The Danger of Expressing from Your Mind

The Danger of Expressing from Your Mind


There is a danger when you are expressing your mind with no roots to your personal emotions, you will start to express things that is influenced towards you from other people’s opinions and thoughts that doesn’t come from your heart and it is easily affected with a lot of untaken-back words that will scar the people you are throwing anger at.

The danger of expressing from your mind is that through the mind, it holds many conditions of prior Judgements, terms and rules of acceptance towards how the society works and contributes and construct each other. In expressing from the mind, there is no connection to individuality only the collective conscious of the current society you are living in. The only person who are bringing any originality are the people who are connected to the heart, individuals passion and personal desires.

Expressing from the Mind, is also recollecting experiences of what is acceptable from the major society’s way of functioning, so it is just a repeating rhythm of way of live, way of perspectives, way of seeing things, way of looking at things, way of


Originality does not come from Your Mind it comes from your Heart as a Individuals Passion

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