A Floating Adrenaline & Choices in Perception

A Floating Adrenaline & Choices in Perception

When you have an impulsive natural trait or behaviour to express and you cower yourself and pull yourself back into the turtle shell. You need to give yourself the unconditional approval that you can express who you are without trying to please anyone that attempted to make you look bad in the past.

A floating adrenaline is an impulse energy waiting to act on the direction of the perspective you choose to empower.

When you begin to recognise you can choose and discern perceptions you like and perspectives you love about life, yourself and your hearts desire and content, only then you can funnel the energy in that direction and take action that pleases you and no longer sabotaging the elements of life that will grow you and create progress in your Independence.
You need to be in charge and master your perceptions. Be obsessive about the visions you align in your perspectives to dial the result you want to create, receive and manifest.
Your vision in your mind. Your perspectives builds the forms of your reality. Whatever you think about triggers your body to behave in that direction. You need to recognise and realise that your mind is the first layer of energy that will attract your reality. Your immune system will rely and depend on the perspectives held in your mind in order for it to move towards a certain space of energy. If your minds energy is filled with anxiety and fear. Your reality is affected by it because your immune system and body’s impulse is unable to follow your hearts desire and your true vision. Controlling and Choosing which perspectives you feed in your mind is like opening and closing a energy gateway that suck you into positive vibes and manifestation or negative vibes and manifestation.

You need to learn to stay calm and control your emotions. Then pick a perspective or a thought that you desire. Then find any negative energy or emotion thoughts or experience surrounding it. Then set yourself in thoughts of taking actions to reach each of that perspective.

You might be affected by a huge loud noise or energy in your mind that pulls you away from your desired perspective. So you need to build emotional strength and wisdom to curb and develop a thick skin emotional boundary against the negative perspective and negative circumstances or voices that wants to sabotage your true vision coming into manifesting reality.

You need to realise the fear or emotions or jumbled negativity removing you from focusing on your priorities and desired perspective is a clandestine threat that wants to see you fail and be miserable.

Vision creates motion. Just like a movie. So the movie in your mind is corrupted. Choosing and selecting the vision in your mind leads you to the journey you desire 

When someone else is controlling your vision or mind you are unable to proceed with your goals, dream and desire.

You need to control your vision and mind.

A rush of energy is emotions waiting to be filled by the choice of perspectives your awareness takes charge of.

Anxiety or Excitement is a rush of energy that is High performing serotonin or cortisol. Anxiety and Excitement have one core result which is Expectations of Negative or Positive outcome. In order for you to call in the outcomes you desire you need to carry a Perspective that matches the Outcome you desire. Nervousness is an energy that isn’t decisive of positive or negative outcome or expectations. You don’t know what to expect and is open to possibilities as you carry faith in your soul and knowledge that you can make it through anything. You trust your intuition and inner voice and you believe in yourself. The negative perspectives or negative voices, thoughts and emotions is curved by your awareness and faith that everything is going to be okay. You believe it. You believe that everything is going to be okay. 

A floating adrenaline is a pure energy waiting for direction. Your mind is the driver of this energy. Your heart is the amplifier. A rush of anticipation, a solid recognition that a moment will pass and your behaviour and intention feeds the outcome. 

The small decisions you make with the choices in perception allows you to keep the bigger vision and dream alive. This small perspectives that is base on solid truth and solid facts feeds the bigger vision of your dream and destiny.

In order to choose your perceptions you need to be in control of your willpower you need to be in control of your desire. You need to be in control of the awareness of your value. You need to be in control of your stated outcome. Its like a mix and match of visions. There is puzzle pieces filled with energy in your soul and spirit and as you arrange the energy, willpower, emotion, perspective, vision and thoughts you get to combust an explosion of energy called impulse to do what is good for you. Strong impulse to connect your desire to your reality. 

You need to rechannel the energy of your impulse. Your impulse is like a crying child waiting to be soothed, nurtured and told it is safe and guided. Your impulse is a sensitive energy that is triggered by thoughts, intentions, surrounding and environment. You have to reconnect your impulse to your own heart. In order for you to always be able to defend yourself, protect yourself and secure yourself.

If you have ever been in a traumatic and violent situation your impulse could have been gaslighted to serve the environment and abandon your own safety and please the needs of others. Your impulse and adrenaline no longer serves you. Instead it sabotages you. Especially if your environment is toxic and manipulative to be hostile and violent towards you so that they can squash your values. 

Overthrown by another persons desire would definitely sabotage your impulse and adrenaline to destroy, diminish and degrade your behaviour, and character as well as personality. You are not able to be yourself when the environment is toxic and forcefully and violently desire to shun you, sabotage you, diminish you and wipe your visibility so that you no longer receive attention, oxytocin and emotional warmth from the environment and other individuals in that circle. 

Desires create your perspectives. But the clandestine threat will derail your desires. You will be affected by a sinister and invisible threat that will distort your desire in order for you to sabotage yourself and ruin your life. 

Recognising that your impulse and adrenaline has been reprogrammed to sabotage and destroy your own body, life and future. You must understand that your immune system will perceive an ongoing threat when there isnt any. Because it has been programmed to perceive safety amidst dangerous people and environment. You have been bonded to dangerous situation with a false perception. You are attracted to hostile environment and addicted to confusion until you decided to isolate yourself and become agoraphobic to internalise your current predicaments. 

Dangerous people and dangerous situation has masked itself with charm, virtue, respect, and false surface. As your body and mind has been violated by a false perception force onto you. Your impulse is hijacked into relaxing in dangerous environment allowing the sociopath, and toxic people manipulate, take advantage, absorb and possess your mind and light body. Impulse. Impulse is your Light body.

Your light body is pure energy. If it has been gaslighted and manipulated you will find yourself unable to move and progress in your life. You will degress and stuck in a rut of self sabotage and self harm. Your mind is split, traumatised, confused and the bad thing that happen is caused by a person or negative environment you were trapped in. That influence you to believe and trust in the safety of it. 

You are surrounded by bad desires and bad hearts that corrupted your impulse when the owner of bad hearts pretend to have good intention. You are overcomed by other people’s violent desires. Their heart is not gentle. Their impulse and light body is violent, crass and dark. 

People with a dark impulse and dark light body attempts to pull your perception into the corner of society so that you will not exist in the center. Most likely you are unable to feel safe in the spotlight due to the gaslighting, negative intention a group of individuals have attempt onto you to sabotage your spotlight. You will feel anxiety and fear when you are in the spotlight because your heart is connected to a coward and an insecure source that has come close to you.

You have been forced to float away from your reality with the gaslighting by the toxic environment who feels threatened to be around you. Imagine a million individuals in a town. You are gaslighted to separate yourself from society and to feel nervous to be in the spotlight or to be yourself. This is false. All of this triggers isn’t yours. You have been gaslighted to remove your light body so the toxic people or environment feels comfortable in their insecurities, ego and lies. Someone else or a group of people are wearing your healthy impulse and light body. Being in your natural spotlight. The threat you are perceiving is not of the world. But of the experiences from your past that has been labelled as innocent, guilt-free, yours to be blamed and the predators in that experience takes no responsibility to trigger you and victimise you. 

Imagine you have been cornered, attacked physically and psychologically. The predator removed your rights as active participant in society. They shamed you, accused you, degrade you and they blame you. You are confused and frightened. These are all fake perspectives. Your impulse has been turned against you. There is a rush of energy to make you into a coward and to force you into silence. No matter what you do, you have been removed from society by a sociopath who targeted and manipulated you. This sociopath is wearing your healthy impulse as a human personality rightfully belonged to you. They are not human. They are not connected to true hearts of genuine empathy. This people are broken with violent desires. They are the people who are void of love and draconian. These people are pushing you into their dark impulses and their dark intentions and their dark perspectives and their dark behaviours. You may have been possessed and tear down by a sociopath. But the truth is here. Recovery is here.

Your mind will be healed. Your light body will be healed. Your soul and spirit will be healed. You can learn to discern the horrible accounts of exchanges with the predator of society. They remain as shadows and explicit dark side of society. You remain innocent, capable and recovered from hideous situation that happened to you. Clearing guilt and threat from your perspectives has to be done. The social predators dump guilt, blame and responsibility onto you. You need to swipe your conscience clear and reset your impulse to recognise the threat is over. You may be living still in perception of threat. 

Your adrenaline may still carry negative triggers from your past. Clearing your negative triggers left in the mind is a priority. To do this requires compassion, patience, keen awareness and deep observation.

Our target is to sink you back into your role in humanity without being felt like an outcast and recover your status in life. You may have been dehumanised when you were attacked, violated and traumatised. 

Feel safe wherever you desire to go. Feel safe wherever you desire to be. Feel safe whatever you desire to have.

Your desires and the belief in your worthiness to receive them may have been threatened by other bad hearts and bad companies. Some very angry and jealous people may have attacked you for your accomplishments, achievements and excitement to do the things you love and receive recognition from it. As their insecurity compared their ego to your authenticity, they try to crack your connection to your impulse and light body. They try to destroy your adrenaline and create fatigue syndrome with their quiet anger, hidden violence and silent hostility. They know your dreams, they see your faith through your actions, they are slowly and cautiously resent it around you. The look of dissatisfaction in their faces shows how much they hate your independent, individuality, and your self belief. They try to slowly corrode your self worth with little passive aggressive remarks, they make you doubt your unique capabilities, strengths and natural excitement to achieve your desires. Slowly your adrenaline in being yourself is distorted to be energy of stress and cortisols so that you stop being yourself. You are not able to be yourself and you feel an energy oppressing your body and mind when you are attempting to do the things you love and desire. Your heart, mind and vision oppressed by a clandestine threat that you did not foresee masked as false friendship and situation where you are not able to be accepted.

Whenever you feel a override of fatigue syndrome affecting you, understand that this is your impulse oppressed to go against your wishes and desires. 

Everytime you understand floating adrenaline and a polar opposite is fatigue and exhaustion. Its a matter of subliminal aggressive intention. The doom and gloom situation. The crappy feelings. The insidious negative circumstances revolving around your desires coming through. Question the clandestine threat and perspectives. Why is it so horrible that it is impossible and bad. That your body is moving and triggered to go into hyperbolic mode of exhaustion, fatigue, drained and empty. Why? Is it someone who desires to take your place, take your vision, take your desires, take your dreams, recognition and spotlight. Is that the burden you are feeling. Someone else deserves the spotlight, recognition and energy to do the things meant for you. Has your impulse and light body been stolen by a social predator. Is your adrenaline and excitement stolen. Replaced by horrible doom, gloom feeling? Is that why you have a fatigue syndrome. Everytime you want to connect to your heart, and take action to do it. There is an invisible force oppressing you from taking that action. That you cannot no matter what. This rule that says you cannot is a lie. Go ask someone who love you. You actually can. Someone who hate you so much actually force you to give up your hopes, dreams and desires to them. A social predator and outcast of society due to their psychotic mentality has aggressively threatened you behind your back. Your adrenaline crashed, your serotonin crashed because your environment is unsupportive and fake. This can change. Replace your fatigue syndrome with a screaming cheerleader that gets easily excited over this possibility. By people who believe in you. Imagine a crowd cheering you on. Your true supporters. Loyal fans. Imagine receiving all the recognition that you truly deserve. Replace the fatigue lethargy syndrome with different movie channel that gives you hope, excitement, rush of adrenaline, be proactive. Be initiative. Ask, Invite, Share, create exposure to what you do. Dont even consider the reason competition or comparison. You have every right to be who you are and share your blessings with the world. Go out there and shine.
PT. 2

With a natural energy of adrenaline. You have a choice to make. Because your perception will direct this energy to be in an active, passive or dormant mode. 

When you are in a passive mode, your perceptions may be negative and feeding your energy to be slow, inactive, drained and pessimistic. If you are in a active mode, your perceptions may be positive allowing you to move to the direction of your desire. When you are in an idle mode you are neutral and calm or frozen in shock, fear and anxiety has stricken you to be dormant.

A floating adrenaline and choices in perception is helping you to understand what is happening to your body when you are presented with different circumstances that makes you either to fight, flee or freeze. Your brightest or darkest perception makes the difference. Your awareness of the choices that you need to make will align you to the energt and outcome you desire.

Some people will throw their perspectives to you like trash. They throw their baggage to you assuming you of this responsibility. Their “impulse” force you down to meet their level of erraticity. You have to learn to control your own impulse or behaviour. You can learn to refuse to be frozen in fear but to fight any oppression with faith.

The cortisols stress hormone is used to keep you frozen in fear instead of fighting the false perspective with a positive energy of your own self belief and faith. 

You need to redirect the energy and adrenaline to actively behave in the direction of your own beliefs. To take the actions you really want. With no other perspective that is false holding you down or your mind. 

Natural energy circle and the direction of your vision will create the life you desire and want. 

The concept of unworthiness and worthiness. 

A perspective from others are going to attempt to define if you are worthy for your desires or not. Then, its up to you to recognise this attempts to remove you from achieving your desires. Some people will oppress your view of your own worth woth their perception of your worth. Their perspectives might come as a virus that leech your happiness and joy. They attempt to intimidate and threaten your true perspective and your mind is congested with false perspectives with false identification of your true value and self worth. They try to control wether or not you should, can or will receive your desires. They force you to carry false perspectives in your mind. With this force and violence, you impulse and adrenaline is forced to self sabotage and go against your better judgment. 

PT. 3

Floating Adrenaline is another concept of Disassociation. Where your consciousness is perceiving threat and detaching you far away from reality because your body is frozen in fear unable to flee and in a state of shock.

The perception hold in the mind is treacherous and dangerous. It made the soul disassociate and perceive reality as dangerous. So a very clandestine type of threat is happening. It removes you from reality and into a state of delusion and trapped in a negative personality and sabotaging behaviour. It takes awareness and courage to confront this enormous fear that shocked you, disassociate you and remove you from the state of personal power and ability to recognise the polar opposite of that negative perspective. It removes you from identify-ing your willpower, response, and positive impulse to protect, secure and shield yourself from the sudden threat.  

We need to connect you to your current state of reality which will enable to you decipher and analyze how big of a threat it really is. Because sometimes certain situation and circumstances is blown out of proportion in order to intimidate you from stepping into full joy, happiness and satisfaction of your desire and dream from coming true. Which is a true threat to any angry, miserable, unhappy and jealous person. You have been manipulated that achieving your dream is a huge threat to you. But its not. Its a threat to the unhappy, jealous and miserable people who are deeply irritated, angry and envious of you becoming better than them. Having more than them. Achieving more than them.

The threat is blown out of proportion and you are made to fear your own inner child’s deepest happiness. You are made to fear your own destiny, your own life purpose, your massive individual and unique success. You have been yelled to run away from love, prosperity, joy and unity. Service and contribution to humanity. You have been forced to detach from your reality, light body, impulse, destiny, and positive feelings. You have been forced to go into the corner of your own soul and be frightened of your own amazing potential. The positive adrenaline you naturally have about achieving your desires become twisted and distorted to be a frightening experience. It was not you who force you to disassociate from your dreams and reality. It was the person or event that force you to remove your attention to your own true perceptions.

Imagine you are removed from your home violently. Your soul has been removed from your body violently. Your adrenaline, energy is not grounded in the current reality and having a presence in the moment of now. You cant redirect your adrenaline because there is a force of negativity creating an obstacle between you and that impulse in your body. That is the clandestine threat. You have to remove that energy in order to inform your body its safe to go in the direction of your dream and desire. That its not a threat. That its safe. That the threat is a lie. Its not true. The threat is real to the negative environment who dislike your freedom and happiness. They dump their fears of you achieving success. Imagine who doesn’t want success. Everybody does. Except people who are rooting for your demise and destruction manipulating your body and mind to steer clear if success due to the feeling of inferiority it evokes toward the negative souce, people and environment. 

It is safe to be successful. It is safe to achieve my dreams and feel amazing and happy. Its safe to receive recognition and rewards for my hard work and effort. It is safe to sink into my light body and true perspectives that are genuine, loving, vibrant and peaceful. It is safe to associate to reality, society, myself and open my heart to receive love.

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