Self Acceptance & Rejection

Self Acceptance & Rejection



Are there parts of you that you love, but are being rejected by others? Are there parts of you wishing to get out and be expressed and explored. Do you wish to be someone, but are being stopped. Are you allowing your inner self to be rejected by others and are you following that chain of self-rejection. It is time to claim your self-existence and shine radiantly.

When you learn about self-respect, you will understand that your voice matters, and your desires are important, and your life is solely your decision, as you are the only one who is responsible to handle on your own heart and how you breathe and live.
When you can fully accept all essence and virtue of you, when you accept yourself completely, there is no way other people cannot accept you, nobody can reject you because you didn’t lower your vibration to firstly allow yourself to be rejected. How you internally and privately treat yourself, attracts how other people will treat you and see you. The first step to uncover this phenomena of like attracts like, you have to begin to observe your personal care, personal inner talks and inner emotions. Do you put your self-importance first as a priority, do you put your heart as a priority, do you speak your truth as a priority, do you honour your existence and embrace the love you have for yourself as the top priority. People can see how you treat yourself, how you care for yourself, how you put your self-happiness as your priority in life.
Train and practice to keep asking yourself,

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