Anger as A State of Power

Anger as A State of Personal Power

The Emotion Anger has a bad status and reputation of being denied, rejected and judged. What is not being fairly judged is that Anger has a purpose when is used within reasons when a rule is broken, boundaries breached and a state of well being is imposed.

Being Angry is sometimes Shamed upon when the person who irritates and harass the weaker one enjoys agitating and tormenting the targets emotions.

Suppressed Anger is lethal to anyone who is an epic people-pleaser. It ruins their self esteem, sense of personal values and self worth. Suppressed Anger also diminishes ones ability to voice their reason and power of their emotions and feelings. Many people are struggling to express their voice because they are programmed to diminish their feelings and suppress their anger as unimportant, does not matter and people could care less of their feelings. Hence recognizing one’s emotions is one of the most important self loving responsibility you could ever do to protect, shield and defend yourself to your social surrounding. Knowing your Anger without the influence of how other people try to avoid, diminish, shift your attention to ignore your anger, and protecting your anger as how you choose to protect your personal power is your self protection mechanism to your pride and dignity.

The long term effect of dismissing and diminishing your anger and being in denial of your angry feelings will kill your self-esteem, self worth, and evaporate your bank of self respect, dignity and pride. You will feel lack of self will and unable to stand up for anything else for your life.

When your anger is dismissed and disconnected from you, you carry an easily accessible door to allow anyone to mistreat you, take advantage of you, lie to you, shame you, criticize you, attack you without you ever being able to get angry to defend yourself.

No matter who has brainwash you to forget on how to get angry, remembering your sense of worth, and how you should have been treated better may trigger remembrance that your life here has value and no one with the right mind should ever oppress your ability to express your feelings if they have made you mad or angry.


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