Character Assassination is Not a Joke

I recently sat down and talk about Character Assassination, after finishing the talk on YouTube. I suddenly realize that there has been multiple accounts of people walking away with their attempts or fully committing to character assassinating who I was and recently it happened again. But this time I was smarter and faster in detectingContinue reading “Character Assassination is Not a Joke”

The Suppressed Childhood Trauma Malaysian Endure

Dearly beloved readers and Malaysians, In my five years of understanding my journey as a healer, a life coach and understanding my own journey to healing. It has come to my attention that many individuals here in Malaysia were sharing to me their memories of painful experiences that were never addressed openly until they cameContinue reading “The Suppressed Childhood Trauma Malaysian Endure”

Monitoring Workplace Bullies – Charming Sociopaths (Kuala Lumpur Edition)

Dear beloved readers and Malaysians, Since it has come to my attention that many people have issues at work when it comes to working with people who do not pull their weight, or carry any transparency, honesty or respect. It is hard for you to find peace around people who are manipulative. Especially if youContinue reading “Monitoring Workplace Bullies – Charming Sociopaths (Kuala Lumpur Edition)”

Thriving from Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Religious Abuse in Malaysia #IAMMEREDITH

Hi dearly beloveds, This is a new era, a new phase and a new stage in my life where I proclaimed my own identity beyond my wildest imaginable dreams. I had chosen to name myself a new first name which is Meredith. It had happened on the night that my ex-maternal mother called me toContinue reading “Thriving from Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Religious Abuse in Malaysia #IAMMEREDITH”