Manipulation of Anger

Manipulation of Anger

There are many conflicting individuals in this world, and these people are persons who may not respect your feelings of anger, when they need something from you or have mistreated  you. This is when the distortion of ideas begin.

The reaction from people who are on the receiving end of your anger will be manipulative, making you feel ashamed for being angry, or responsible for being in that position where you got angry, all sorts of emotional projection that does not make sense begins from the individual who does not want to take responsibility or ownership of their actions that inflicts you to get angry. They will lie to you and “Act” as if they are innocent, pretend they don’t know what you are talking about, dismissive and ignorant to your angry feelings. This will continue until you drop and forget it. This will continue until you begin to ask for forgiveness to the person who made you angry. How insane is that. But truth be told, this people exist. They will not admit their mistakes, they will not tell the truth, they will not apologize, they will not be humble enough to say they are sorry to hurt your feelings, because in their eyes, they are more than you, more powerful, more righteous, more knowledgeable, more wise and more influential than who you are. It all boils down to the matter of having a massive ego.

People who manipulate your anger have many ways to respond to save their own butt from being hot on your fire. They will play victim and innocent, they will accuse you of what they have done to you, they will play mind games, they will find ways to make you distracted and they will bring up old stories, your vulnerabilities, your past mistakes, and use you as a dart board in order for you to stop throwing your well deserving anger towards them.

These people will hold on to your attempt to be angry and have boundaries against them that they will twist their head around to make sure they have an eye on you and start showering you with daggers of looks whenever you are not looking at them. They will then find a way to feel entitled and powerful to become angry at you for being angry at them.

Manipulation of Anger is a serious situation where your sense of Personal Power will be twisted and you are wrestling with a human who lacks conscience and will trick, lie, cheat, hold grudge, find ways to make you beneath them after you are found to stand up for yourself and refusing to let them manipulate or abuse you.


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