What I’m Not Doing For 2022

1. No ResolutionWhy? Because my life goals are not determined by a new year. I’m constantly pushing and focusing on my weekly efforts to get a better version of life based on my current state of wellbeing, physical health and mental health.¬† 2. I’m not¬†telling people my milestone and progressThe only validation I need isContinue reading “What I’m Not Doing For 2022”

Universal Healing : Black Magic Healing Session

This session is only for clients who have personally worked with Meredith Mynrose. This session is only limited to the work within the timeframe stated. 1 hour 30 minutes. It may include additional advice after the session ends or the insights receive in the duration of 14 days, 7 days before and 7 days afterContinue reading “Universal Healing : Black Magic Healing Session”

Bonding to Betray someone to prove Loyalty defeats the meaning of Being Loyal

Bonding to Betray someone as a sense of Loyalty defeats the definition of Loyalty Its okay for some people to agree hurting another person is worth doing because both of them benefit from doing such acts. To them, between each other, they feel okay to make a decision and come to a conclusion someone wouldContinue reading “Bonding to Betray someone to prove Loyalty defeats the meaning of Being Loyal”

Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020

Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020 Financial Fulfilments through Clear Action Steps Make sure the Opportunities serves you and not the Opportunist Taking risk and leap of faith to get out of comfort zone and risking your ego, to see wether or not your dreams are feasible. Overcome inner struggles Clear steps approaching Seeing fromContinue reading “Universal Healing Tarot Forecast January 2020”

Is Your Transparency Your Achilles Heel

There are some people who are genuinely transparent that they begin to reflect the vulnerabilities of others. They are so see through that the person in front of them mistaken that person as a reflection of them, at the same time, its like an animal fighting at their reflection in the water. But the waterContinue reading “Is Your Transparency Your Achilles Heel”