know that, you are so precious that negativity sticks like glue to you, because they thrive off of your not being aware of their true intention. Learning to become aware of the person who come close to you’s intention, protects and defends your ability to ensure your circle is positive and kind and respectful and doesn’t force their personal view in life for your own. They let you be yourself with your own mindset and views. And you respect them too and let them be themselves with their own mindset, views and interests. You’ve just open up and invested in the wrong people. ITs no biggie. Time to  test the world again and find your clique, crowd and unique people.


So hold on to your beautiful perspective in life, and invite good things to you. Lets go to the next module where you will learn to push this beautiful perspective into strong confident projections in believes in your own views, believing in your own values, believing in your own principal, believing in your own heart. Pushing your desires into the world, learning to take action, and directing your mind to harmoniously work in your energy to grow your life into the desired lifestyle and personal taste.


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