Controlled Anger as Form of Will to Change

Controlled Anger as Form of Will to Change

When you are aware of your anger, and are aware of the un-accountability and irresponsible behaviour from the people who will not change or apologize for their mistakes, you must use this anger with ability to control it with a strong expression to take a hold of the situation in your energy.

This will change your situation whether or not you are respected or heard by the individual around you. Your anger can be controlled into sets of wise actions and expressions. The consequences of pushing you down, taking advantage of you, lying, cheating you, embarrassing you, or criticizing you, finding faults within you.

You can come into an awareness what you will not put up with or tolerate, you have a choice to walk away from any sort of manipulation, verbal abuse, criticisms, or actions people have done to take your power away and make you feel weak or incomplete or imperfect.

You can change your surrounding or emotional response to enable your sense of personal power to keep that anger and change your perception of the people who is angering you. You can make a healthy judgement that no sane and mentally stable person would treat you the way you are treated and that there is nothing wrong with you being angry, the wrong thing is the actions and misbehavior and mistreatment you receive from that particular individual. Especially if you have a clear conscience and know perfectly you have done nothing to agitate that individual.

You can hold an anger without feeling the burn but using that as an extension of knowledge that you have a boundary against that particular person and distrust towards them allowing you to protect your energy from their abuse and manipulation. You can also change in a positive manner, not feeling weak or oppressed by that individual anymore.

Tapping and Embracing your Anger is a Phenomena where you allow yourself to be powerful to refuse negative energy from any individual who makes you feel less, or dis-empowered in who you are at all times in your life. Because you know, you have information in your mind and holding it in your heart that this is unacceptable and you do not accept any more of that experiences.

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