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Chapter 3
The Balance of Heart
& Mind Connection


  1. Being Aware of Your Emotional Health

Emotional Attachment & Security

Emotional Immaturity
Emotional Decision & Decisiveness
Emotional Responsibility
I am not responsible for anyones emotions, especialy when I am taking care of my own self. People who are blaming me of hurting them are not respecting my boundaries and respecting me as a person.

People who wants to feel hurt when their request is out of proportion are people who has no responsibility to take care of themselves.

Being responsible for one’s own emotion is to not put blame to the external for creating that emotional response in the first place. You can change your emotional response by creating that change inside and outside and the blame will not be an issue.

People who blame other people for hurting their emotions must learn on emotional responsibility and How to Care for Oneself.

If you are hurt, change the situation, speak your truth, your body and limbs and organs such as lips and mouth are there to be used to express your situation. If you must respect other people’s boundaries then respect that boundary. Your freewill cannot force other people’s freewill.

If you do that, then face the consequences.

Emotional Responsibility is The Power to Transform your Reality and Change your Life the way you Wish it to Be.

Observe your emotions, control your reaction, be wise in reacting, choose your arguments.




Extreme Mental Attachment


Mental attachment is from a condition of a belief and a form of lack, needing certain something, believing that they are incomplete without it. This situation creates a mental form of attachment. Which raises the conditions and the bar of ego consciousness. Ego consciousness is to think or belief in thought patterns, that one is incomplete without certain connection towards the external reality tha­­t will give a false sense of security. Mental Attachment can be coming from a co-dependency situation, where reliability and independence resolves in external satisfaction, hence it acquire mental connection to occur to complete the lack of security within oneself. We can see this among many individuals that are greedy, having never enough, being attached to their possessions, seeking more material wealth, or being attached to relationships that gives them the attention they crave or desire within themselves that cannot be self-fulfilled. Hence they create many connections in the outerworld the have a sense of inner fulfillment. But when the outer world dissipates and begin to wither, their sense of security will be affected and they will begin to lose sense of control and will begin to be in dispute with life and will not be able to control their own reaction the world.
Disconnection from Heart


Sense of Self, Personal Desire comes from the Heart, if you read the Desire from the Heart or the Desire from the Mind, you will understand that Personal Desires that is uniquely yours is coming from the heart which is always for your highest good. If you have disconnected your heart to your life, your mind will start to be influenced easily with the surrounding of the people around you. People will easily influence your mind and since you are not connected to your heart, you won’t be able to compare what you truly want despite what other people want from you and out of you and the ability to self-care and say no would be a problem or a difficulty.

There are many characteristics that comes from the people around you that will affect how you choose to live your life. If your heart is not connected to your mind, it is easy to get influenced by other people’s desire and sacrificing your own needs to fulfill other people’s request by the influence they project. It is also one of the most dangerous life situations to be disconnected from the heart due to the higher percentage of having the risk of not realizing when oneself or you is self-sacrificing and will go down a spiral of self-harm without realizing or being conscious of the situation you are in. You have to realize, when you meet people, there are many type of people in this life that are selfish enough not to care for other people’s needs and will abuse their connection, friendship or for their own greed and even will not even have compassion when they have harm or hurt people nor would they feel remorse and try to fix the broken connection.

Despite that you will start to collect mentality of what is accepted and desired, by other individuals or society also the influence from the family’s way of validation or praises. You will have to start to live by the perceived values of the external reality rather than making your own values that are not coming from your own heart or personal desires.

Most of the time, The reason How The Disconnection from the Heart happens in the first place is that a traumatic situation that created that disconnection so the heart will not feel the re-creation or repetition, remembrance of that particular memory or experience that brings a visitation of the past into the current presence. The tragedy that occur is a repression or suppression of pain that is rejected and submitted to the back of the mind as a rejected feeling, rejected memory, or rejected experience.

This intense disconnection will create a break in one person’s connection to the heart, making a lot of energy submit to the repressed part of their brain.

When a disconnection from the heart occurs, the mind will capacitate more energy and remove the connection from the heart that it may process the experience and situation so that there would be no more process of the feelings

The Energy circuit and channel in the body, mind and heart would always be stable. Since the heart cannot process energy as normal average person does, the energy that is not allowed or disconnected from the heart will allow the excess energy to be distributed into parts of the brain or body. If we are speaking in the context of a brain, the frontal lobe will be less active and that the
You can see people who has intense personality disorder or false personality are hiding,
The Power of Mental Awareness

You are the Prime Focus ( Social Butterfly)



Your Authenticity is a Threat to Others


If your authenticity and being who you truly are is a threat to other people in your surroundings, it might be time to change your circle of friends and trustees, people who cannot allow you to be yourself and wishes to diminish your light for their comfort and security is not people who can keep you growing, instead they will somehow find a way to decrease your light, your shine, your vibrancy, your worth and devalues your voice and inner power. You will start to lose sense of self with their influence and insecurity towards you and you will then be affected by their influence and start to feel horrible. Once you take action to create awareness on your self-worth, self-esteem, self-love and self-respect, you will start to acknowledge that the people in your circle are no longer equip to be in your life as they no longer promote growth for you. Be in a circle that grows your soul and if not, time for you to shift something in your life; location, career, workplace, neighborhood and others so that you may be surrounded by circle of friends who propels you to become greater than you have been. Time to learn from a new group of friends.

If you are a threat to others being authentic and true, think and feel how powerful you are, that being true is a threat to those who are still living in false reality and illusions of truth. People who wants to silence truth, are those who are comfortable living in their the comfort of their lies and illusions and security of their mind-numbing lifestyle.


Your Power is the Voice of Truth




Anti-Social ( Are you hiding your self? )


Are you hiding yourself for the sake of the comfort of other people in the surrounding? Are you dimming your own light so that people will not reject you and judge you? Are you wishing to create friendly encounters but afraid to go through the same situations in previous times where envy and jealousy of other unhappy individuals punishes you for being the center of the attention? Do you like being the center of the attention when you can and bring people vibration up and enjoying a lighthearted conversation? Are you secretly a social butterfly that is allowing your circle of peers cuff and chain your butterfly wings so that they are more comfortable with you being insecure than being confident to speak and express yourself freely?
Self-respect, Self-Love and Self-acceptance will assist you to transition from being anti-social towards average to awesome sociable person. The world has enough space for anyone if at all wishes to express themselves and shine. Don’t believe any assumptions by other people’s false Judgements that your voice are not important and your presence are not appreciated. People who disrespects your wishes, desires, or outlook in life should be reconsidered to be those of your close circle network or friends. It is up to you to bring awareness on how you are being treated and how you allow yourself to get treated by your peers, friends, family. You can demand them to treat you differently and ask for how you would like to be treated. If it comes to a rejection than you can choose to say I choose different experiences and you can choose to disconnect or to remove what is in your presence that you don’t like to experience anymore. Create a space of self-love, self-respect by removing and adding people whom you like or dislike into your reality.


You may have fear of socializing because of different state of experience accumulated over the years, rejections, Judgements, jealousy, drama, gossip,

Stuck In the Rut is Not “Trying” Something New


  1. Being Aware of Your Mental Health


Stability & Mental Health

People who are not connected strong to their heart are more prone to having mental illness or unstable lifestyle.

People who does not have a balanced heart and mind connection, are prone to be extreme in emotions or extreme in mental illness that will create an unstable lifestyle.







The Stronger Connection you have with Your Heart,

You will Raise Self Esteem & Self Confidence



Knowing Who You Really Are


The only person you should start putting energy to encourage is first yourself, then you can do that others (pesai did the event, sawling did her thing, all through my encouragement, I must encourage myself now) this year is 2015, is my year.





Get out of Rut



Self Sabotage is what happens when you allow different voices to linger in your mind that does not gives you encouragement instead hampers the feelings you choose to have that encourages you. Self-Sabotage is through the Mind acting up upon itself. It is a self-ridicule process that removes a person from taking action and hinders a person to grow. Self-sabotage is the unconscious awareness that the energy that lingers in the mind is a culprit to lowering self-confidence and trust in your system.
Self-sabotage is always a voice that will shuts your desire from speaking up. Self-sabotage would make nothing seem good enough, or right enough. Having self-sabotage is having a personal insulting coach that’s main mission is to de-cripple all your effort to change. To stay lesser or lower equal than the rest of people in your surrounding. Self-sabotage is a cassette tape to strategically chain you to the exact same position and state you are in life. You are demanded to not voice your desires, to not believe in yourself, to not support yourself, to not encourage yourself. Self-sabotage is an energy programmed in your mind by an external factor in your life, that influences you to be in fear mode and to be fearful and to be unfaithful to yourself.

Self-sabotage removes faith for you to live in a happy state, in a state of peace, love, desires, dignity and self worth. Find the root of this energy and command it to leave. You are a beautiful soul, you must be aware of any virus coming into your mind and making it a home. An idle mind is a devil’s den. Make your mind active with your voice, your mind is like the rooftop of any building. It is where you get to see the reality from high perspectives. You still have to make sure your rooftop and space is clear from distractions and debris. Clear your rooftop, clear your mind from any negative talks and negative perspectives and views. Someone has visited your rooftop and throw rubbish into it, they have broke into your property and thrash it with negativity. It is now your call of action to remove and declutter your mind from self-sabotaging voices. It may came from your peers, friends, boss, workplace, colleagues, siblings, parents, relationships with people.
Go through a phase of self-reflection and start tidying your mind and be aware of your thoughts and the voices that lives in your mind. Reject, Refuse and Recycle the voices that does not belong and dump them. It is not your responsibility to make space in your mind for other people’s voices. Your mind should entail only your own solid bullet proof voice. Only you know what you desire and how capable you believe in yourself. You are your greatest influence and greatest encourager and cheerleader. Your Mind is the Only Place for Your Voice to Be in Complete and Total Power. Make sure that your mind is connected to your Voice and your Heart. Not the thoughts of others, nor the voice of others. They have their own space in their own individual body. It is call freewill.
Self-sabotage is a mind programming that lives on way after a certain conditioning. Self-sabotage usually happens after being surrounded by people who do not belief in your capabilities and desires. People who tells you your ideas, your interests are not worthy to pursue. Only this time, you are alone, and the energy of the previous mental conditioning and surrounding has lingered towards your current state, this time, as an invisible voice in your mind. You are just repeating a cassette tape that is broken in your mind, unconsciously not realizing you have a power to remove that tape, crash and burn it and then put a new cassette tape when you speak with self-love and self-admiration.
If you have had relationships with a narcissistic parental figure that is unsupportive, filled with criticisms, you would start to understand where the nagging voice is coming from, the insulting you cannot do that nor this. You cannot do anything.
Come Alert with me, I will show you that the voice pattern in this individuals are repetitive chain of self-demolishing behaviour taken on by unconscious participants. They may also have been criticized and insulted in the past to the point they believe they are incapable. Life is filled with chain of events. Only the warrior of awareness and consciousness will be alert and realize they are the ones with the power to stop this chain of events and create that big shift and turnover to move the pipe of energy towards a chain of light and a chain of empowerment.
Let’s come into awareness that all dreams are possible and all desires are worthy. Let’s create a chain and encourage people to believe in themselves and to trust in their desires and passion. Let’s make a ripple effect to blossom this beautiful energy of loving empowering growth towards our current and incoming generation.
Self-Sabotaging is an Orphaned Mind trying to find home and sense of belonging. Lets transform self-sabotage into self-encouragement and speak positively towards other people’s dreams and sustain the idea that the world is enough for everybody to shine and express their individuality and it is safe for people to be great and spread greatness.


A state of anxiety is a state for the heart is being attacked to the point of unconsciousness that the mind is holding a barrack of weapons to destroy the heart, so that the heart becomes weak and you will be easily be in a state of vulnerability and a state of weakness.
Anxiety happens when your chest thumps irregularly, it is hard to breathe and you feel claustrophobic and feeling the air being sucked out of you. In energy value anxiety is a state where your energy IS being sucked or syphoned out by an external target, through the deliberate thoughts and fears you carry. It is a mental harassment targeting your heart carrying many instruments of fear. Anxiety is when your brain and mind becomes a symphony of fear, intimidation, provoking thoughts.

You have to start challenging those thoughts and do not be afraid. Dare the thoughts to come alive and call on their bluff. Sometimes thoughts of fear and intimidation are just a fake reality that succumbs you to un-realize your potential of being great and owning your power and expressing your potential.  You have to ask, who is benefitting from your anxiety, who is taking the pleasure of your anxiety and distress. Sometimes anxiety happens when there is a power struggle between you and an event occurring, has past or incoming future.
There is something different here I would like to showcase, there is a difference of anxiety and anticipation. Anticipation is an energy where you get excited and you get all the feelings above, but without the fear or intimidation, instead you get to feel excited, butterflies in your stomach and exciting feelings. Anxiety and Anticipation is two separate things. Anxiety is Root of Fear. And Anticipation is Root of Love. You will know which is you are feeling from feeling good or feeling bad. There is a difference. You can get excited and still lose breathing, heart thumps strongly, and the difference is the air seems to expand from your face and you feel really widely brazen horizontal and vertically, anticipation feels like you are about to take a dive into the ocean or the swimming pool with confidence and faith and pleasure. So the best journey for you to take is instead of Anxiety we shall guide you to feel Anticipation all the time, to dive into the reality with love, faith, self-trust, self-confidence and peace.


Paranoia is a state where the heart loses control at the same time the mind loses control. A paranoid state is where the fear idea is in total power. It is when all your fears are hinged and pulled by a string to keep you constantly in fear, worry, anxiety, stress, ridiculously unrealistic, every single energy is pulling and tugging your string. Paranoia is an energy attack by an external force of your surrounding creating a mass hysteria in your life if you get to that point. Where sensibility, morality, logic does not make sense anymore and you lose control of who you know you are. You become erratic and loss of consciousness to the total expansion of going mentally nuts. Hysteria however is where the mentally nuts connects to the physical and creates a physically crazy person who loses control of themselves and starts to wail, scream or cry erratically, this is a situation where the soul is fighting the energy or entity or situation physically. Exorcisms are situations where hysteria can take place because it is where the entity that has made a lair or a home inside a human body and being forced to leave. A human with a strong heart that connects to their mind strong cannot attract this entity. A human with a weak heart creates a weak mind and body. This is where the idle mind invites the devil to have its new playground. The best way to reverse this situation is to treasure your heart, strengthen your faith in yourself, apply mental consciousness in your mind, create a strong sense of reality and illusion. I come through this situation with an observation of seeing many hysteria in my life, that which includes my mother, I can see entities and energy, I have a strong heart as a child, despite having born with deep seated sensitivity, I practically push my mind repeatedly to take care of myself so that I will not get any entity attached to me. That is why my ability to observe and find solution and answers are core to my beingness. I was sovereign and practicing an individual power connected to power of love source as a mean to keep going through everyday with faith as a child through adulthood. Having self-trust and strong belief in yourself is the number one rule to start walking the journey of enlightenment and self-sustainability.



Mental Defeat & Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bend back into the original shape. Like a rubber band that snaps back into its original shape and form. Mental resiliency is the ability to fall so deep into a hole and to recover from this state of unconsciousness and defeat and also failure and bring back your mental health to an optimum level. Mental defeat is when you understood and realize the material possessions you have lost, the security you once attained are now gone, even the grades you acquire can now flunk or perhaps you have gone bankrupt or lose all your possessions through fire or theft. Resilience is a strong courage that comes from the pit of darkness, the ditch where you fell. Resilience is the ability to bring yourself back up and find that invisible courage to crawl, kneel, move, walk, jog and run and bulldoze towards your goals again. This time when you bring yourself back up, you understand that the materials you created do not form your identity. You are still the same person, you are still holding the wisdom you knew on how you created your success and development and growth in life. Life only burns your possessions and take it away to test your mental resiliency and ability to challenge defeat. It is an opportunity to restart from ground zero. It makes you a tougher opponent and contender.

Having your possessions taken away is not the ability for the world and life to take your soul away. Materials and money cannot purchase your soul unless you apply your identity is attached towards the materials that you carry and earn. A state of non-attachment is the most powerful state for any successful human being. The choices you make to create success does not depend on the ability for life to take it away in one split second. You can repeat and create a better success. The prime example here is Donald Trump who has his whole business
fall and he has to rebuilt it from ground zero.
You just have to recollect the memory on how you did it before and repeat doing it and just changing the way you did it to be better. This time you create an even bigger success.


III. Your Treasure



Have Loving Conversations in Your Mind


When you practice to connect to your heart often, you may exercise frequently the practice of speaking from your heart and knowing what you want, what you feel and what you desire.  You will be able to understand who you are in your mind and start to live your life with how you choose to understand the way you decide to live that will fuel your heart with happiness, achievement and desires. This practice of talking in your mind with love is a practice of self-love and self-care. It is the only way that you are able to know who you are and what you like in your life and ability to make a change to suit your hearts desires. You are able to understand yourself deeper and understand that only you can fulfill your heart’s desires and the first part of that anatomy is to Think For Yourself and What You Truly Love and Desire in Your Mind. Start and Begin to spend the energy in your mind to think for your self, Daydream of your happiness, daydream of your wishes and dreams, daydream for your goodness and life transformation. Speak on how good you are in your life and what you are working towards, your ambitions, your passion, your efforts to transform and reach a goal and destination in your life.




Move with your Heart


When you have a deep connection to your heart, stronger than that of the hold of your mind, the body will start to tune with your heart’s intelligence and it will start to take actions from the heart. The Mind is now the tool for the heart’s desire.

The best culprit that makes any individual be stuck from pursuing their desire are the voice of doubt and fear of failure in the mind. Your heart is your life’s engine towards moving forward, we have got to cherish it deeper and really focus on the heart space in order to move forward in life with self-love and self-appreciation.

One of the things we are not taught about in life, is how to cherish ourselves, and to consistently ask others for approval, validation, and advice. We are not taught to listen to ourselves, our feelings, our desires or even our inner intuitions.

We have been mind-controlled by a spceific set of societal conditioning that doesn’t allow us to go inside our heart and speak to ourselves and get us to believe in ourselves, instead we individuals have been decapitated from learning to value our voice and feelings, instead to always pursue validations from a higher authority since we were raised as childrens through going to school and having systemised education and towards being classified and boxed into a labelled defined society.

Our conscious freewill has been given away easily towards others on how we choose to lead life, for example, allowing others to judge or set us apart from each other, rather than focusing on allowing each person’s authentic selves to come forth as free-spirits, we have been categorized, labelled and sorted in class and systems. Governments bodies, Private Corporations influence our life with Commercials, Commerce, Lifestyle, Media Influence that shapes and moulds the freedom of the society’s true voice. Why does this happen?

The more disengaged people are with their heart, the more profitable the market in the worlds commerce will be as people are searching to complete themselves through the selling of ideas and beliefs on how each individual will be accepted in their society. Consumerism is an Illusion of Self-Identity that is fueled by profit and greed to latch on individuals who doesn’t know who they are and are being misled, influenced and misguided by the media and commercial trade to  prey on unconscious individuals and fuel and feed the chain of reverse evolution of the mass humanity.
The more disconnected people are towards their heart center, the more profitable this industry becomes and leeches people of their livelihood, happiness, ability to be content and satisfied in their life. It is up to ourselves to educate and release our mind from the imprisonment of the global world corporate order and bring back our freewill and joy with happiness to secure our hearts and take back control of how we pursue life for our generations to come, if not for us, it is truly for our childrens and future generations.


Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion is like finding your soul. Passion is like energy it brings you warmth, sunlight and energy. When you are living with passion, everyday is filled with anticipation, excitement, energy and robust confidence. Passion is like living with Sunlight in your heart, you are growing from your self-confidence and self-love. Passion in your heart inspires people in your surrounding to be better and have their own passion to journey. Finding your passion is an actual journey into your heart towards the deepest darkest corners of your hideaway. There is a little gemstone hiding somewhere waiting to be found, polished, cherished, shown and shine. There is something that is uniquely you, you are extremely joyous and happy to share your passion with people even strangers and loved ones. You carry your passion like a mantle of self-belief. This mantle is a representation of your creation, your beautiful extension, your little baby that you birthed, you feel content complete and happy to speak about it and talk about it and share it. It is something that is naturally you.


Celebrate your Passion


What makes life worth living and why do you exist? People who travel are in search of themselves, discovering their soul purpose and having their own unique experiences. First encounter of epiphany that brings you to the most amazing take of breath and air is when you truly figure out your true purpose and calling on the reason of why you are alive, and what really makes you tick that you can do it even despite it not bringing you money or material wealth, that comes so naturally and you just love doing that one thing to pieces that you would pursue it all your heart and suddenly you are backed with a huge amount of faith and belief that you can make it, this is what Passion is.

Passion is a Surge of emotional desire to commit and pursue the true calling and purpose of why you exist in this life. It is a rabbit hole that you fall into, just because you are intrigued and curious to see what happens if you actually follow your heart’s calling. The intuitive whisper. You zoomed into a vortex of desire and exploration, filled with spontaneous ability to troubleshoot through life as you face them without any certain sets of worry list that pulls you down from comitting to your desire. It’s the force of faith that keeps you in pursuit of your heart’s call, it just keeps you moving no matter how much you fall and fail, that desire is a flame that never dies, and it is truly an eternal flame connected to the source of your existence, you are aligned with your true purpose and true destiny.

When you realise your soul purpose, the passion kicks in, the faith backs you up, and the journey is filled with experiences ups and down, at times you shed tears and blood, at times you peak the highest joy and love, it gives you an exhilarating experience in life. Life is unpredictable and filled with suprises.

Now, you know how Passion is defined, how do we start exploring your passion and then be on the journey to celebrate it.


Treasure your heart is a book that helps you to first understand your heart, then the deeper you know your heart, the closer you get to hear your inner calling, so that you can connect to your deep portions of your passion and live a fulfilling life.



What makes you take action is a drive of extreme emotion of passion that is driven with a meaning on why do you do what you do, why do you take the action, what gives you the reason the meaning the joy and the excitement that possibilities can come true for you.

Taking Action from Passion is You Driving your Life towards your Goals with The Fuel of Desire with Love and The Faith and Confidence That Whatever you Are Doing is Going to make a change and get you closer to what you really desire. It is you making the effort to get closer to your success and achievement.
Then you will realize and recognize, the plan and the steps to get to your goals and target to achieve it, start to miraculously appear one by one step up closer to your destination.
The first surface is the passion, a drive to act, then it was love that fuels the passion, after it is the desire to receive the sweet victory, next you understand your worth to call upon what you desire, and the core of your passion is the invincible faith inside you to propel you towards your desire to achieve your passion with the self worth and love to receive it.


Protect Your Passion
Protect your Passion is knowing when external opinions are disapproving your heart’s desires. It is realizing when people are inputting doubt into your mission or your heart’s purpose. It is acknowledging when people question the sanity of your endeavors. Most people with passion has crazy dreams and bags of nutcase that is filled with brilliant ideas that are due to be explored and tried, failed and triumphed. When people laugh at your passion, wait until they start to copy you to get what you have. People will first laugh at your ideas, and then they will start to copy it. “Quote”.
Protecting your passion is just the same as protecting your child from a bad inspiration or influence. It is to protect the integrity and energy of the project. It is to understand that your project, passion, creation has a life of its own that has strings pulled by your visions and will. If your passion is your project, why would other people have opinions about it. Opinions can grow and destroy. So when you realize your friend or peers are speaking in terms to destroy belittle and scrutinized your passion, realized that they do not respect you and are scheming monsters who are like Hydra Snakes with many faces and heads.

Keep Your Eye on Your Passion,

Put your effort grow yourself through your passion. Encourage yourself to grow yourself, Don’t waste your time encouraging other people who are not giving the same encouragement towards you. Those are called narcissists or sociopaths. People who sees when you are passionate about something, would want to get your attention and excitement towards their own project or their own agenda. Do not fall into this trap unless you are earning as much of their attention and excitement. Its hard to say this, but not everyone can treat you the same way you treat them. So if you wish to encourage others before they want to encourage you, do it neutrally and don’t over do it. The person you truly need to passionately encourage is yourself.
There are people in your surroundings who bluntly I will speak truthfully will be beside you and learn how do you create all your passions and your creations. Some has good intentions to learn and respect you, some has bad intentions to take as much as they can and run off with it. Trust only yourself and understand when the intention of people in your surrounding are unauthentic and mischievious.
There will be people who wants you to give attention to their passion, and for you to encourage them, do so as much as they give to you. Sometimes when we encourage people, the encouragement turns into people-pleasing and into ego stroking. So perhaps stop yourself when you are over-doing encouragement, be excited for your friends as much as they are excited for you and reserve more energy to encourage yourself in your mind and in your heart. This is truly where your energy should be focused on.
If you are a Life Coach and seemingly paid to give encouragement to other people, yes definitely but perhaps you must understand that people need to realize the best encouragement that comes is self-encouragement and self-reliance. That is true independence and true cheer!


Commit to Your Passion


Your Passion will last as long as you are strongly connected to your heart and strongly motivated in your mind. It is your responsibility and action to keep your passion in the target of your eye in order to accomplish anything. Your passion should be the first topic that comes into your mind when you wake up each morning, you wake up with a full on energy happy to start your day. You make plans to roll the steps to achieve your passion. You make a schedule to make time for you to focus on your passion. You start to calculate how much time you can spend on your passion and you make small targets and small bite-size accomplishments. With all this small steps out of the way, You get closer to checking and ticking all the small stuff that begins to make the medium size achievements. Your Passion is a Route a Journey to Knowing Yourself and Building yourself, it has always been about You presenting who you are, what you believe in, what you cherish, how you carry yourself, how you share yourself, how you begin to create a network of bridging you and your divine source passion to the people in your community, whether it is local society or even international on the internet and all over the world. When you create something with passion, you create something with a powerful divine presence, this divine presence is called the source energy, the source energy is where we all feel like we are home, when we express our divine passion, people will no doubt see this home energy and would love to be part of the divine source. The more people who create with passion, the more divine source we are able to start connecting from each heart to each heart and begin this new era of celebrating passion and bringing home and hearts together in our world. This passion work is and will create a ripple effect of tremendous explosions in self-faith and inspire more people to bring their self-faith into the presence. In global energy, the more we can put our attention and eye onto this, we start to slowly raise the vibration of the earth and naturally supporting every sentient being and space towards a richer fulfilling life on earth. The most important step is the first step and the steps that comes next, the changes happens step by step, effort by effort, energy focus by energy focus.



Focus on Your Passion


It takes a strong will and identity which is self-belief in order for you to constantly keep an eye on your passion. When you give focus on your passion, you allow your entire totality to be present and be expressed. Totality means entire being to exist and surface and glow in remarkable authenticity.

Spiritual Disorder Creates Mental Disorder

All Mental Disorder is derived from the lack of connection to the Spirit Source. Mental Disorder is the Biggest Profitable Margin of Money-making in this current world scenario. Fear is a tool for authority to use it against humanity, so it may enslave and dictate the lifestyle choices and the way of living for humanity. Mental power is what most humanity is decreasing their power on, through the constant mental stimulation such as Radio, Television, Technology, Gadgets, Billboard, the mind attention span for humanity has decreased dramatically.

Mental disorder first is inflicted through constant fear, submersive fear which leads to anxiety, collection of fear that accumulates suppression of emotion leading to depression, creating tendencies to be suicidal or inflicting pain to release the numbness, that then leads to bipolar disorder towards mental disorder equals to schizophrenia.

The medical industry is not healing the root of all this mental disability and disorder, it is using chemicals to suppress the mental situation and creating a chain of submissive human nature, unable to use their freewill to create passion in their life and instead stuck in a life that is controlled dictated and programmed by their authorities towards enslaving the humankind for the beneficial of certain groups of individuals of greed, wealth, fear conscious, lack consciousness.

People who are under this medicines, are not able to connect to their heart and continue to follow their heart’s desires or passion, they are then easily influenced by their surrounding and addicted to other drugs, narcotics, and getting even more derailed from their true human nature and personal fulfillment. Getting into the criminal scenes, to become a criminal themselves.

People Who Take Attention Away from Your Heart
Nobody should ever force or take the attention of you away from your heart, at no point of time must you ever be disconnected from your heart to serve any cause. If you are disconnected from your heart, you will lose a sense of self, your identity, and your voice and expression. If you are discorded from your expression, you are bound for danger and may even do things that will self-harm and sacrificial. Your heart must always be connected to your mind. You must live with emotional awareness. Because your emotions brings the truth of who you are in all situations occasions and other connections with the external world.
If you are connected to the external world while being discorded from your heart, The world will never see who you are, and if the world that surrounds you do not respect you, they will take you for granted and abuse you and even hurt or harm you, and you will not feel what is wrong because you don’t have a heart to sensor the wrongdoings of the external world. Always connect your mind to your heart and you will be always safe constantly. Having a mind that is disconnected from the heart is a Death Toll. You will absolutely be a zombie in this life. Always following other people’s desires and needs without thinking of your ownself and identity and personal wishes and dreams. You will be the robots that works for other people’s passions instead of doing your own passion and achieving your own greatness. Feel who you are and understand how serious this is to live without your heart. Remember this words, it will save you. Your heart will save you. No one else will. Only you and your heart. The end.

The People You Shall Be Aware Of
Are you aware that when some people speaks, you feel lost, and you are neither feeling yourself and neither feeling others. There is a situation where when a person speaks, this person is not aware of themselves, they are speaking as a mime, they are a puppet to a string that is pulled by an invisible energy that is neither loving or benevolent. This string is pulled by a negative entity.
Are you aware that when some people speaks, you get lost and cannot sense who you are anymore, your consciousness was taken away and you feel confused.
Are you aware that sometimes when certain people speaks, you are not even close to understanding them, and it makes you feel restless.
Are you aware that sometimes when people speak, they leave you confuse and would leave you confuse rather than explaining more. They create a situation to confuse you and release an energy bomb in your mind.
Are you aware that certain people who has no consciousness upon themselves will want to take your attention so that they can release the unconsciousness towards you and you will then be affected by that unconsciousness.
Are you aware that when you speak to people who are not presence, you get chained and roped to their unconsciousness and need to work really heard to remove yourself from that energy slug.

There are 3 Stages of People Who Takes The Attention Away from Your Heart
The First one is Narcissists, second is Sociopaths, Third is Psychopaths. These are the people who are manipulative, deceitful, vindictive, the people who has gone too far from their heart and acting from a place of deep darkness and false authority, fear and ego consciousness, lack mentality all for their own personal beneficial gain, without care of other people’s emotional wellbeing, physical, or spiritual health.


Narcissists – These are people who (define narcissists)

Sociopaths – Define Sociopaths

Psychopaths – Define Psychopaths
Psychopaths / Sociopaths

How do you know if you have met a psychopath? The first thing is that you will begin to recognize this nonsense features of yourself, you start to behave not usually yourself.


The things that psychopaths influence you is

Seeking Approval
Fear of Reality
Fear of Society
Fear of Speaking unless spoken to
Lack of Motivation
Inability to Keep Secrets
Overpouring of Individual Vulnerability
Putting yourself down
Never Sacrifice Yourself For Other, Ever

If It Don’t Make Sense, Don’t Do It


  1. Bird Eye View of Our Current World

The Meaning of Life

Psychopath vs. Empaths

Hypath in Honor of Hypathia of Alexandria

Bringing the Balance

Creating Equality and World Peace

Journey of Creation or Destruction

Are we in a Journey of Creation of Destruction? If we are filled with Ego, Fear, Lack, Violence and Non-tolerance and No-Intelligence, we are promoting provoking head battles, quarrels, disagreements and devolution a process of reverse evolution.

The process of evolution is truly the process of divine creation. We are tolerant, we understand, we are patient, we are in a space of no judgment, we are in allowance, we are tolerant intelligent and compassionate. We assist our neighbours, our city dwellers, our homeless people. We share our excess abundance with our surrounding, we bring equality. We team up, we collaborate, we unite. We promote peace, love, harmony and unity.

Compassion and Intelligence is the Route to Total Universal Evolution, as Fear Propaganda is a Route to Enslavement of the Humanity and Its Civilizations.

Religion as a Mental Programming

Stupid People Destroys & Belittles Others, Wise People Encourages and Creates Growth





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