Expressing Anger as Energy Boundary

Expressing Anger as Energy Boundary


Anger is a Natural Emotion that arises when a specific individual is expressing its natural reaction towards how they truly feel in regards to the people in their surrounding and the situation they face. Anger is an Energy that comes from the Heart that creates a Balloon and Shield to protect a person from being harmed.

Imagine Anger as a Strong Voice saying No. Visualize that by being Angry, you are securing your perimeter of invincible boundary that could be connected to your physical, emotional, mental jurisdiction.

Some Individuals are raised with Anger being suppressed as it was denied and not accepted as part of their culture or family-hood. This creates a vulnerable situation where at a later stage in life, this people would be in a state of danger, and not being able to speak up and stand up for their rights because they were trained or conditioned, taught that it was not okay to speak up and express their anger. In turn, these people would suffer subsequently from their childhood’s life training and into their adulthood bringing the same habit into mature life.

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