Chapter 1 : The Exterior & The Big Picture

Chapter 1
Part I : The Beginning & What You Must Understand

Human Suffering

Dissapointment In Success

The Fear Complex

Eradicate The Fear

The Heart is Treasure

The Journey to The Center

Relationship To Your Heart

Being Honest With Your Emotions

Chapter 1
Part II: This is Your Life, Are Your Protecting IT?

Self Confidence

Self Trust

Your Heart Activate Self Defense Mechanism

Armor of Integrity & Authenticity

Respecting Your Emotions Builds Healthy Boundaries

Depression & Living Your Truth

Suicidal, To Suffer or To Break Free

Choosing Strength Over Self Destruction

Chapter 1
Part III: How are you Treating Yourself?

Self Love

People of Extreme Dark Natures


Self Respect

Being Appreciated

Self Sacrifice

Never Sacrifice Yourself For Other People’s Gain

Naivety, Gullibility, Vulnerability

How to Avoid Being Naïve?

How to Avoid Being Gullible?How to Avoid Being Gullible?

How To Trust?

How To Know Liars?

Sacrifice Your Energy, Time, Attention, Life For Others

Conscious Relationship Awareness Checklist

Yes or No Question

Sacrifice is a Verb of Lack

Self Prioritize

Build Your Courage

Saying No

Making A Decision

Never Feel Guilty Doing What is Good for You

Chapter 1
Part IV : The World Is A Big Bully


Self Validation



Love is a State of Non-Judgement

The History of All Judgments

The Reality of Rejection

Anxiety A Constant Fear

Criticisms The Social Enigma

Repercussions of Childhood

Selfishness & Self Centredness

Chapter 2 : The Interior & Hidden Elements

Chapter 2
Part I : Express Your Emotions

Freedom of Expressions

Self Expressions as Free Spirit

Express From Your Heart Not Your Mind

The Danger of Expressing from Your Mind

Being Transparent in Emotions

Expressing Anger as An Energy Boundary

Anger as A State of Power

Suppressed Anger Lowers Your Vibration

Transforming Anger into Integrity : To Create Justice & Peace

Manipulation of Anger

Controlled Anger as Form of Will to Change

Convert Anger into Passion to Transform Your Life

Chapter 2
Part II : Healing Your Heart

The Art of Listening

Self Acceptance & Rejection

Saying Sorry Feeling Guilty

Disappointment: How to Deal

Fear of Rejection

Emotional Awareness

Intimidation & Threats

Confrontation towards Frauds & Cowards

Learn From Your Previous Mistakes (Prepare Your Future)

Releasing Emotional Baggage

Forgiveness is an Act of Self Love

Nurture Yourself : Inner Parenting

Stand Your Ground

Chapter 2
Part III : What is Your Desire?

The Gentle Lane

Liberate Your Heart from Mind Control

Desire From Your Mind

Desire From Your Heart

Asking Equals to Raise of Self Worth

Asking From Passion

Chapter 2
Part IV : How Do You Carry Yourself

Self Esteem

Self Worth

Self Worth & Ego

Self Worth & Passion

Self Worth & Asking From The Heart With Love

Never Lose Your Heart Chasing Wealth

Emotional Decision

Mental Decision

Physical Decision

Chapter 2
Part V : Emotional Displacement

Fear of Wanting, Afraid of Losing

Fear of Disappointments, Scared of Expectations

Fear of Feeling

Being Guilty of Deserving

Self Humility vs.  Humbleness

How do You Practice Humbleness

Feeling Ashamed of Mistakes

Emotional Manipulation

Stop Being Polite when People Disrespect You

Losing your Pride and Power

Emotional Wisdom, Experiences & Lessons

Choose Your Experiences

Want & Desire From Happiness


Emotional Slavery

Emotional Injury

Chapter 3 : The Balance of Heart & Mind Connection

Chapter 3
Part 1 : Being Aware of Your Emotional Health

Emotional Attachment & Security

Emotional Immaturity

Emotional Decision & Decisiveness

Emotional Responsibility

Extreme Mental Attachment

Disconnection from Heart

The Power of Mental Awareness

You Are Prime Focus (Social Butterfly)

Your Authenticity is a Threat to Others

Your Power is The Voice of Truth

Introverts & Anti Social

Fear of Action & Doing

Stuck in The Rut is Not Trying Something New

Lack of Drive is Procrastination

The Struggle of Pursuit to Succeed

Battling with Feeling Nothing is Good Enough, Why Bother

Chapter 3
Part II : Being Aware of Your Mental Health

Stability & Mental Health

Strong Heart Connection Increase Self Esteem & Confidence

Knowing Who You Really Are

Self Encouragement

Get out of Rut

Self Sabotage

Self Betrayal





Mental Defeat & Resilience

Mental Agility

Inferiority Complex

Fear in Your Mind

Chapter 3
Part III : Your Treasure

Having Loving conversations in Your Mind

Move with your Heart is Move with Your Soul

Finding Your Passion

Celebrate Your Passion


Protect Your Passion

Keep Your Eye on Your Passion

Commit to Your Passion

Focus on Your Passion

Spiritual Disorder Creates Mental Disorder

People who Take Attention Away From Your Heart

Self Accomodate

Self Neglect

Self Abandonment to Self Nurture

Self Prioritizeed

Self Priority

Types of People To Be Aware of

Never Sacrifice Yourself For Anybody

If it Doesnt Make Sense Dont do It

Subliminal Energetic Violence

Chapter 3
Part IV : Bird Eye View of Our Current World


Opposing Views

Personal Reflections

Practice Seeing Our Own Beauty

The Meaning of Life

Psychopaths vs. Empaths

Bringing The Balance

Creating Equality Within

Journey of Creation & Destruction

Religion as Mental Programming

Small Mind Criticise, Big Mind Encourages

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : You are In The World Stage
Part I : Taking a Chance to Transform To Who You Are

Transformation Risk

The Limitations of The Mind

The Challenge to Change

The Risks

Checklist of Transformational Risk

Telescope : Looking at The Star

Golden Mirror : Immunity Against Projections

What is Love Intelligent Project

Empaths Do Not Take Other Peoples Responsibilities

Different Individuals in Life

The Extreme In Human Nature

Understand The Ego

Independence & Codependency

Becoming The Change

Change Your Behaviours

Non Reaction Sustaining Personal Power

Integrity Movement

Your Eye Creates Reality

Protect Your Soul

The Power of Your Response

Chapter 4
Part  II : Your Reaction Creates Your Reality

Responding Energy

Behavioral Epigenetics

Behavior & Influence

Inner Behaviour

Behaviour & Personality

Behaviour Recovery

Behaving Responsibly

Behaviour Manipulation

Behaving to Please Others

Behave Self Love & Self Nurture

Defensive Behaviour

Focus on Your Feelings

Keep Your Attention to Yourself

Monitoring Your Behaviour (Self Awareness)

Addictive Behaviour ( Uncontrollable Impulse )

Behaviour is Programmed Natural Reaction

From Reaction to Response

Responding Consciously

Responding with Power

Respond with Awareness

What is Trigger

Fear Trigger

Trigger is a Fear Magnet

Associations & Disassociation

How Trigger Can be Used as Vulnerability

Recovering Impulse & Instincts

Recovering from False Fear Programming

Realigning Natural Responses

Your Natural Impulse

Hijacked Impulse, Intuition & Instincts

Chapter 4
Part  III : Your Response is Mastering Your Reality

Know Your Rights

Recognize Your Values

Your Ability to Self Defense

How do We Change Our Behaviours

Setting Your Behaviour Consciousness

Fear or Faith Magnet

Respond with Fear or Love

Behave & Act with Dignity

Your Reaction creates Your Reality

Perception of Weakness

Perceive Your Truth

Respond According to Your Own Consciousness

Control Your Reaction & Transform

Your Mind creates Your Reality

Subliminal Programming

Raise Your Vibration : Change Your Actions and Perspectives

Taking Action from Fear or Love

Moving your Life with Love

Moving your Life with Fear

Confidence and Decision to Create Your Own Opprtunity

Take Action & Doing it With Faith.

Chapter 4 :
Part IV : The World is Your Oyster

Love Universe

Miracle Defies Logic

Manifest with Childish Joyfulness

Excitement creates Action

Turn Your Anxiety around into Excitement

Twist Doubt into Faith that Anything is Possible

Having Confidence & Power That The Right Thing Comes To You for Good Reasons

The Art of Serendipity

Chapter 4 :
Part V : The 3 Principals for a Successful Journey

The Journey

Truth, Trust, Triumph


Chapter 5 : Nadir – Zenith

Chapter 5 : The Alpha & Omega
Part I : Amnesia & Consciousness

Projecting Your Individuality

How Do You Feel About Yourself

What do you think about yourself

Do you like the way you behave

Do you like the way you see yourself?

Self Image

What is Faith ? What is Ego?

The Journey Between  The Head & The Heart

The Brain is Nothing Without a Soul

Amnesia & Trauma

The Labyrinth

Journey From Ego to Faith ( Fear to Love )

Trust the Universe is Providence

The Root of Shadows

History of The Morning Star

Your Low Vibrations (fear) Allows Mind Control

Being Attracted to People Who Makes You Feel Bad Awful Miserable

Subconscious State of Awareness

Circle of Friends

As above so Below

You are A Flower Blooming

You are Complete & Enough

You are an Evolving Identity with Time & Space

Remembering The Truth

Your Journey to Unveil Your Perfection in Eye of Universe

Chapter 5 : The Alpha & Omega
Part II : Lost Soul

When Your Soul is Broken You Lose Faith

When Things Get Rough

Reconnect Your Broken Soul

Stay with Your Pain

Healing Your Soul Inner Etheric Web

Reconnecting Broken Soul Fragments

How do People Break Your Soul

Repatching Your Soul Fragments

When You are In Deep Shit /  Feel Like Drowning

How to Shamelessly Share Your Passion

Soul Territory

Guilt & Shame

Recovering From Abuse

Self Worth, Will Power and Identity

Eliminate Psychopaths & Fighting Inner Demons

Transform Victim Mindset & Reset Vulnerability into Neutral Strength

Veil of Darkness (Fear Clouding Fears)

Warrior of Love Mindset

Soul Rescue

Follow Your Feelings

The use of Your Dark Side (Shadows)

Remember your Valuable Spirit

Using Negative Emotions to Reclaim Your Soul and Personal Power

Decision Making & Your Will Power

Chapter 5 :
Part III : Psychic Shield & Protection

Knowledge in the Hands of the Right Man is Justice

The Many Worlds on Earth

Third Eye Protection

Your Inner Vision & Focus

Distorted Views

Projections Are Casting Nets onto The Universe

Other persons Judgement cannot hold power unless you give it power

Third Eye Manipulation

Spiral of Negativity

Forced Projections

Vulnerable Point of Attack

Extreme Mental Invasion

External Uprooting Sense of Self

Amnesia / Hysteria

Firm Refusal

Feel Your Heart

Mental Power Connected to Personal Power

Personal Power Connected to Personal Boundary

Personal Power

Feeling Drained by Presence

Cold Sweat & Shivers

Lost of Voice

Paranoia – Sudden Blindness of Reality

Abuse of Freewill

Sacrifice & Your Vulnerability

Imitation Friends

Intuition & Your Gut Feeling

Depression, Constant Sleep Loss of Energy

Personal Boundary

Battle of Will Powers

Battle of The Will vs The Eye


Projections & Meanings

Change of Behaviour

Treat The Way People Treat You

My will Cannot Be Bend or Broken

Your Heart, Psychic Defense

Chapter 5 :
Part IV : Personalised your Human Identity

Individuality & Personality

The Human Alchemy

Create Your Human Persona

Using Your Will to Protect Your Personal Identity

Using Your Will to Have Boundaries



Honor in Spirit & Soul

The Intelligent Boundary

Ignorance is Bliss

Focus on Yourself

Your Attention is Energy

Poise a State of Grace & Elegance

Time for Your Heart to Soar

Chapter 5 :
Part IV : Spiral Consciousness

Understanding Your Path

How Modern Society Creates Modern Savages & Predators

Universal Beauty, Be The Sculptor of Your Life

If You Don’t Know Why, Don’t do It

A Moment of Clarity

Root of Fear ( Harvest Destruction )

Root of Faith ( Harvest Creation )

Chapter 6 : Your Dignity & Power

Chapter 6 :
Part I : Consciousness to Freewill


Entertain Your Reasons towards Actions

Interrogating Your Actions

Combining Clarity & Action

Redefine Your Reasons

Entertain Your Reasons

Supporting You Why’s

Supplying Individual Meanings

Creating Momentum on How

Executing The How With Willpower, Supported by Reasons

Amnesia, Shock, & Trauma

Blackhole Third Eye Amnesia

Human Identity Crisis

Identity Connect to Consciousness

Being Aware in Your Body with Your Mind & Heart

Your Last Battle

The Importance Of Your Shadow and Dark Emotions

The Importance of Your Individuality

Purpose of Shadows and Boundaries and Ego

Healthy Boundaries & Healthy Limits for Healthy Ego

There is No Logic Obeying Evil

How do You Protect Your Values

Programmed to Be Submissive

Enable, Shield & Defend Your Personal Boundaries

Mastering Your Shadows & Limits & Boundaries

Defenseless Against Evil Unless You Master Your own Shadows

Necessary Shadow on Your Side for Justice

How to Practice Appropriate Shadow Energy (Do not Cross This Line)

Disobedience is a Liberating Factor

Evil Intentions & Its Manifestations

Necessary Enforced (Dark Traits) Shadow Boundaries for Justice

How to Emotionally Defend Yourself & Fight Back

How to Mentally Defend Yourself & Fight Back

Using Your Dark Traits to Uphold Integrity in Your Personal Life

Throw Back And Return the Energy that You Dislike and Dont Belong to You

Retain Your Dark Traits Like a Loyal & Trustworthy Defender of Your Good Traits

The Importance of Your Dark Traits

Taking Reigns of Your Limits & Boundaries ( Dark Traits )

How To Handle The World

Warrior of Love ( Light Traits) Know When to Help

Warrior of Love traits

Warrior of Integrity ( Dark Traits) Know When to Fight

Warrior of Integrity traits

Justice is Always in Your Hands

Red Flags When Your Boundaries are Crossed

People Pleasing Syndrome

Protect Your Energy and Space

Child in Grown Up Bodies

Make Your Own Rules in Life

Your Universal Terms & Conditions

Protect Your Happiness and Power to Be Who You Are

Treasure Your Heart & Universe is Listening to The Way You Love Yourself and Desire To Reciprocate How You Love Your Own Spirit

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 :
Part I : Consciousness to Personal Power

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