Dissapointment, How to Deal

Dissapointment, How to Deal
Disappointments are when expectations are not being met and you held high hopes into that particular situation. Certain times, people who are scared of disappointments are people who will no longer desire or want things, or experiences. There should be a light bulb clicking for some people right now. There is a way that life will create an experience and people will constantly get disappointed. After this situation, this individuals no longer wish to want anything in life in fear of being disappointed or rejected. They will begin to choose to rest, to settle for less, and to just accept what is given. Rather than using their freewill to speak to the universe and express their heart, they became timid in life and choose to lessen the quality of their life due to the past experiences that held all the disapointments that their desire was not worthy to pursue and if wished to pursue they will get hurt, disappointed, rejected and ashamed of their failures or mistakes. This may all be true, unless there is a change of ways, change of perspectives and change of actions.
Disappointment cannot occur if you know the right way, the best way, the guide to look forward to things. People who live in disappointments are people who live in lack of excitement. Disapointments are the extreme verb opposite of Excitement. In quality of energy disappointment removes energy and shrinks your heart, in the quality of the energy of excitement the energy in your heart expands, and beat to your own drum, gets energized and you get happy chirpy and bright full of not just hope, but an extreme faith.
There is a way to eventually remove the habit of being disappointed, it is through re-wiring your brain and re-connecting your faith and knowing the best way to keep a high vibration of acceptance and joy.
Happy Vibrations creates Happy Experiences. Disappointments is indirectly the opposite of Happiness. When people live with disappointments they carry a lot of baggage of fear, lack, undeserving, unworthiness and even a little despair and jealousy. Disappointed that certain people in life has got all the things they wanted, and you are still the same or worst off. These people you are watching having the things they desire in life whilst you have not, are the people who took a different action on how they think, how they feel and how they choose to pursue life. Ask them or read on how do they attain all that they desire?
Here is the answer, this people did not face rejection, disappointment, denial with fear, in fact they embrace it, they embrace this rejections, denials, disappointments with love, acceptance and a big heart. They move on and keep trying again, they pursue their desires again and again and again. They do not choose to give the power away when certain somebody says No, or certain people say they cannot. They prove that YES, They CAN.
The actions that they choose to take that denotes success is the courage to start again, begin again, try again, attempt again. This is when they have Passion, the passion is the core of faith, the belief that they can. Having dissapointments means that you have lack of passion and lack of faith. And you chose to give up or give in to other people’s powers, voices and words. Succesful people attempts again and again and again. They never stop until they achieve their desired results. They have passion, faith, determination, and they have a goal. They repeatedly fail and they repeatedly attempt again and again, sometimes even while their surrounding thinks they are nuts or crazy, but this is how genius’s were born, this was how Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, even Leonardo di Caprio, the Wright Brothers who invented the first flying craft. They are the ones who keep repeating and twitching, and changing the way they do things, they didn’t rest at failure, They move on towards success. Failure was not somewhere they sat and they sulk or they felt comfortable. Failure was a state of energy they are uncomfortable to be at and they are keep moving and taking actions and making changes and trying time after time again, to them Failure is just a Journey to Success. See Michael Jordan, he failed so many times because he attempted so many times and he succeed beyond miracle. If you want to remove dissapointments in your life, you will have to be uncomfortable to sit in failure, to be uncomfortable to sit in lack, to be uncomfortable to sit in less than your desires. The bigger your desires, the bigger your actions must be, the bigger your effort should be expressed, the bigger your goals should be focused on. Don’t sit down in dissapointments. Sit down in your throne of success after successfully expressing your passion, effort, faith and triumph over all the previous failure. Success is that one peak on the hill and the pebbles and the cliffs and jumps on the way to the peak are the failures you need to attempt to master one after another.
Think of playing your Gameboy or XBOX or if you don’t play a game, think of your journey in school. Failures are your mistakes in answering the teachers questions or test exams, but if you learn a new way, you can master it and be successful at it. We are telling you that you can learn to be successful by learning a new way to be who you are in reality.

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