The Block


Assessing Your Restrictions, Limitations, Obstacles, Negative Patterns, Fear, Doubt and Sabotaging Habits.

Module 1 : The Block

Your Mental Restrictions are the key reasons your soul, spirit and physical body are not living your highest dreams and ideal life vision.

Learning to Remove The Barrier of Your Mind is crucial to expand your Awareness

Your Mental Restrictions are there because, a heavy part of your memory is shrouded with a big word saying  “NO”. This is a dislodged or well kept subconscious memory that you experience in the past.

In order to Lift this Restrictions away, Navigating the Inner Content of your Personality and Memories as well as Thoughts and Feelings are required.

Underneath Mental Restrictions is Past Experiences, Negative Beliefs, External Projections from Environment Surrounding that you pick up as Childrens and turned into Limited Perspectives.

Mental Restrictions is also Carrying Limited Perspective base on the choice of belief one makes after a negative experience or trauma that shrinks the light out of the awareness and into a dark energy of fear, doubt, rejection, isolation and limitation.

Lets begin by learning to Navigate your Fears, your Doubts, your Negative Experiences, Childhood Trauma and a Thought or Emotion that stops you from Feeling able to be free and unblocked from being who you desire to be.

You can choose two ways to do this, which is to pick 1 random fear/doubt/negative experiences, feelings, thoughts or;

You can list down inventory of all the ones you remember in a list so you can go through one by one of your experiences and learn to set your mind, soul , spirit free from this restrictive mental lock and free your mind.

List your

  1. What are the Fears I carry that I am aware of right now?
  2. What are the Doubts I carry that I am aware of right now?
  3. What are the Negative Experiences that I remember of right now?
  4. What are the Negative Thought that runs in my mind that I can

You can visit this list, and guide again after you achieve and resolve one of the situations where you mind is restricted. For now, choose one experience and continue to the next part.

Now that you have chosen 1 Fragment in your Soul that requires attention and awareness. Let’s delve into this fragment with a few key ingredient that allows the process of dis-integrating the restrictions harmoniously.

When holding this fragment in your focus, attention and in silent meditation.

Understand that you are accessing part of your soul that is and has been avoided for a duration of time. The first fact you must do when you slowly send your attention and focus to it is to, be emotionally detached and observe the feelings that are present. It means to recognise the emotions suppressed in that memory and fragment of your soul and to try not be overwhelmed by it but to be a keen observer and make mental notes of your state of mind, feelings and physical presence.

Write down or make mental notes of the thoughts that becomes a voice in your mind, the visuals that jumps out to you, the sensation and feeling as you uncover the fragment of your soul and memory.

I want you to become aware of this key information and factors. So when you tune into yourself. I would like you to jot down, write onto a paper of these key informations.

What is the storyline of this soul fragment?

What is the sensation that is negative here?

What are the thoughts and voices saying here?

How do I feel when I am connected to this soul fragment?

If there are things that I could change, what could I have done to change the outcome?

Is the experience out of my control or within my control?

What do I feel about this experiences regarding the result of how it affected my own self?

How do I feel about this experience in regards to how this affected anyone (individuals) involved?

What do I want to do to change this from bad to good?

There will be different level of experiences that may come through, when you turn inwards and pay attention to your soul, feelings and memories. It is advisable to only go as deep as you feel comfortable and able to muster the emotions being released, the thoughts being expressed, the fear being revealed, the doubt being unveiled and some experiences or mental restrictions may be easier than others, but if you have had deep traumatic pasts, that may require more space, practice, and strong intention in order to remove the barriers of your mind, and heal your template.

Basically you can choose to pick the lightest obstacle or mental restrictions and work your way down from light to heavy experiences. So that you can slowly and steadily remove mental restrictions from your awareness and increase intuition to explore more boundaries that limits your free spirit.

The Steps to Take to Master this Module is

  1. Choose One Experience
  2. Express All of it Out in the Present Moment in the Open with Paper
  3. Try to Channel Your Own Voice About the Experience
  4. Express Your Negative Feelings, Thoughts, Pain, Hurt, Doubt, Shock, Trauma, Anger
  5. Find The Part You Dislike and Make a Mental Note on How you Wish Would had Happen

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