Surrounded by In-Genuine Emotions

Surrounded by In-Genuine Emotions


Your human experience was enveloped by a shocking emotions and shocking perspectives. The violent trauma or huge emotional dissapointment is over. You may still carry the emotions from the past in the present moment. Because your body doesnt register the fact that the event is over. Your life has a huge fall into a dark cliff and your mind is obsessed over the trauma. Its filled with fear. It doesnt want to experience it again. So it tries to control every macro details in your life. It tries to protect, secure, defend and shield itself from similar situation. Similar people. Similar experiences. Similar circumstances. You try to surround yourself with challenges you know you can overcome and control. You are stuck in the rut with similar problems happening every week, every month and every relationship or connection you make to the world. This are the problems and challenges you wish to face as a form of conditioned survival. Instead of thriving you are conditioned to perceive your survival as the acceptable challenge and threat which is even more harder than achieving your dream to say the least. You are scared to let go of the edge of the pool thinking if you let go you will drown but unless you remember your abilities and be confident in your pursuit only then you can confidently release the edge of the pool and take a deep dive and swim fluently. Just like life, when you see your desires, you shouldn’t feel scared to pursue it. But you are banged by emotional baggage and fear from your environment and surrounding. Its time for you to recognise the false emotions leeching and draining your heart from pursuing you happiness, fulfillment and desires.

There is a negative emotional experience clouding your judgement, making you repeat similar experiences and problems every month, everytime, every issues, every obstacle. You are surrounded by an emotion that cloud your ability to shift your state of wellbeing. You are trapped and stuck in a negative emotion that stopped you from taking charge of your life. You are unable to shift your perspective until you really diagnose the emotions you feel and find the root of this feelings. This emotions is creating a negative result in your life. This emotion is in-genuine. It is fake. It is sabotaging your ability to take action to your highest desires, emotional fulfilment, happiness and personal satisfaction.

You are trapped in a self-sabotaging behaviour and someone has replaced the definition of your positive emotions to a sabotaging behaviour and qualities. You have to redefine specific emotions and teach your body to register positive emotions to positive definitions for your wellbeing. And learn again how to register negative emotions to negative experience. Your natural state of wellbeing is distorted. Your positive emotions is plugged to negative behaviour and your negative emotions is plugged to positive behaviour.

You have to educate your body to sense negative emotions and remove it from positive actions and behaviours. This is where most survivors of trauma or violence is stuck at. They can see a little bit of their desires but there is so much negative emotions clouding that desire and action and perspective that would liberate them. Their positive behaviour is drowned by negative emotions that debilitates their ability to have freedom and achieve a state of spiked serotonin and fulfilment and joy.

You are surrounded by in-genuine emotions that clouds your neural pathway to take actions to what would liberate you, increase your true joy and manifest your ability to feel relax, satisfied and happy. The GABA neuron is limiting your ability to feel good whenever your impulse and body wants to move towards your hearts content. You are stuck in an emotion opposite to your true desires, true perspective, true being. Its like somebody pull you down into a helpless shadow version of your physical and light body. They detach you from connecting to your own mind and body language. You are trying hard to tell your body, to do good things but it wont budge. Your body is controlled by the violent trauma that raid the content of your soul until it is left empty, sabotaged and ruined. Your body and mind is oppressed by negative and false emotions that is using a lot of force to control your perception, control your body, control your mood and control your voice and mind.

People are upset by your abilities and unique authenticity. Your ability to express genuine emotions while being yourself has been carefully distorted and manipulated. You slowly feel weird everytime you do the things you love until you feel a lot of guilt and feeling so bad and upset when you do things you can, capable, like, love and enjoy. You stopped doing what you enjoy because your feelings are whacked and you dont understand why. Your body is registering negative emotions to the result of your action that allowed you to liberate yourself, to be independent, to receive love, warmth, and happiness from your surrounding so you can do what you love.

You have to start feeling good whenever you do something that will bring you goodness. You just have to start again reminding yourself that certain action, certain behaviour and certain activity will give you a surge of serotonin and happy hormones. As well as dopamine a rewarding feeling where you will feel significant value of pursuing what makes you authentic and genuine to yourself. You get to make your life happy.

You need to slowly nurture yourself into a wholesome happy being again. This is by looking at areas of your life where your personal interests no longer give you joy. You lose interest in things you use to like. This interests are perspectives that makes you a unique individual with ability to be genuine and authentic. Things you are capable of doing easily and effortlessly now become a situation where it feels like a huge burden, daunting, scary, and incomprehensible situation. You start to get stuck in a threatened and scared personality. This emotion attach to this behaviour, attitude and situation is an in-genuine emotion that is groomed, conditioned, plugged by a violent source that got upset by your ability to achieve joy, happiness and independence everytime you do it. This is your unique personality. Your unique personality has been oppressed. You are oppressed by false emotions attaching to your hearts desire, lifes dream and personal joy. Your wings are clipped. You cant reach the sky anymore. Your serotonin (happy mood) crashed. You are unable to be yourself. Be happy. Be content. Be satisfied. Be fulfilled. You are stressed. You are hijacked by depression and anxiety. Your soul is terrorized. You are unhappy.

Your GABA neuron controls your motor impulse and vision. Your GABA neuron has been programmed to perceive achieving your desires as a threat and that they should increase the cortisols and break the pedals from you reaching your high state of joy of achieving your emotional fulfiment, desires and satisfaction. Your perspective is shallow, its testing you to give up to negative outcomes and send a rush of serotonin to any bad events happening in your life. Your motor impulse has been hijacked and programmed by an outsider element that sabotage the meaning of your joy, happiness, dreams and desires. Your serotonin is firing when you fail profusely. Your dopamine is firing when you sabotage and go opposite the direction of your personal happiness, personal goals and human satisfaction that creates pleasure and ease in your heart. Instead your natural state become stressed, anxious and disabled from doing anything to meet your hearts content and desires.

Your GABA neuron has been programmed to perceive that when you give up and destroy your dreams, sabotage your journey, create chaos, havoc, and negative drama in your life that pulls you away from your hearts content, desires, dream and satisfaction, that only then it is safe, it is not just safe but commendable. You start to please the violent source of your trauma by feeding it with negative prophecy of your mind sabotaging your dream and life and uncontrollably letting the negative stressful ideas in your kind take control of your body, emotions and mind from ever letting you go on your path to emotional freedom, happiness, joy and satisfaction.

Your GABA neuron is hijacked and programmed to abandon your own emotional safety and satisfaction and instead to feel the force of the hostile environment you are unconscious of and begin to satisfy the hostile environments expectation and impulse. This can be people who you trust that were violent or had evil intent. You unconsciously begin to self sabotage and emotionally groomed to reject what you love and pick up what your environment hate in replacement. As your environment doesnt wish to see you reach your emotional genuine satisfaction. You are groomed in time to keep negative emotions build up against your personal happiness. This emotions are stacked against your harmonious action flow as hesitance, doubt, fear and confusion. It is cortisol, you need to transform your emotions now to clarity, faith, knowledge and confidence. All your Serotonin is now cancelled out to become Cortisols. That is why you need to allow your mind to discern the false emotion surrounding your life. Your desire, dream and hearts happiness must be your priority.

Clear the false emotions from your life and reconnect your mind to your true emotions. Your genuine emotions is waiting to drive your impulse and adrenaline to feel dopamine and serotonin. Happiness and Love.

You need to let your heart get ambushed by shock, surprise and element of surrender to the outcome. Your perception and impulse has been wrong in the journey of aligning your heart to your true desires. Its been hijacked. You need to let your conscience rule your impulse. Doing the right thing for you and the better of humanity, not the right thing for the violent abusers or from violent events. Your conscience has been eroded with guilt and controlled to satisfy and please the violent desires of the past to disrupt the harmony of your life, achievements and hearts desire.

PT. 2

You have to layer by layer re-arrange the false emotioms with the real and genuine emotions. Set them aside and ditch, abandon and curb the negative emotions from leeching your positive desires and positive perspectives.

Then separate your negative perspectives from your positive perspectives and start lining up all your positive emotions, positive beliefs, and positive thoughts as well as positive actions to your positive perspective. Start curbing the negative perspectives by responding to it with a new desired state and the possibility of meeting that state with new emotion, new belief, new behaviour, new action, new active solution. Start painting the possibilities of changing that state of presume reality and perspective to be one that you can change towards. Build your strong confidence to achieve the desired perspective that will bring you happiness, love, peace and satisfaction.

You will slowly start to be surrounded by the real emotions that does not distort your reality and instead supporting you, your unique voice, unique vision, unique capabilities, and unique identity.


PT. 3

Your environment has sabotaged your well being. You are surrounded by in-genuine emotions and fake people. This people are re-arranging your natural and healthy state of well being in order for them to feel secure, safe and protected. They sabotaged your personality by responding to your presence with a lot of quiet and negative responses masked as charm, superficiality, and suaveness.

Curious people may get close to you to get to know you, but the emotions they hide behind their false intention to get to know you is dangerous and lethal. Sometimes they come with doubt, anger, jealousy and competitive behaviour to put you down and disgrace you.

People who associate to you without wanting to respect your story, your journey and your history are people who are attracted to your genuine quality and warmth, but does not want to give the same contribution. Instead they will leave you drained, cold, and empty. This people is surrounding you with in-genuine emotions, that will start to fog and clog your Aura and detach you from your true reality of love, peace, and abundance.

I would like to talk to you about Oxytocin. This is a hormone created when you are bonding with another person. It generates human connection. What happens when you are surrounded by fake people who are curious about your personality, identity, achievements is that the emotional warmth you feel by opening yourself up, being present and highlighting your serotonin and dopamine values, your love and happiness vibes is not reciprocate by your fake surrounding involving fake people. You are hooked onto a negative emotion masked as friendly faces and politically correct behaviour and attitude of the audience around you.

Slowly your surrounding that is filled with negative people with fake emotion popping up as friendly faces is removing your ability to bond with an environment in a safe sense. Your natural reaction after being yourself is distorted. Instead your presence, high vibes, good vibes, is negatively responded by the people who connected to you in such a way that they refuse to engage with your warmth emotionally, but false fully engaging with you with fake demeanor to avoid you recognizing their internal prejudice against you filled with rage, jealousy, envy, shame, and comparison. You are not able to alert yourself to this situation because you may have given them the benefit of a doubt. That they are strangers, who wanted to get to know you. But you are left feeling lost and confused with their reaction. They could not admit how they feel small around you, or feel like they need to become better in their life so they can achieve the high vibes you have.

After repetitive events happening, you will stop being able to recognize what is wrong, you are surrounded by false emotions that drains you, and drags you down. Your ability to bond with people and environment becomes a fairy tale or a dream. As you get stuck in a delusion that separates you from your reality, because you serotonin and high vibes has all been damaged and twisted by fake people being excited to see you and got upset with you because of their own insecurities.

You will see now that if you have had problem with connecting to a large audience, or going to parties, being around big group of people in any public setting and you feel awkward, scared, fearful, and anxious. This is because the memory of your past has yet to be resolved as you didn’t know that your cheerful personality and self acceptance was kicked to the ground by the fake people, narcissist or sociopath who comes very close to you, ask you to present yourself, show yourself, tell everything about yourself to them, and they dismiss you entirely, disrespecting you, and subliminally and passive aggressively puts you down.

Some people generally show excitement over who you are, and then as easily they pull the carpet from underneath you and show how much they dislike what you do when they are the ones who initially take the initiative to ask all about you. Watch out for this people, because they are just trying to feed their ego and smoothen their crooked personality while scarring and accusing other peoples authenticity. Some people elevate themselves by falsely accusing other people in order they get to mask their insecurities behind their accusations. Basically shaming other people with what they are ashamed of. They get to live with that shame and delusion all their life until they realise their actions is dragging their own name through the mud. Not the person they are accusing. Sooner or later, the innocent person will figure out, they are not a bad person who deserved the name-calling, defamation, or any smear campaign to destroy their character and dignity. Truth always comes out.

Your personality was scratched by a chainsaw pretending to be a bouquet of flowers. As this fake people, narcissists or sociopath try to come more closer to you, bond more with you, you feel compelled to impress them, meet their expectations, and show yourself who you are. You didn’t know that you were caught in a trap, that was to demolish all of your carefully curated personality and identity. Your personality is manipulated and oppressed by the gas-lighting and negative judgements created in the silence of the fake people. The more you show yourself, the more they scratch your personality. They don’t just scratch it, they devour, desire and are obsess over it that they are secretly trying to possess it, by making you perceive it is worthless, nothing, and shitty. They were trying to dupe you into letting go of your personalities that make you unique, so they can imitate and replicate your behaviour, personality and identity. This is so crazy, but it is happening in all sorts of cities and situations in this world.

Never underestimate a person’s curiosity and desire to be very close to you, because they will start re-arranging all your healthy perspectives and healthy emotions and exchange it with their negative perspectives and shitty emotions.

What you need to learn to do now is to recognize that they attempts now is losing power, because you are learning how to recover your reality, and remove false emotions surrounding your heart and mind. So you can connect to the world again, with conviction, fire, and joy. You can be yourself again, the society will love you, the dangerous people who are jealous will stay away from you. You can shine, be yourself and be part of society again. This is your world. You belong in this body you have, in the town you live, in the social circles you step into in your neighborhood. If you don’t have a social circle, build it. Choose the social circles that reflects the genuine emotion you have about yourself as a genuine love you have in your reality.

Your unique capabilities can be appreciated, recognized and celebrated. You no longer have to deal with fake people surrounding you with in-genuine emotions. You get to ditch them. You get to flick a middle finger to them. You get to reject them. You get to learn to see the red flags of idiots and fools parading around with a grandiose sense of self and refuse to open your heart or personality to them. They are dangerous, psychotic and insane. You can get over it now. Judge them base on your experience, don’t let them use guilt, sympathy or pathetic “help me, I need you” tactics. Pity party is not going to be the initiation to get you to help them up. Let them stay down, they are faking it.

Very very often, when you are surrounded by in-genuine emotions, there is other people around that fake person who has genuine emotion. Imagine this fake person, narcissists or sociopath is the devil’s child. They like to break relationships apart. They like to be the middlemen to society. They like to be a pest and a negative wretch. What they try to do is to take your genuine emotions and parade it around other part of the social circle as their own. Then they try to paint you in the harshest darkest light that they own. They try to steal your positive image and dump you with their negative image. You have to learn to put pressure on refusing their insanity to capture your personality and identity. You have to learn to recognize the negative pattern leading to the part any insane person can come to you and expect you to showcase yourself like a prized trophy, objectified and seen as a non-human.

When you are being treated not as a human, and you are judged by the fake people, narcissists or sociopath, you are being dehumanized. Your emotions are oppressed, and your perspectives are sucked by the energy vampires. Fake people. How do they suck you perspectives? They absorb your light, and drain you. Sociopath are addicted to being seen and being in the center of the attention. They are attention-whores. When you genuinely have an attractive character and a personality that is authentic. You might attract a handful of fake people, energy vampires, sociopaths and narcissists who wants to become like you. So they can get the attention you are abundantly receiving from people in your surrounding.

After being traumatized or shocked, it might seem that the world is a scary place and that you fear going out and being in public. Fear of being called out, attacked, accused and shamed by a sociopath. But you have to remember, the insane person is the sociopath. The psychotic person is the narcissist. You didn’t deserve this bad treatment and disrespect.

You need to replace the expectation of receiving the oxytocin from the sociopath towards a new group of people and new group of experiences.

You have to realise the facts that the fake person coming close to you, have no desire to connect to your heart, they just want to connect to your attractiveness, success, and superficial exterior values. They are not connected to their hearts, how are they meant to connect to yours. Might as well you recognize this now that this fake people are faking the emotions they need in order to get close to you. Their excitement is not excitement. Its anger and anxiety. Their joy and happiness to meet you and greet you is not joy and happiness. Its jealousy and envy. Its a mask.

When someone is trying to approach you, and you can sense a huge confusion or conflict. Your body wants to leave, but your mind wants to stay. Your mind is getting a false perception, but your body and gut instincts is getting a true emotion. The only way you get trapped is to let your mind hold on to the false perception. The only way you get freed is to let your body and stress level fight the toxic attraction that is trying to form and bond as trauma bonding, and false oxytocin.

You have to start being aware and alert of the person you naturally attracted to. By naturally I mean groomed to attract. It must have come from childhood or a friendship or a narcissistic parenting. But as an adult, you have all the power now to choose differently.

OXYTOCIN you have to get this supply from REAL PEOPLE and not FAKE PEOPLE
I know how hard it must be to trust again, but once you understand that you have the ability to say No without being gas lighted or guilted to open your heart and be brainwashed. You already have the first weapon, which is awareness. You can bond with society again and not be a washout outcast brainwashed by the fake people. You are so special and worthy. You have no idea. Your abilities, unique talents and gifts, its precious. That is the only reason, you are surrounded by fake people and in-genuine emotions. You have clearly no idea how valuable you are. It’s time you learn to protect your true emotions, as a step to protect your precious personality and only share yourself with people who truly value you, cherish you and appreciate you. Not the way certain sociopaths, narcissists and fake people have used you.

You don’t have to fear being attractive anymore, you don’t have to fear receiving attention anymore, and you don’t have to fear receiving emotions from other people anymore.

You can feel good when you know you are attractive. You can feel safe when you receive attention. You can feel happy when people want to bond with you respectably.

You can be assertive in knowing the source of the threat is identified as sociopaths, narcissists and fake people coming close to you, to pick your values apart and break your personalities. You no longer have to feel gas lighted and brainwashed. The truth is out. You can choose and refuse to be surrounded by fake people with in-genuine emotions.

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