Character Assassination is Not a Joke

I recently sat down and talk about Character Assassination, after finishing the talk on YouTube. I suddenly realize that there has been multiple accounts of people walking away with their attempts or fully committing to character assassinating who I was and recently it happened again. But this time I was smarter and faster in detectingContinue reading “Character Assassination is Not a Joke”

Lemurian Stargate Healing 16.1.2017 Regression Holograph Interface

Lemurian Stargate Healing 16.1.2017 Regression Holograph Interface   1. Lemuria History 2. Lemuria Trauma 3. Lemuria Integrity 4. Lemuria Wake Up Call 5. Lemuria Ascension 6. Lemuria Healing Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for New Videos Integrate Deeper with a Private Session here Sign up to our Newsletter Blessings Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer