The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening


The Art of Listening to Oneself is a treatment of Self-Love and Self-Respect. That enormously gives growth to the Individual’s Self-Esteem. Thus, creates a relationship of raising your self-worth and giving voice to your desires.

Have you ever had trouble with other people listening to you? Take it this way, if you are feeling that other people are not listening to you, ask yourself this questions, most times people will treat you the way you treat yourself as that is the way it works, as above so below, so without so within. The questions that should be embraced is, are you listening to yourself? Are you giving yourself the attention that you are giving others? Weigh these two options, is there a balance in the scale? Are you putting as much energy to listen to yourself when you give attention to listening to others.

Most time when you are observely intent to hear how others speak, reflect inwards and ask yourself, are you doing the observely intent to listen to your own heart and inner speech and inner voice.

At times when you feel you are not being heard, some of the biggest lightbulbs that could explode is that, Are you listening to yourself? You are wanting others to listen to your heart, but what you may not realise is, you might be in the middle of this situation where you are not keen enough to listen to yourself, and at times you speak only to attract attention rather than to be understood. You crave attention and you are feeling that if you make it very important you may get people to listen to you.

Craving attention from others only means one thing, you are not putting focus on yourself and you are not listening to yourself. You are putting this illusion that if other people listens to you, then you will feel heard and satisfied, but yet, your heart will still feel stale or empty, because the most important person that needs to be heard is you, into listening to your own self.

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