Confrontation towards Frauds & Cowards

Confrontations towards Fraudulent Deceivers


Confrontations are an action to secure your parameters and boundaries. Learning the Healthy Steps to be able to Confront Anyone at any situation is one of the important skills to have in daily life. To exert your power in this situations are through validating a strong ground and self-belief and standing up for your rights.

Many individuals may feel like they have been easily pushed around because of their inability to create a safe confrontational experience and situation due to the fear of their minds controlling their hearts from speaking up and raising their voice with integrity and truth.

Lets change that and make you comfortable with voicing your reasons and sharing your light with others. Expressing to people what you don’t like should be practiced regularly, or else people may step on your toes and all you do is keep silence and ignore your rights and self-worth. Stop it by voicing out a denial and rejection motion and you are not putting up with the tolerance of that particular behavior and make rules that validates your self-worth and grow your self-esteem to demand what truly is your worth and boundaries, so other people will give you the respect you deserve.

If you find it hard to confront people based on your own insecurity of voicing your rights and feelings, there are several practices, step-by-step actions you can follow to learn how to voice your opinions and practice confrontation that comes from self-love and integrity.

First of all, you will have to mentally observe the situation and ask yourself sets of question as below:


  1. Are you being threatened at any point to commit doing the requested action
  2. Do they demand you to do the actions or requesting with permission you partake into the action, Is it a Request or Command
  3. Are they taking you on a Free Ride and taking Advantage of you
  4. Are you scared that they will show Rejection and Disappointment if you say No
  5. Are they emotionally manipulating you?
  6. Are you about to say yes to please and satisfy them, putting aside your personal space, needs and concern
  7. Can you freely express yourself, is there space for your to express or are they taking the reign of the discussion not allowing you to say how you feel about it
  8. Do they show a keen to listen to what your opinions and feelings are?
  9. Are they conquering the conversation and dominating the outcome with their influence?
  10. Do you feel forced?
  11. Do they ignore your questions?
  12. Do they keep shifting your focus towards them and instead of yourself?
  13. Do you feel uncomfortable?
  14. Do you think they are on a limb to draw off more assets from you?
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