Self-Expression as a Free Spirit

Self-Expression as a Free Spirit
Ability to freely express yourself no matter what circumstances of how life brings it upon you is a sign of a free spirit. We are conditioned to express ourselves to the point where people must always be comfortable. Hence we are always unconsciously people pleasing and not allowing our true voice to come out. When we can realise that this self suppression thorough inability to express ourselves to the fullest content is actually a very disheartening value and demoralizing to our own self respect.

Express yourself unconditionally the way you were born as a free spirit, do not choose your words to please people, because truth is sharp and you cannot be beating about the bush trying to please everyone in your life and then putting yourself last. Your voice is the utmost priority to live a happy balanced gorgeous lifestyle that you deserved to have. Never let people intimidate you to silence yourself. If people cannot handle the truth, it is truly their problem as everyone has the freewill to live in a lie and fear, or live in truth and love. People who finds a way to speak the truth no matter how hard it is, is respected and courageous. Speaking about your emotions is the best way to release yourself of all inhibitions and be purely authentic in being who you are. If you are unsatisfied about anything in life, your feedback is the way to grow your soul, if you keep being quiet about what makes you comfortable, then you are respecting your presence and soul to take charge of your own spirit, emotional, mental and personal health. It is liberating to speak freely. Do that.

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