3rd Year Andromeda Love Story Anniversary

Hi everyone, this is my third year for andromeda love story youtube channel celebration! I have amazing specials for this anniversary. I am putting my products on special discounts! We are accepting donations for the success of youtube channel Andromeda Love Story’s growth and reach to 90,000 views and 1000 and counting subscribers. We areContinue reading “3rd Year Andromeda Love Story Anniversary”

Transformation Energy Blend Oil : Andromeda Healing

Hi everyone, This is an energy blend to heal the physical body’s energy. It was concocted and created in 2013. This is the first andromeda energy oil blend that was created in the series of transformative and healing oil. This second batch was created in 2014. This oil blend is specifically to help and assistContinue reading “Transformation Energy Blend Oil : Andromeda Healing”

Authenticity Bracelet : Goddess Pele with The First 3 Chakras

Greetings! Thank you for allowing me to connect. This is a custom programmed Chakra Bracelet specifically targeting the First 3 Chakra’s of your Personal Energy System. It is a strong programming that helps to shift heavy energy blocks in the lower chakra’s of your body so that you are able to discern the issues inContinue reading “Authenticity Bracelet : Goddess Pele with The First 3 Chakras”

Chakra Healing Bracelet

Greetings! Hi and thank you for connecting with me. I am available to make a customised chakra healing bracelet for you or your loved ones. This is a personal energy and aura programming crystal bracelet. It is done with a chakra reading process with the crystal selections we have in our crystal collections. These beadsContinue reading “Chakra Healing Bracelet”