Transforming Anger into Integrity : To Create Justice & Peace

Transforming Anger into Integrity : To Create Justice & Peace

Learning to hold your anger and the reason why you are angry will hold a boundary of integrity. Generally people are connected to their human conscience and common sense. To realise and recognize that there are individuals in your surrounding that does not respect you or wish to harm you with their ill intention or malice. What had provoke your anger may come from other people’s comments, actions, and intentions or manipulations. But if you have reflected on your own self to see if you are clear from receiving such negative treatment you can go ahead and use the anger you hold as a power in your divine right to express and form a strong opinion towards the individual who have crossed your boundaries and disrespect you through alerting them or standing up for yourself to create peace and justice for you.

If your possession or valuable was broken, you can demand compensation, if they have criticized you or offended you in any way you can demand an apology. You can speak up and express yourself to right what was wronged by that individual. What is fair, and learning to also realizing that certain people are not worth a fight and after you have expressed your concern you can walk away with your power and you stood up for what you believe is right.

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