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As we are mainly functioning over the Internet, we 100% rely on our email to receive or send message.

To send us an email, please use your email account to send us an email to


For Inquiries related to
Malaysian Clients and In Person Appointment
Booking in Malaysia only.

You may give a call during the hours of 11am – 7pm or leave a text message at 01137145600


We would like to inform you that the price for sessions are non-negotiable.
Tarot & Psychic Reading is RM 420 for 1.5 hours.
Universal Healing is RM 800 for 1.25 hours.

We appreciate your moral and common sense when communicating with us.
We cater our services to clientele who values quality, precision, and integrity.
This reflects on our prices.
We do not tolerate those who wishes to complain and nag our company for our prices. We expect any of our future clients to behave with maturity.
There has been multiple inappropriate communication from the inquiries we receive. So before you reach out to us with your inquiry, please make sure that you come with mutual respect and that you have no intention in being abusive.
We do not tolerate immature, abusive, manipulative, entitled inquires.
We reserve the right to reject anyone matching this behavior.
There are other alternatives that may match your financial needs.
We advise for you to seek other available consultants from different service providers.


Thank you!

To approach us for a request for media promotion, article interview, collaboration, and creative project inquiry or workshops and book promotion or signing

Email us with the Title : MEDIA ENQUIRY

We will not entertain direct sales call, international spam, impersonation inquiries, call centers abusing the email or contact number to subscribe to or selling unsolicited services. If you abuse this contact information, Universal Karma knows your soul thread and knows what to do with it. If you know your action is a menace, do not attempt to bring menace to a company or the person directly handling the communication line for this business who clearly declines it and do not welcome it. And if you choose to ignore, I accept how your fate is molded by your action and any spiritual decision made afterwards by our party is what you deserve. You reap what you sow. Cheers!