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Chapter 4
You are in the World Stage


  1. Taking a chance to Transform Who You Are

The Limitations of the Mind


The Limitations of the Mind is first and foremost connected to your Heart. Your heart holds an unlimited energy connected to the source of the universe, which we call as Faith. Faith is a beautiful power where miracle will find its way into your reality. Your Mind has an access code to tap into the infinite bounty of faith and miracle power. The more deep you are connected to your heart through affirming your believes and mentally acknowledging the power of faith and believe and trust you are able to understand the fact that your mind is a wondrous tool to be used to achieve your unlimited potential and desires, you got to use your faith in your heart to breach the limitations of your mind.

The Mind has two Major Chords, one is linking to your heart and the other one is linking to the external reality (which connects to many external inputs). Your upbringing is what holds the power of each energy direction it holds. Either your own sole heart has autonomy over your mind, or the surrounding of your life externally has the influential and power to dictate your mind and your heart. When the external has more power over your mind than you, that’s when you will have problems and situations that is totally powerless over yourself and your life. Hence you have the persuasion of the life telling you who you are instead of you, dominating your own heart and mind through self-believe, confidence and self-trust to express to the world who you really are and using your ultimate voice to shine your heart and personality.

Most of the time, if you are familiar with the term Empaths, empaths are individual who are weak upon controlling their emotions and heart’s responses. They are easily influenced affected and controlled. Empaths are people who has not gain total control over their mind and their inability to process information with their mind that straight goes to affect their emotional input are the one that affects many empath greatly.
A Rational Mind, Logical and Aware Mind that is Balanced to the Heart is when an Empath has achieve a total harmony of energy link between their own heart and their mind so that they are aware of the reason why they feel the way they do around situations and people in their surrounding. This awareness assists Empaths to create different emotional reaction with Intelligence.
It is easy for certain people to abuse empath’s compassion and vulnerability, because an empath has the lack of awareness and mental comprehension and mental power to understand and be aware of their surrounding and people’s intention because their heart is so intune with the energy that they cannot process the root of the energy through a mental awareness.

Empaths has no mental shield that protects their heart from feeling all the different vibrations of energy. I remember when I was a teenager in High School the only way that I can sustain some sort of sanity from feeling so much is through mental alertness and mental awareness. However each time I come back from school and reach home, I release all my shield and faint in my bed out of exhaustion. I remember how protective I was in that surrounding. I end up missing many months in school for my senior year as my sensitivity grew deep and much. As an Empath I was feeling energies from Earth bombarding, feeling the before affects of an earthquake, global disasters and different members of the family passing away. Empaths are people who are borderline psychic with their sensitivity that is not refined and tuned.  Think of Empath like racing cars driving fast speed in an environment not suitable for a high speed race. Empath hearts are like high speed racing cars zooming through different energy stations with no control. This is due to the fact that Empaths are not able to connect their heart to their Mind and make some rationality and sense to stop feeling what is not their energy. To create an Intelligent Boundary that will allow them to feel sane and at peace. When I was young, It made total sense to be aware of the energy in my surrounding and create mental shields to protect my heart from being sucked and affected by the energy in the surrounding, but that has created me to have a strong mind and eventually made me able to do certain things in life whereas other people cannot dare to go. I had conquer the fear of intimidation, finding calm in dark situations,

What is The Love Intelligent Project




Empaths Do Not Take Other People’s Responsibility

Empaths who have trouble sensing and feeling their own emotions may have this remarkable trait of feeling responsible for everything, which makes no sense if they think properly. So empaths, do not take other people’s responsibility, express only your voice and not the voice of others. Especially do not feel responsible for your parent’s emotions. It is truly a sad case when a child who is an empath are feeling intense emotions and energies that the parents are emitting through their stress and pressure in life and it may have made the empath childrens, feel so responsible that they are dumbfounded by what they feel and experience.

Different Individuals in Life
The Extreme in Human Nature
Human are born with three major components of living, which is the heart, the mind and the sexual organ.

If someone is born with a strong emotions, it is called an Empath

If someone is born with a strong mind, it is called a Psychopath

If someone is born with a strong sexual, it is called a __________

Empaths needs to learn what Psychopaths has, which is the strong mind, and Psychopaths needs to learn what Empaths has which is a strong connection to heart.

Some souls that enters human body, has its specific traits. IT depends on each soul purpose, what are they aiming to experience in their l






Eliminate The Ego

When you  are surrounded by people who competes and feeds their individual ego’s

Independence & Co-dependency

Becoming The Change

Be the change by practicing the spiritual love of equality, instead of feeding the ratrace, show the race ability for everyone to win.

Non-Reaction is Sustaining Personal Power, (Becoming a Rock in Reality)

Integrity Movement

Your Eye Creates Reality

It comes to reason that if we put focus on a desire, the desire will expand and be manifested. It comes to perfect clarity that if we put a desire to focus on world peace and inner peace, this desire will be expanded and the energy of compassion and love and peace will be able to expand. The Media world in TV and News creates exactly that. They expand fear and injustice. The more people can shift their focus towards expanding love and peace, we are already halfway to achieving a great harmony and peace. This is why you must be alert and aware where do you choose to give your focus and energy and choose to invest your time, energy and effort in sources that will use your eye for good purpose. It all begins with one person’s vision and when we collectively create this vision to become a reality, we collectively manifested a new world of wonder and beauty. Let’s focus on peace that begins with inner peace and greatly links to world peace. If each person works on their inner peace, it will greatly contribute to the chain of different individual’s world peace, rhythmically setting the pace for the chain of peace around the globe.

Hold Back Your Soul from Being Bared







  1. Your Reaction Creates Your Reality


Your Reaction Creates Your Reality

React According with Consciousness


Reaction from Wisdom

Reaction from Peace

Reaction from Awareness

Reaction from Awareness is a connection to the source, understanding the surrounding’s

Reaction from Anger

Reaction from Anger is through choosing to lower your vibration in order to engage in another person’s personal battle.


Your Mind Creates your Reality
The more observant you are of your unconscious beliefs, subconscious beliefs and conscious beliefs the more you are able to begin to process of detoxification of ill-bending mind and begin the journey to remove the virus that is in your mind. (Mazuin remove all the virus in your mind implanted by Lim Saw Ling and send it back to source IMMEDIATELY)
6.01 PM 6th March 2015.
Virus in Your Mind – Subliminal Brain Programming

Virus in your mind is the subconscious word slips that people utter as voice as as a brain programming to release your free will to people of higher consciousness and evil intent.


Being surrounded by people can increase influency in your life. If you are surrounded by negative people, your will will decrease in positivity. If you are surrounded by positive people, your life will increase in positivity.

Whenever you choose to spend time with someone, your energy will merge. When you are around someone, subliminal programming can occur by people’s intention, repetition, and either good will or malice desires.

If you are unconscious people who envy you and jealous towards you can send vibes and frequency to destroy you. With great power comes great responsibility, with great passion comes great intimidation. Some people are extremely scared of passionate people, sometimes they just go to

Have you ever realized you feel drained around some people. This is when your mind is slowly taking in heavy virus and baggage from other people subconsciously. That is why detachment from people’s energy unless they are respecting not to dump their shit over you must happen. When you walk in life, you leave your home, you walk on the street, in the carpark, going to shopping malls. There is a lot of energy debris like asteroids around your surrounding. If you are not aware of this you might even allow some energy debris to stick to your Aura and you would be carrying energy debris of other people around you for a life time. Some energy debris is strong, some energy debris is small. Sometimes you can wash your clothes and wash your body to clear this energy. But sometimes if you have energy vulnerability you will have unconsciously take it into your energy points in your body and energy debris of entity value could re-home in your body. That is when entity attachment happens. Entity attachment happens when you are unaware of bringing dark energy home, or unaware that some people can sent you this entity.

As you Raise your Vibration, You change your Actions and Perspectives

Different Level of Vibration Equals to Different Level of Awareness or and Consciousness

Responding to Fear or Love

Taking Action from Fear or Love

Moving your Life with Love

Moving your Life with Fear

Confidence and Decision to Create your Own Opportunity and Change (Not waiting anymore)

Infusing Confidence, Decision Making and Moving from Love to Make a Life Change. Confidence is your Root, Decision is your Will power, Solar Plexus, Moving from Love is your Heart,

Take Action and Doing it With Faith


Now that you understand that certain roots of action that influences you to take action can come from fear or love, you can understand what drives you to take actions, what meaning you give to your drive and steps that will inspire you to take that leap of faith and to do what you wanted to pursue. Having Faith behind each action as you take the steps to celebrate your passion, going after what you want and desire, is what will fuel your steps to success, even if in the darkest moments of time, when you have self-belief and remember the root of your inspiration and the reason you first wanted to pursue the things you desire, you get to commit fully to you vocation, to your purpose, to your calling and journey with only the vision of success and faith in your mind.




III. The World is Your Oyster


Miracle Defies Logic
Manifest with Childish Joyfulness
Excitement Creates Action
Your Enemy is Your Greatest Challenger Which is a Teacher of Life

The best lessons learned in life is through meeting an opponent that breaks you and you have to learn to rebuild yourself from ground zero and start anew. With each person that comes into your life, each of them brings a lesson for you to learn. They will keep coming into your life until you learn this massive lesson either big or small. The lesson that I learn was to have a strong powerful mind to recognize different people’s agenda and intention in their connection towards me.
My biggest challenge is to believe Malaysia will accept me as I am and if they don’t it is not my problem. To me it is a problem to keep making Malaysia comfortable with lies when I know a lot of truths. This book is one of the ways for me to expose my wisdom and knowledge so many more will be able to see my genuine feelings to enrich people’s lives and create this empire of love and sustainability and empower individuals wherever they may be.







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My Wish

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