Express from Your Heart, not your Mind

Express from Your Heart, not your Mind


The Mind is a vehicle it will get you to places it is a motor in your engine of your life. The Driver of your Mind is your heart. The driver of your mind is your own heart. We may live in many conditions where when we were a child, our driver is our parents telling us what is good or bad, Our guardians who guide us to take and make decisions. It will come to a point in time when how we allow other people to drive our mind is going to make us feel pain, and pressure and depressed. If we allow other people to drive our minds for ourselves, we are truly not honoring our existence and our hearts. Our hearts are not here to be still and to be numb and quiet. The universe give us the pleasure of being born in this earth so that we can use our soul and heart to express our divine qualities and traits to be who we truly are and be part of the magnificent magical world we can paint as we grow old and younger. Our Eye to envision the world we wish to create and be is our foregoing freewill to live and exist. We are not here to be slaves to modern authorities and governmental law and institutions to enslave us to become robots. We are not robots we are not brutes, we are human and our hearts are what made us have compassion to create love between each other and create tolerance between each other’s existence, to allow each person to shine radiantly and beautifully expressing their own magnificient desires. Think of life as visual artists painting the world with their own beautiful expression of love, darkness, light and livelihood. You express your heart to express your soul. You express your mind to express the utter conditions of the enigma of machineries that lacks compassion and soul and identity. You must remember your source is in your heart, your faith is in your heart, your soul is in your heart, your livelihood is in the center of your heart. You will remember that one day when you realize that you are lost, it is due to your disconnection in your heart and the disconnection to your center, the disconnection to your soul. You must remember, you and only you have the sole infinite power to reconnect and plug the spark in your engine which is your heart and learn to give tribute to your voice in your heart and connect the engine of your life to your mind and drive your mind to your individual success and divine blueprint. What are you meant to do here on earth, what are you meant to be here in your country, city and state. You were meant to be glorious in your beingness and inspire other people to find themselves and cultivate themselves to be truthful and beautiful in their soul. Inspire, Spark and Enlighten others through expressing through your heart using your mind to drive your Life into the Light of Glory and Abundance.

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