3rd Year Andromeda Love Story Anniversary

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Hi everyone, this is my third year for andromeda love story youtube channel celebration!

I have amazing specials for this anniversary.

I am putting my products on special discounts! We are accepting donations for the success of youtube channel Andromeda Love Story’s growth and reach to 90,000 views and 1000 and counting subscribers. We are offering Universal Healing sessions marked down to $100 per session!

1) Chakra Soaps for USD 5/pc International Postage for $5 for a bag maximum of 6-7 soaps with tracking (2 Weeks Shipping

7 Chakra Soap Set for $30 + ($5 P & P)
1 Chakra Soap for $5 + ($5 P & P)


2) My Andromeda Energy Transformation Oils ~USD30 – USD70

IMG_7291_2.jpg TRANSFORMATION OIL : Physical energy healing, Archangel Michael for Protection, Crown Chakra and Root Chakra USD $30

IMG_7296_2.jpgVENUS STAR CHILD OIL : Inner Child Healing, Removing Dark Attachments, Love Base Energy USD $40

IMG_7292.jpg HEART SUTRA OIL : Higher Self Healing, Connecting to Divine Spirit from Heart Chakra, Softest Oil Energy Wise, Soothing, Core Energy Healing, USD $50

IMG_7284_2.jpg  ROSE FIRE EMBLEM OIL : Balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine,  Reconnecting Brain Energy After Trauma, Healing the Nervous System, USD $60



3) My Chakra Healing Bracelets USD80

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (3).png

4) Tarot Reading 10 Cards USD50Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (3).png

5) Chakra Healing Distance Healing USD50 for 30mins (Email Written Transcript At End of Healing)

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (2).png

6) Starseed Reading $50 for Email Written Reading, Send a Picture!

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (1).png

7) Angel Reading for $50 for 5 Cards/ Angel Channeling Send a Question!

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (1)

8) Universal Healing 1 Hour Session $100 instead of $130

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session).png

Other Requirements? Please send me a message and we can discuss about what I can offer as a healing or metaphysical training/guidance specifically for you ~ ~ ~



Add the total items together and insert the amount into the payment section of the link below.

Click this link to Pay, Purchase or
Donate & Contribute through
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and Email me your choice to meredithmynrose@gmail.com~

Transformation Energy Blend Oil : Andromeda Healing


Hi everyone,

This is an energy blend to heal the physical body’s energy. It was concocted and created in 2013. This is the first andromeda energy oil blend that was created in the series of transformative and healing oil. This second batch was created in 2014.

This oil blend is specifically to help and assist in grounding oneself into the physical body. To help master the body function of being present.

This is the first oil step to use in order to start feeling the body sensation, becoming physically aware of any sensation and energy sensitivity that goes around in the body.

PURPOSE: Physical
HEALS: Physical Pains, Negative Energy Removal & Grounding
FLAME: Violet Flame Purification Energy
Element : Air
Andromeda Energy Blend Oil : Transformation
Galaxy : Andromeda

ArchAngel : Michael
Flame : Violet
Element : Air
Crystal : Elestial Quartz
Chakras : Crown & Root
Planet : Pluto


Affirmation :





Complete Affirmation with a Heartfelt Thank You and the Feel Good Energy streaming down your veins and pure breath and Project the Manifestation of the Spiritual Spoken Energy into Beingness.
Properties: Focus on Physical Ailments and Removing Heavy Energies in Physical Surrounding or Within Muscles, Bones, Joints and Easing Cramps.

Energy Intention Programmer: Meredith Mynrose

Programming : To enlighten the heavy energies and releasing it back to source or to transmute it to neutral and positive energies to help assist the exterior energy and interior energy change within a human body. To Refresh and Awaken the Light Body of Human. To Neutralise and Apply Engage energy towards Self-Care.

Reactions : Burping Farting and Release of Heat from Blocked Energy Centres. Waves of dark energy layer being washed off so the inner authentic layer within can shine out.

Helps to Release Blocked Energy in the Physical Body
Removes Negative Energy in the Physical Body
Assists in Grounding onto Earth
Refreshes the Tired or Soreness
Rejuvenates Exhaustion
Assists with Arthritis
Assists with Blood Flow
Assists with Clarity and Projection of Reality

Each user and its usage will be Unique using their Intuition and Inner Guidance on applying this Energy Blend Oil to themselves.

Price : USD $40.00 Shipping : USD $5.00

Shipping is USD 5 International with Tracking. 2 Weeks International Airmail.


Authenticity Bracelet : Goddess Pele with The First 3 Chakras



Thank you for allowing me to connect. This is a custom programmed Chakra Bracelet specifically targeting the First 3 Chakra’s of your Personal Energy System. It is a strong programming that helps to shift heavy energy blocks in the lower chakra’s of your body so that you are able to discern the issues in your life that stems from the past fear, past anger, past grief, past rejections, past disappointments. It also clears the centre of your solar plexus as well as clearing out viruses on your root chakras.

The bracelet is programmed to heal subconsciously, so your energy as you may wear this may align without full consciousness as it is subtly altering and changing your behaviour for your highest good. This is a physical product that I compliment my Universal Healing clients who struggle with issues of Identity and Authenticity, Learning to speak Their Independent self and Learning Independence itself.

This energy chakra also helps clean energies of past sexual partners, sexual abuse, sexual molestations in childhoods and any case of violence in regards to your sexuality and value. It helps to clear the conditioning beliefs of your personal values and relationships. Your Root Chakra is about your Identity and Your Sacral Chakra is about Your Value and how you Connect yourself to others. Sacral Chakra is the Center of Sensuality and Sexuality, in every connection, friendship or relationship, our authenticity is either conditioned or programmed to behave in accordance to acceptance of our environment and if you were raised in an environment that doesn’t allow you to shine and be authentic and free such as in an oppressive religious household, or dogmatic patriarch family, lack of respect for each other mutually between parent to child, this creates a lot of discord in relationships values in your sacral chakras.

The Root Chakra will help you stand more on your own personal beliefs, personal expression of who you are and you will be learning how to gain more inner security, independence and self-reliance. Believing in yourself and your spiritual soul connection by standing your ground.

The Solar Plexus will help to heal in expect of boundaries and power. To learn to trust your gut and to protect yourself from danger, to know when you are in danger and to listen to your gut feelings. We all have intuition that comes from the mind and heart as messages or a physical strong body sensation that sparks a strong protective gut feeling when we know instinctively that our body uses our gut feeling as a tool of psychic or physical defense. It is your core. The solar plexus helps you to alert yourself when you are doing something dangerous which will bring you harm, or when people coming close to you have bad vibes to harm you. The stronger and cleaner your solar plexus is, you are able to choose to refuse and make a decision for your highest good.

Your Authenticity bracelet is about you claiming your right to make your own decision, set your own values, carry your own belief, rooting in your own independent authority as a free human being. Your individual feelings, thoughts, choices, values matter as a definition of your free identity. You increase your amount of self-worth and self-esteem. You are free and most of the conditioning and programmings in our life forces or makes us to be dependent on other people rather than stand alone and be strong. Choosing to root your roots straight to your own beliefs, values, principals and making your own decision from your own standpoint of highest good and authority will enable you to stand as a strong tree in life and this three first chakras you carry are a unique expression of your being. It must only have your personal signature of authenticity with it.

Will you decide to use this tool, to help you build your authenticity?

Click below to purchase this bracelet and receive it in 3 weeks, with 2 weeks international shipping with tracking. Postage applies.

The Price for this Authentic Bracelet is USD 369. It equals to almost 3 full energy healing sessions. This is a strong and powerful energy programming bracelet. Only order when you are ready to change your life on the ground level. Physically. It will be subliminal and a natural force of change. Wearing this bracelet brings energy shifts in your internal energy so you can change your reality. I am the energy healing programmer, and I have done this since 2012. I travelled Europe and made this for my Asian clients in Malaysia, and as gifts to my hosts in Europe in my trip in 2012, I have had clients in USA and Europe as well.

Click below to buy now.


Chakra Healing Bracelet



Hi and thank you for connecting with me.

I am available to make a customised chakra healing bracelet for you or your loved ones. This is a personal energy and aura programming crystal bracelet. It is done with a chakra reading process with the crystal selections we have in our crystal collections. These beads are selected based on its pure and high-quality energies. Then through reading your chakra via distance energy reading by me, Meredith Mynrose,  Universal Healer, we will bead and string your chakra bracelet together with your highest best energy to support and guide you to your healing journey.

This chakra healing bracelet with subconsciously heal you as you wear them daily. You may remove them and put it aside at night time and recharging and cleansing the bracelet twice a week by putting them under the sunlight in the morning. You may even choose to bath your chakra crystal bracelet with the moonlight at night.

Other ways to maintain your energy bracelet is to have a small bowl of himalayan salt to bury it under the salt overnight and wear it new tomorrow. Throw the salt away afterwards. You may use this method to repeat every week if you aren’t able to have source of sunlight in the morning or moonlight at night.

For this time being, the whole month of October, there is a special discount for this Customised Chakra Healing Bracelet. To Celebrate the Launch of this new Website Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer.

The Regular Price is USD 96 and for This month only it is USD 75. You can purchase the bracelet below and comment in the note to seller section the size of your wrist. We use Inches in measurement, So you can get measure your wrist 2″ below your palm. The sizes available to choose is between 6″ , 6.25″ 6.5″ or 7″. If petite size women we have 5.75″ measurements.

Make your order now and receive it in 3 weeks including 2 weeks delivery International. Postage Applies, International Additional USD 5.