Hello beautiful souls and pleasant greetings to all of you from me, Meredith Mynrose. I created this course with the powerful intention to get us moving out of the feeling of stuck in the rut and completely wipe away any reasons, excuses or past histories we have that may make us second guess our capabilities, abilities and unique desire we wish to fulfill.

I am coming from a very tough background and I have felt the feelings many of you feel, in regards to when, how, and jumbled emotions in attempting to pursue your dreams, your goals and any steps you wish to take in helping yourself become better and best individuals that you can solely be proud of and be really amazed by. Self satisfaction in who you create your personality and identity.

Being proud of who you are and feeling those high vibes or personal satisfaction, life fulfillment and so much joy in yourself and your present life.

We have this idea, the future is so far beyond our reach. But we stopped realising that who we are now, substantially creates our future evidently. So when we pause and focus on what we are capable to do in the moment, we get to change history, because 10 minutes from now, the history you will be making is, that, you joined this course. And you are in this flow of energy that I am creating to get you, bust out of your dark episodes and help you find a brighter bridge to cross, so that you can reach freedom, peace, and self liberation.

You are making history here with me. As well as, having the power to paint your future. The way you want it to be. Not the way how the past has been abruptly changing your vision with a nightmare and obstacles you cant control. Now you will learn a new way of being, a new way of seeing and a new way of feeling, just because you are going to be guided in understanding how your mind works, with how your environment supports you or not, and how you may have been influenced to choose negative channels of energy that sabotages your ability to fulfill your hearts desire and feeling good, satisfied and happy. Which is the level of serotonin when you feel fully accomplished in life.

Feeling the high vibes, that makes you feel bliss, happy, and at peace.

I want you to know, that this is going to be a wonderful journey where you will be guided with this course to elevate your spirit and soul so that you may be able to cross many scary thresholds and dark bridges with a lot of faith, hope and empowerment. By this scary thresholds, and dark bridges, I mean that those pesky negative fears that you carry a lot of doubt, a lot of hesitance, and a lot of anxiety when you think about going through with that idea.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, all of those doubts, hesitance and anxiety can go “poof!” and what will be replaced with it, will be a strong feeling of “calm, peace, knowledge and power” because in this course, you will learn to replace all of that nasty feelings, into a strong feeling of 1.good 2.positive and 3.high vibes.

I want you to see the possibility, that all of your fears, all of your hesitance and all of your doubt, is just learnt and conditioned state of being. And you can totally erase and wipe that out of your mind’s vocabularies.

You can install a new mental vocabulary in how you can shift, change and pivot the energy towards a more positive channel, a more happier vibe, and a more satisfying and pleasant outcomes.

Are you excited? Lets Get Started!

Meredith Mynrose,

Universal Healer

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