The Pressure Points of Your Unique Personality

The Pressure Points of Your Unique Personality

Everybody needs to know they are cared for, they are loved and they belong. Depression, Anxiety, Rejection and Abandonment is a situation where a person feel disconnected from their perception of the world.

This person is locked in a negative and judgemental perspective that isolated them from the world. They are unable to merge a flow of perspectives that will support their ability to belong in a pack or society. This natural perspectives of their worth to society is mangled and murdered by False Accusation that gutted them into despair. Their intention shamed upon. Their truth smeared. They are locked in a jumble of perspectives that are untrue. They are trapped in an ideology that is forced upon them against their freewill. They are trapped in a state of mind that disables them from accessing their freewill and responsibility and responsibility to allow themselves to be happy and free. They are trapped in a negative personality and negative perspective that isolates them from contributing their unique abilities to the society. An ability that will enrich the community or society in a positive growth type of way.

They are strategically isolated by the most apprehensible character in society, usually sociopaths who can manipulate a person’s talent into a burden. This person who feels burdened by their talent and unique personality due to the fact that they have been singled out, and targeted by the sociopath who attacks and assassinate a unique character in society by dumping trouble, problems, issues, rubbish and nonsense into the individual who is outstanding so this person no longer stands out. Character assasination and demolition. To ruin its reputation and positive image, because sociopath hunts for these unique people and they wipe the daylight out of them.

They surround you with all sorts of nonsense emotions to shove you out from your rightful space in society and they attempt to take your spotlight. But they will fail, because they fake all their capabilities allowing them to steal your spotlight. You still have a unique spotlight and space to shine in society. You still have a unique personality. Your unique personality is enduring a stress and pressure points in order for you to believe in conviction of your identity.

Parts of your personality has been oppressed and distorted to the point of utter rejection and disbandment. Your personality has been broken apart and ridiculed with false accusations and facts that is distortive to your authenticity and genuine beingness. The environment around you in the past has oppressed and suppressed your personality and identity. It has disconnected your ability to regulate your emotion towards your personal vision. Instead your vision is most likely going to the vision of destruction and self sabotage.

Your unique personality has been attacked. Wether or not you know it. It may come visibly or by invisible ways. You willpower to be an expression of your unique character, voice or personality is dismissed or rejected without explanation, justification, or good reasons. Your body is stopped from expressing itself, your heart unable to express itself, your attitude is scratched and you feel oppressed or suppressed by your past environment or conditioming since childhood. You have never been able to explore your identity and individuality. The keyword here is your willpower to act from your heart and express with freedom. You either grew up unable to express this version of your unique personality. Or you have found your authentic self but have been manipulated or oppressed from expressing the natural attitude, personality or character that is a genuine version of your uniqueness. You start questioning how you should behave around people and you will feel awkward and unsettled because you are left with many pokes and prodes of criticisms, and memory of being taken apart by people you once trust or had trusted. They try to make you feel inadequate, not belonged and not good enough to be around. Who you are is hard to accept, allow and welcomed. Your choices in words, thoughts and behaviour is scattered, diminished, silenced, and disrespected. Your unique points of your personality is not embraced or welcomed. So it is up to you to return this freedom to yourself. It will take conscious effort to continue opening yourself up to the world. But you must become aware and remember that the insecurity you are feeling is not going to stop you from reaching out to the world to create healthy relationships with the society. The judgements that occur in your mind and perception can be forgiven and released until true facts appears as a negative response from a person who chooses to disrespect you rather than disagreeing politely without condemning or judging you as wrong, bad person or rubbish accusation to make you feel small and insecure from a jealous person who is envious of your unique personality.

You need to learn to accept your personality. Even if certain people reject it. You need to learn to completely accept who you are without justification that you are willing to change or transform that derails you from your true freedom and free spirited self. Never let anyone change your character or behaviour to suit their needs. Especially if they have no impressive background you personally admire and inspired by in order to improve your personality. A lot of people will ridicule you, find flaws in your personality and criticque your opinions. But they do not have the right to threaten you to silence your unique expression or unique point of view. If they do that then they are people who cannot control their own demons and fears about a certain topic or issue you are engaging with. They are pouring out their insecurities and incapabilities to accept your version of the truth or accept your presence that agitates, annoys and aggravatea them. It is not your problem if who you are, upsets certain people. They have no clause or right in humanity to control your personality or behaviour so their inner demons or anger will quiet down. You are not responsible to oppress or suppress your emotions or personality and identity to secure another persons false sense of strength, or identity. Strong people do not need to control other peoples identity. If you can become aware of how certain people desire to control another persons behaviour, personality, and character through dismissal, putdowns, negative remarks, passive aggressive looks. This are all insidious elements that create a negative ripple effect to your unique personality being suppressed from shining.

PT. 2

Expressing your unique personality has been a worry-wart situation. Your flaws makes you human. Perfection is overrated. Accept yourself as you currently are. If people have problem with you, let them point it out. If its not a flaw in your character and its an insecurity deeply rooted in the person who accuses you; You keep being yourself and have no problem with them.

You can be assertive in your personalities and know the small shocks, silence and disapprovals as well as passive aggressive situation exposed to you were the sharp brush to scratch your shimmer and shine. 

People will come to you to impress you, oppress you in order to secure their ego, identity and false personality. If you really know yourself and other people are really independent. They dont need to impress you or oppress you with their opinions or beliefs. They are going to just be themselves and both of you will be harmonious and you get to enjoy quality time that refreshes and invigorate your energy into happiness oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin. You dont have to sacrifice your personality in order to be accepted by an environment that is ingenuine. 

Sometimes people who are very evil, jealous, angry will attempt to make you feel so wrong, unwelcomed and do not belong. They try to wipe out your individuality, unique personality and visibility. 

They try to guilt you into feeling worthless, unwanted and rejected. They brainwash you so you will give up your unique qualities, vision and emotional warmth that makes your identity and behaviour unique.

You are unable to be yourself when certain people try to corner you and revoke your worth, personality and threaten you from being yourself. Worst they try to steal, possess this unique qualities you carry by imitating your behaviour and demand your approval as a way that they now “own” this characteristics that are not earned and false portrayal. They are delusional and attempt to possess and oppress your personality in order to be seen like you and remove you from acting, behaving or being your trueself. 

PT. 3

Your personality is under pressure because the environment or a source is attempting to isolate, degrade, destroy, and assasinate your personality. 

Its time to unlock your personality and Set your True Personality Free.

You have to start discerning fiction between facts. You have to understand which fact about you in your mind and perspectives are untrue. Because perceptions create your personality.

Your vision in your mind naturally feeds your behaviour. When your mind is attacked with fictional perspectives that are untrue and delusional fed by the sociopaths. You are unable to funnel energy and adrenaline into the desired vision. When you have come into awareness of the fictional perspective that is created from a fear input by the negative source. You start to separate and detach from the vision clouding your mind as primary. You start feeling that the vision is false and its triggering your body to sabotage yourself. 

Your personality then leads you to a behaviour. When your personality is attacked or oppressed your behaviour is limited and restricted. Your vision is the energy that holds your personality and behaviour together. The vision you carry has been oppressed. Your personality has been under pressure by the denial of certain individuals in your past from the way they mistreat you, abuse you, rejeced you, criticise or accused you. 

Clearing your vision from external source of input that is purely fiction helps you to erase the delusional perspective meant to sabotage your true vision and true personality and authenticity. 

The hard part is that the delusion, fiction, nightmare and accusation or perspective is very persistent, malicious, clandestine, a huge dose of self awareness, self observation, self reflection will allow you to deeply interact with this false perspectives that sabotages your true vision, authenticity. You can start to recognise and discern your choices and make a new decision and replace the false perspective with your true perception base on your beliefs and your own values you decide to empower. 

Putting power in your desired vision, desired perspectives allows you to start telling your body to behave and act in alignment to your truthful perceptions mirrored within and externally of your life. 

As your arrange the vision in your mind, you ignite a specific emotions, this emotion is a natural energy and adrenaline that is either positive or negative. Anxiety or Excitement. When your vision is locked in deep truth. Your heart will anchor deep in the seat of excitement and joy. Your body will start to rapidly pump adrenaline to your vision, your emotions amplifies the body to take action matching to the vision of truth carried in your healthy state of mind. 

Choose how you want to see yourself and ask yourself how should you behave in order to match that reality you desire. What is required for you to change and set visually in your mind in order for you to welcome and invite the experiences you desire. 

Learn to recognise how your body reacts to violent visions left by the firemarks of abusive language, behaviour from other people when you were being yourself, shining and expressing your authenticity. 

Recognise how your body moves and feels when you are locked in the right vision, the right perspectives and the true facts about your values, your beliefs and your choice of behaviour. When your vision matches the content of your soul, your body feels more gentle, harmonious, relaxed, and connected, anchored and grounded in the earth underneath your feet. There is a natural energy that surges from unferneath your feet, it is ready to fuel the true vision you carry in your mind and harmonizes with your body, heart and self expression. This is when you truly are connected to the true rhythm of your authenticity. 

You can now fire the energy from beneath your feet towards your vision, mission, direction of your hearts desire and true purpose. You can manifest, create a reality you love and have a strong inner force within you sending waves of passionate energy to achieve your dreams. 

You can carry your true personality with true conviction and faith. No longer are you pressured in not being yourself but set free and released from the oppression of your past and empowering your true perspectives, vision and behaviour towards being your unique and authentic self. 

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