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Chapter 5
The Alpha & Omega (Chi-ro)



  1. Amnesia & Consciousness

Trust that the Universe will Give you What you want, All you need to do is Trust that you will receive it from the Universal Source.

The Root of Shadows

History of The Morning Star


When the veil of darkness draped over our planet earth, it was an illusion of separation from the source, we were in an illusion of separation from the source light, home is closer than we think, infinite source is closer than we believe it to be, the answer lies within our heart, it’s a simple answer yet human finds all the best ridiculous ways to find the greatness in their exterior rather than their interior. When oneself master his or her own heart, he masters his own universe and the darkness veil that draped over his consciousness, his heart and his mind, is lifted and she become one of the enlightened that spread the wisdom far beyond ages of mankind.



Modern Slavery Happens With Mind Control


The Lower your Vibration are The More Easier You are Being Controlled

Low Vibration makes Human susceptible to Mind-Control



Circle of Friends

When you shift what is inside you, your reality also shifts. Your circle of friends may depart, and you may find yourself having to built a new connection, a new network of support and exchanges. You will start to see your new self would not be tolerated by some friends or individuals, or you may choose not to hangout or invest time with the previous group of friends you have had.




As Above So Below



Your Internal surrounding reflects your External Surrounding. When you heal and treasure your heart and mind, there are a few things in your external world and reality that will fall away, these can be circle of friends, these can be family members, these can be your old jobs, these can be how you invest your time in your life, who do you hangout with, who do you spend your time with, what do you give attention and focus on. As you learn to be aware through reading this book, you are gaining healing and wholesome life, from realizing and understanding the wisdom that is conveyed throughout the chapters of this book.
You are a Flower Blooming

You are Complete & Enough



  1. A Lost Soul



When Your Soul Is Broken And You Lose Faith







When Things Get Rough

Things do get rough, in the journey of my own life, I have gone through many times going through dark deep episodes that then finds it way towards the surface for air and light and the supply of love, warmth, safety and security is immensely allowed me in a almost constant state of gratification. At the time of me writing this, I have gone through intense state of awakening and enlightenment, going through stages of breakthrough and pain threshold, clearing emotional trauma, life pressures, societal way of living. I had gone through being a hermit, living with no money, living in a society where rigid systems and money systems are intact, and having my way around each systems. I have fasted, hungered, meditated, released all control and gone through deep fears, speak about the most outrageous situations from sexual abuse, rape, molestation, abuse, fraud, overcoming life from psychopaths, I know when things get rough we need to remember a few key points. So finally without further adieu, I write to you the most compelling inspiring faithful reminders to keep you going through strong in life. You can be a teenager, a student in college, a new woman or a grown man, or a parent, this list is enormous to hug your faith in your heart to keep you strong, healthy and courageous to keep putting one step in front of each foot in life. Here goes,

When things get rough

1. Nothing is permanent
The Darkness that precedes your current realm, reality and perspectives are not permanent and will not last, the current wheel of life will shift and move again and you will see light and comfort again.

  1. Learn your Lesson and you will Transition
    Every experiences has an enormous lesson especially if you are going into deep darkness, when you pick up the wisdom and enlightenment, you graduate! Talk about mini-graduations!
  2. Be Gentle

Life has many rough situations and rough elements in our surrounding, it is the best way to always choose peaceful actions, loving intentions and strong and gentle approach to all situations you are going through in life. Being Gentle in everything you say, do, believe is an act of self-love which in many “When things get rough” situation the best way to deal is be gentle with yourself and your soul.

  1. Never Rush

Rushing is a state of Lack of Patience Time and Faith. When going through life, rushing to get to point A – B, wanting to complete a project, finish a relationship, end a connection, remove a baggage, Rushing and taking action from a state of rush, push, or force is an act that usually backfires. Unless there is a certain calm and serenity in your heart as you do this, that is intense courage and peace.

  1. Peace in All Situations

In a state of peace, you are the most powerful presence surrounded by a state of turmoil. While being surrounded by intense darkness, the light you have is the peace in your heart. Remain calm, release any anxiety, suppression or doubts and fears that tries to enter you. You are like a jellyfish, you are graceful and float in your own direction.

  1. You don’t have to Know Everything

Trying to know more than you need, or forcing the universe to reveal information too much, may jeopardize the whole synchronicity of the universe itself. Surrender to not knowing, have faith that everything is working out in your best favor and best and highest good. Let the universe unravel life for you.

  1. Miracle Defies Logic

This is my favourite saying, Miracle defies logic. Every time there is a miracle, it comes with no logic whatsoever. There is no left-brainer trying to create some sort of a fanatical possible way of understanding how miracles arrive. Miracles don’t make sense sometimes, it just happens. Take it as a Good Luck Charm that emanates from your Heart and the Deep Faith you carry as you connect your heart to the Divine Source. Miracle drops like a bomb. The best way to attract miracle is keeping this whisper in your heart, “I believe in Miracle!”.

  1. Faith






When you are in Deep Shit

  1. Stay Calm
    Calm manners solves more problems than erratic going nut and haywire kind of attitude.
  2. Breathe slowly
  3. Remember The Reason Why You are Passionate about your Pursuit
  4. Running away from the Past, or Running towards the Future
  5. Remember your Small Achievements towards your Goal
  6. Remember the Feeling you receive as Gratitude from your Surrounding
  7. How would you feel if you are successful in your endeavor, feel it.
  8. There is always answers to every problems
  9. Not making a decision is a Decision to stay stuck in the same situation
  10. Have courage to try, if you fail, its not the end of the world.
  11. Practice letting go of rejections
  12. Keep asking till you get a YES
  13. Accomplishments is a collection of past failures turned into a music record and shifted to lighthearted journey to success!










How to Shamelessly Share your Passion


  1. believe in yourself in what you do and your products
  2. connect to your heart when you speak and ignore your surroundings
  3. look at people in the eye with passion
  4. express yourself kindly gently and sincerely
  5. have patience to hear a response
  6. ask for feedback
  7. create contact and keep in touch
  8. gratefully express appreciation for their time and leave a namecard or contact if they change their mind.
  9. Got an interest, feel good and fill in the emotions bank for later dates.
  10. Smile often.


Guilt & Shame

Recovering from Abuse
(Mental/Physical/Emotional & Spiritual)

Eliminate Psychopaths

Transform the Victim Mindset

Veil of Darkness (Fear Clouding Fears)

Warrior of Love Mindset

Soul Rescue

Decision Making & Your Will Power


III. Psychic Shield & Protection


Knowledge in the Hands of The Right Man is Justice
In our current world, in any part of society, culture, nation, country religion. There is a mystical power and knowledge that are being withheld from reaching public mass. This knowledge are being secured by some of the most darkest constitutions in mankind, they who have killed and murdered and slaved and brainwash many individuals who stand up and speak for the truth, justice and freedom of other individuals as them. A lot of time we understand and see a lot of people are being abused by the power of greed and the power of darkness. These people have knowledge of the stars and they have abused them for their own greed and the greed of inhumanity. We are not humanity against humanity, we are humanity against the dark void. The dark void is what has taken over humanity, the dark void is ego. When the knowledge is paired with ego, then it creates destruction, fear propaganda, and sells violence. When knowledge is paired with love, it creates innovation, love agenda and sells peace. We have to begin shifting the energy in our world from ego to love and this situation will begin to create justice to all human citizens of this planet earth.

Third  Eye Protection


The first thing you will have to learn to protect is your third eye, because if you cannot see the truth, then you cannot realize your capability or knowledge to chain your situation. Truth sets you free. Your third eye is the main component to see the reality outside of your selves. The Third eye is like a spotlight for the car driving in the middle of the night. When someone abuse your third eye, they also take the ability for you to see life and yourself. Think of third eye as a multi-revolving sphere that can see everything on every side and the power to use it begins with your awareness of your self power.
Psychopath People’s Third Eye is Inwards rather than Outwards. They live in their own mind rather than reality. They are not realistic and controlling thinking they know everything because they can’t see they are blinded by their own darkness and everywhere they see, they see their own judgments, their own ego, their own criticisms, their own perceptions of people as how they see themselves.
Feel Your Heart

Feeling Drained by Presence

Cold Sweat & Shivers
Lost of Voice
Paranoia – Sudden Blindness of Reality
Abuse of Freewill
Your Vulnerability
Imitation Friends
Gut Feeling
Constant Sleep
Loss of Energy
Personal Boundary
Lack of Will
Change of Behaviour
My Will cannot be Bend or Broken




  1. Personalized Your Human Identity


One thing you should know about Persona’s is that these are Ego.  A persona is a state of maintaining a presence.  A persona should not be identified with an authentic identity. A persona that needs to be maintained is not a natural identity. A persona can changed into an identity if it is linked to personal free will to be carrying that identity regularly. A person can change their persona depending on their surroundings. An Identity is a signature trademark of your soul. A persona is like a tv celebrity or a figure carrying a certain position in the public eye. A persona cannot be merged with the identity of any individual if who they are, are not the same in public versus in private surrounding.

A person who carries an identity is a person who is constantly comfortable in carrying themselves in whatever situation or occasion with whomever they are with. They do not expand their ego when they meet someone who are successful, they do not pretend to be someone they are not, in order to please somebody.

a persona is staged but an identity is carried naturally as part of life.

The question now is Are you Carrying a Persona, or Are you Holding and Being an Identity?


The Human Alchemy



Self Love                                                                                                                         Self-Sacrifice

Self Worth                                                                                                                 Self-Humiliation

Self-Acceptance                                                                                                              Self-Rejection

Self-Validation                                                                                                                   Self-Denial

Self-Confidence                                                                                                         Self-Deprecation

Self-Trust                                                                                                                    Self-Dishonesty

Self-Defense                                                                                                                       Self-Ignore

Self-Respect                                                                                                                 Self-Disrespect

Self-Expression                                                                                                         Self-Suppression

Self-Esteem                                                                                                                         Self-Abuse

Self-Encouragement                                                                                           Self-Discouragement

Self-Appreciation                                                                                                             Self-Ridicule


Create Your Human Persona
With all the different characteristics, personality and attributes listed in the Human Alchemy, when you mix several of them, you will receive a burst of chemistry in your human body that will create and inspire an action to be developed, a thought to be processed, an emotion to be felt. Choose your personal ingredients to create your human experience according to your free will, personal authentic desires and choosing consciously how you choose to lead your life.

Honor in Spirit & Soul

The Intelligent Boundary

Ignorance is Bliss

Focus on Yourself
You give Life to what you focus on, so give life towards your own life and start living. Focus on Your Life, Create Your Universe.


Your Attention is Energy
Whatever you focus on, you are using your internal energy to expand it. That is why having control of your mind is very, very important. It would either create your life positively or negatively. A negative mind will create a negative life, A positive mind will create a positive life. Choose with your Free Will that is solely yours, Choose where you decide to put your attention to. That is why time for you to pull back, rest and reflect the contents of your mind through sitting silently or some people prefer calling it meditation, assist you to reflect the contents of your current state of mental health and emotional health and overall progressive spiritual and health in your present reality.
Mahatma Gandhi spoke “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
Poise a State of Grace & Elegance

Time for Your Heart to Soar


Give your heart the wings to fly free to express its most authentic selves, to be wise as well as connected to the divine presence of the source of faith and love. What is your heart’s true desire?


  1. The Spiral Consciousness


Understanding Your Path

Each and every single soul on this planet earth has its unique spiral blueprint that will link many synchronicities, events, connections and life changing events. Each path is not the same and each path create links to merge with other people to build a network and spiral of consciousness. We are all linked no matter where we go, each step we take we move towards a higher horizon and higher apex that brings us closer to our goals and destination which is the source destiny. Each soul has its life path and purpose. It depends on this soul to seek deeper into knowing themselves and their personal and unique blueprint on their life here on earth. Where you were born, where you study, who you meet, your first career and your first relationship towards your last all hold key subjects towards this situation we all call the web of life.
No matter what happen, our deep seated consciousness is all connected. All mishap and tragedies are divine occurrence, everything is in Divine Order, even the darkest of times to the brightest sun in the horizon. Each traffic accident, each death, each person who undergoes bankruptcy, each ending of relationships, each occurrences that is depicted as bad, upsetting, or tragic all holds a key element to shift the path of human individuals in order to re-route the path of this souls to their divine destiny.
You are constantly safe and cared for by the Universe. Take this journey of your human life with your soul purpose as a tunnel of emotional human experiences as you are here to purposely experience in life. The best way to carry yourself through your life is patience, detachments, observation and consciously choosing your emotions and how you react. All that you know is that your soul could be sitting in this human body, just like you are watching TV through your eyes and experiencing life in real-time. But. The Big But is that you get to interact with your external surrounding and create an impact or influence to shift different energy and perspective and bring together a shared experience for everybody.

Each event is well planned by the universe, all settings place people and events that reveal themselves were divinely planned to occur before earth was conceptualized. We are part of a great destiny that connects all matters into existence. We are all vibrating as a whole but with a different perspectives and outlook. You are the spirit source merging in different unique soul with ability to uniquely experience life as a singular entity.
Life is  like a highway of energy merging together to create experiences. All this blueprints are matrix that is divinely created for each individual experience. All of you have volunteered and chosen to be who you actually are in this right time you are reading this text and sentence. Who are you? Where were you born? What do you remember?


How our Modern society creates an evolution of Modern Savages/ Psychopaths

Psychopaths are Predators in Society, they select their victims based on their naivety, vulnerability, ability to manipulate their compassion with self-pity,

You Can Think For Yourself, Your Freewill
If you give other people the power to make decisions and think for you, you are giving your right of free independent will away. Following the mass society in taking action does not mean it is correct or true for yourself. You can rationalize the information given to you, but you need to do your own research or feel in your senses wether it is truthful or beneficial for you. Don’t let other people’s believe stray you from your self-belief. If you know its not right for you, then state it. Don’t let go of your self-belief just so other people can feel comfortable around you. If you believe in other things, you can respect other people’s belief too as a freewill. If people don’t believe in your believes and tries to change your belief even after you express that your free will is yours and you have made your decision. Then you need to be aware of that sign of disrespect.

Universal Beauty, Be The Sculptor of your Life

A Moment of Clarity

Root of Fear, Fruit of Faith





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