Learning from Previous Mistakes in Life

Learning from Previous Mistakes in Life /

Preparing you to face Future Encounters
Do you have or hold any regrets in your past experiences that still hurts you or emotionally cannot let go of? This is the practice you can do to assist you to transform your regret into nuggets of wisdom for your soul and emotional growth and wisdom. Use this steps to learn your lesson and to remember that the lessons you learn is what will prepare you for the future. Have faith that everything that happens holds a blessing in disguise and a silver lining despite you not able to see it right at this moment. You will know exactly what to do, the next time around, if and when the similar situations occur, and this shall help you to prepare yourself for that.


  • Step out of your situation and see from a third party perspective
  • Narrate the Story or Situation out loud and see how you actually feel about it
  • Express the Feeling you Sense from this Situations
  • Ask yourself what does the Opposing party want from you,
    What are their Hidden Intentions & Motives?
  • Ask yourself what do you feel obligated to do

What Assets do they want from you?

  • Ask yourself, truthfully sensing from the inner depths of your heart,

Are you with your free-will,

willing to do what you feel obligated or forced/strongly influenced to do?


  • Observe from your Mind further away what are you complacent with if you take the action you feel obligated to do

Will you be satisfied engaging in this action?

  • Disengage yourself from your strongest sense and peel away all the exterior of the emotions and logically unveil the deep insight that is hidden through all the layers of emotions.
  • Were you caught up in the moment and not being able to think on your feet and moving too fast with the flow, not realizing your heart really persist not to do what is forced towards you?
  • Is your mind clear-headed and you can think purely based on you as the prime-focus and not others needs and desires?
  • Ask yourself how is taking that decision, that feels pushed or influenced upon, brings you to self-love or self-respect.

Does this bring me to the alignment of self-love, self-respect, or self-destruction?

Does this bring me further from self-love, self respect and closer to self-destruction?

  • Write down the most possible reasons to not engage in the activity requested. On a logical context.

Why should I not engage in this action? What harm does it brings to me?

  • Write down what benefits you gain by committing to the action you feel that is requested or enforced towards you.

How does this action benefits me in the short or long term?


  • Knowing what you know now, how would you react to the next occurrence or experience?

What did I learn from this experience and how would I do things differently?

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