Suppressed Anger Lowers Your Vibration

Suppressed Anger Lowers Your Vibration

An Anger that is Suppressed is Unhealthy for Any person. Humans have limits in holding any type of emotions. An Anger that is pouring over other emotions may intoxicate healthy feelings and make the person bitter and angry, or lack of life and lifeless. Depression happens a lot with people who have unconsciously dismiss their angers and boundaries. That is how oppression happens, someone takes your power away, but you cannot say anything nor stand up for yourself, you feel powerless and helpless and you are not allowed to defend yourself. You become depressed.

There will be a time when you will somehow recognize or realise that it was not fully all your fault that you lack drive and passion to live a wonderful life or be part of this great earth experience. You will see that your emotions may not have installed proper fence, boundaries and wall, to keep people from pushing you down, taking what is yours, feeling entitled to your values and efforts, taking credit you own, and you will see that the depression will hit a major rock bottom that you will have to do something to no longer suppress your feelings. Suppressing your feelings is similar to suppressing your spirit.

To make you feel powerful again, you need to admit your feelings whether it is angry, sad, hurt, dissappointed, connect to your feelings and give yourself time to express it even at the privacy of your own bed before sleeping. You need to review your day emotionally, what makes you feel upset, low, and unhappy. This is a way for you to check in with your feelings and take care of yourself, so that you can transform your low vibrations into higher vibrations by taking charge of how you choose to feel next. You will learn to treasure your heart and feelings and start choosing to live on your terms.

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