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Chapter 2
The Interior & Hidden Elements


  1. Freedom of Expression

Express your Emotions


Being aware of the conditional state of your emotions is the first step to express the emotions in your heart. Many individuals in the society have been conditioned to purely agree and conform towards authority. In doing so, they lose the power of self-expression and freedom of their human rights. Controlling the voice of any individual is a benchmark of the fall of society, when any individual is controlled on how they are allowed to express themselves, then they are trapped in a matrix of imprisonment of their freewill to be who they authentically truly are.

There are many ways to express your emotions without causing negative reaction, although at times, negative reactions cannot be controlled as other people will react in their own nature and own emotional truth and its up to you to be able to handle the different outcomes calmly.

You cannot keep satisfying other people’s emotions and putting your own emotional needs last, sometimes you have to be all right with disappointing people without  feeling guilt but having awareness of your decision made out of self-love and the compassion towards others.

When you are aware of the state of your emotions, even though uncontrollable or uncomfortable, you have the upper hand of expressing them healthily, using your words choose the type of emotions you are feeling and express them constructively. I am angry and I do not want to be treated this way. I am upset and I need time alone. I am devastated and disappointed and I don’t think I can trust you anymore.

A lot of relationship problems between people come through the lack of communication in expressing the emotions. Words were not used to express, instead the show of tantrums form of ridiculous childish behaviour is seen among adults or teenagers even elderly people.



Self-Expression as a Free Spirit
Ability to freely express yourself no matter what circumstances of how life brings it upon you is a sign of a free spirit.





Express from Your Heart, not your Mind


The Mind is a vehicle it will get you to places it is a motor in your engine of your life. The Driver of your Mind is your heart. The driver of your mind is your own heart. We may live in many conditions where when we were a child, our driver is our parents telling us what is good or bad, Our guardians who guide us to take and make decisions. It will come to a point in time when how we allow other people to drive our mind is going to make us feel pain, and pressure and depressed. If we allow other people to drive our minds for ourselves, we are truly not honoring our existence and our hearts. Our hearts are not here to be still and to be numb and quiet. The universe give us the pleasure of being born in this earth so that we can use our soul and heart to express our divine qualities and traits to be who we truly are and be part of the magnificent magical world we can paint as we grow old and younger. Our Eye to envision the world we wish to create and be is our foregoing freewill to live and exist. We are not here to be slaves to modern authorities and governmental law and institutions to enslave us to become robots. We are not robots we are not brutes, we are human and our hearts are what made us have compassion to create love between each other and create tolerance between each other’s existence, to allow each person to shine radiantly and beautifully expressing their own magnificient desires. Think of life as visual artists painting the world with their own beautiful expression of love, darkness, light and livelihood. You express your heart to express your soul. You express your mind to express the utter conditions of the enigma of machineries that lacks compassion and soul and identity. You must remember your source is in your heart, your faith is in your heart, your soul is in your heart, your livelihood is in the center of your heart. You will remember that one day when you realize that you are lost, it is due to your disconnection in your heart and the disconnection to your center, the disconnection to your soul. You must remember, you and only you have the sole infinite power to reconnect and plug the spark in your engine which is your heart and learn to give tribute to your voice in your heart and connect the engine of your life to your mind and drive your mind to your individual success and divine blueprint. What are you meant to do here on earth, what are you meant to be here in your country, city and state. You were meant to be glorious in your beingness and inspire other people to find themselves and cultivate themselves to be truthful and beautiful in their soul. Inspire, Spark and Enlighten others through expressing through your heart using your mind to drive your Life into the Light of Glory and Abundance.



The Danger of Expressing from Your Mind


There is a danger when you are expressing your mind with no roots to your personal emotions, you will start to express things that is influenced towards you from other people’s opinions and thoughts that doesn’t come from your heart and it is easily affected with a lot of untaken-back words that will scar the people you are throwing anger at.

The danger of expressing from your mind is that through the mind, it holds many conditions of prior Judgements, terms and rules of acceptance towards how the society works and contributes and construct each other. In expressing from the mind, there is no connection to individuality only the collective conscious of the current society you are living in. The only person who are bringing any originality are the people who are connected to the heart, individuals passion and personal desires.

Expressing from the Mind, is also recollecting experiences of what is acceptable from the major society’s way of functioning, so it is just a repeating rhythm of way of live, way of perspectives, way of seeing things, way of looking at things, way of


Originality does not come from Your Mind it comes from your Heart as a Individuals Passion



Being Transparent in Emotions


Transparency is an ultimate honesty that brings total self-acceptance and total truth into beingness. Transparency in emotions is bringing forth all vulnerability to the picture and the willing ability to see all weakness and strength without prejudice. Being transparent in your emotions allows you to validate all portions of your character, identity, into self-acceptance. When you are transparent in all part of your life, the ability to be honest in all circumstances will uphold a high integrity that will create a reach of total honesty.

When you are used to transparency, your heart will be very intelligent to pick-up people who tries to hide dishonesty.



Expressing Anger as Energy Boundary


Anger is a Natural Emotion that arises when a specific individual is expressing its natural reaction towards how they truly feel in regards to the people in their surrounding and the situation they face. Anger is an Energy that comes from the Heart that creates a Balloon and Shield to protect a person from being harmed.

Imagine Anger as a Strong Voice saying No. Visualize that by being Angry, you are securing your perimeter of invincible boundary that could be connected to your physical, emotional, mental jurisdiction.

Some Individuals are raised with Anger being suppressed as it was denied and not accepted as part of their culture or family-hood. This creates a vulnerable situation where at a later stage in life, this people would be in a state of danger, and not being able to speak up and stand up for their rights because they were trained or conditioned, taught that it was not okay to speak up and express their anger. In turn, these people would suffer subsequently from their childhood’s life training and into their adulthood bringing the same habit into mature life.





  1. Healing your Heart


The Art of Listening


The Art of Listening to Oneself is a treatment of Self-Love and Self-Respect. That enormously gives growth to the Individual’s Self-Esteem. Thus, creates a relationship of raising your self-worth and giving voice to your desires.

Have you ever had trouble with other people listening to you? Take it this way, if you are feeling that other people are not listening to you, ask yourself this questions, most times people will treat you the way you treat yourself as that is the way it works, as above so below, so without so within. The questions that should be embraced is, are you listening to yourself? Are you giving yourself the attention that you are giving others? Weigh these two options, is there a balance in the scale? Are you putting as much energy to listen to yourself when you give attention to listening to others.

Most time when you are observely intent to hear how others speak, reflect inwards and ask yourself, are you doing the observely intent to listen to your own heart and inner speech and inner voice.

At times when you feel you are not being heard, some of the biggest lightbulbs that could explode is that, Are you listening to yourself? You are wanting others to listen to your heart, but what you may not realise is, you might be in the middle of this situation where you are not keen enough to listen to yourself, and at times you speak only to attract attention rather than to be understood. You crave attention and you are feeling that if you make it very important you may get people to listen to you.

Craving attention from others only means one thing, you are not putting focus on yourself and you are not listening to yourself. You are putting this illusion that if other people listens to you, then you will feel heard and satisfied, but yet, your heart will still feel stale or empty, because the most important person that needs to be heard is you, into listening to your own self.


Self Acceptance & Rejection



Are there parts of you that you love, but are being rejected by others? Are there parts of you wishing to get out and be expressed and explored. Do you wish to be someone, but are being stopped. Are you allowing your inner self to be rejected by others and are you following that chain of self-rejection. It is time to claim your self-existence and shine radiantly.

When you learn about self-respect, you will understand that your voice matters, and your desires are important, and your life is solely your decision, as you are the only one who is responsible to handle on your own heart and how you breathe and live.
When you can fully accept all essence and virtue of you, when you accept yourself completely, there is no way other people cannot accept you, nobody can reject you because you didn’t lower your vibration to firstly allow yourself to be rejected. How you internally and privately treat yourself, attracts how other people will treat you and see you. The first step to uncover this phenomena of like attracts like, you have to begin to observe your personal care, personal inner talks and inner emotions. Do you put your self-importance first as a priority, do you put your heart as a priority, do you speak your truth as a priority, do you honour your existence and embrace the love you have for yourself as the top priority. People can see how you treat yourself, how you care for yourself, how you put your self-happiness as your priority in life.
Train and practice to keep asking yourself,



Saying Sorry, Feeling Guilty


Dissapointment, How to Deal
Disappointments are when expectations are not being met and you held high hopes into that particular situation. Certain times, people who are scared of disappointments are people who will no longer desire or want things, or experiences. There should be a light bulb clicking for some people right now. There is a way that life will create an experience and people will constantly get disappointed. After this situation, this individuals no longer wish to want anything in life in fear of being disappointed or rejected. They will begin to choose to rest, to settle for less, and to just accept what is given. Rather than using their freewill to speak to the universe and express their heart, they became timid in life and choose to lessen the quality of their life due to the past experiences that held all the disapointments that their desire was not worthy to pursue and if wished to pursue they will get hurt, disappointed, rejected and ashamed of their failures or mistakes. This may all be true, unless there is a change of ways, change of perspectives and change of actions.
Disappointment cannot occur if you know the right way, the best way, the guide to look forward to things. People who live in disappointments are people who live in lack of excitement. Disapointments are the extreme verb opposite of Excitement. In quality of energy disappointment removes energy and shrinks your heart, in the quality of the energy of excitement the energy in your heart expands, and beat to your own drum, gets energized and you get happy chirpy and bright full of not just hope, but an extreme faith.
There is a way to eventually remove the habit of being disappointed, it is through re-wiring your brain and re-connecting your faith and knowing the best way to keep a high vibration of acceptance and joy.
Happy Vibrations creates Happy Experiences. Disappointments is indirectly the opposite of Happiness. When people live with disappointments they carry a lot of baggage of fear, lack, undeserving, unworthiness and even a little despair and jealousy. Disappointed that certain people in life has got all the things they wanted, and you are still the same or worst off. These people you are watching having the things they desire in life whilst you have not, are the people who took a different action on how they think, how they feel and how they choose to pursue life. Ask them or read on how do they attain all that they desire?
Here is the answer, this people did not face rejection, disappointment, denial with fear, in fact they embrace it, they embrace this rejections, denials, disappointments with love, acceptance and a big heart. They move on and keep trying again, they pursue their desires again and again and again. They do not choose to give the power away when certain somebody says No, or certain people say they cannot. They prove that YES, They CAN.
The actions that they choose to take that denotes success is the courage to start again, begin again, try again, attempt again. This is when they have Passion, the passion is the core of faith, the belief that they can. Having dissapointments means that you have lack of passion and lack of faith. And you chose to give up or give in to other people’s powers, voices and words. Succesful people attempts again and again and again. They never stop until they achieve their desired results. They have passion, faith, determination, and they have a goal. They repeatedly fail and they repeatedly attempt again and again, sometimes even while their surrounding thinks they are nuts or crazy, but this is how genius’s were born, this was how Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla, even Leonardo di Caprio, the Wright Brothers who invented the first flying craft. They are the ones who keep repeating and twitching, and changing the way they do things, they didn’t rest at failure, They move on towards success. Failure was not somewhere they sat and they sulk or they felt comfortable. Failure was a state of energy they are uncomfortable to be at and they are keep moving and taking actions and making changes and trying time after time again, to them Failure is just a Journey to Success. See Michael Jordan, he failed so many times because he attempted so many times and he succeed beyond miracle. If you want to remove dissapointments in your life, you will have to be uncomfortable to sit in failure, to be uncomfortable to sit in lack, to be uncomfortable to sit in less than your desires. The bigger your desires, the bigger your actions must be, the bigger your effort should be expressed, the bigger your goals should be focused on. Don’t sit down in dissapointments. Sit down in your throne of success after successfully expressing your passion, effort, faith and triumph over all the previous failure. Success is that one peak on the hill and the pebbles and the cliffs and jumps on the way to the peak are the failures you need to attempt to master one after another.
Think of playing your Gameboy or XBOX or if you don’t play a game, think of your journey in school. Failures are your mistakes in answering the teachers questions or test exams, but if you learn a new way, you can master it and be successful at it. We are telling you that you can learn to be successful by learning a new way to be who you are in reality.

Fear of Rejection


Fear of Rejection must happened when in a long time ago in your life experienced, you may have vowed to never reject anyone due to fact that you felt immensely hurt from being rejected. People who have a fear of rejection mostly have another fear, which is fear of rejecting. They could most probably have a trouble rejecting other people as well.
Disappointments are pit-stops in your life journey. You are not meant to end up there. It is a pit. Where you stop to understand the next action. Do it again, you don’t have to know how, but attempt again, and during the attempt you will figure it out on the spot.
Emotional Awareness


Being aware of your emotional necessities will create a more content and fulfilled living experience as you bring forth the importance of your feelings into your reality. Submit to the emotional request that comes from Self-Love and Acceptance of your unique desires to assists you in celebrating your Life with True Purpose and Happiness.

Emotional Awareness has to come forth, through discernment that your desire is purely your own and not to satisfy the projection of your close family members, partners or peers.



Intimidations & Threats

When you have a powerful presence, people will challenge you, you can either take that challenge or you can walk away. Or if they persist, give it all you got with love and smile.
I was in the same café as a ex-peer who are in the same industry as I. It was quite full so they un-decidingly sat next to me. Suddenly there was huge ton of energy making me tremble so I look at my hand. Despite my body trembling, my heart felt fine. So maybe it means I wasn’t fully in control of my body. Few months before that event, I had a conversation with the ex-peer, two of them. I told them I wish to disconnect and no longer be in touch due to the ethics and values we do not match. When they say next to me, I wasn’t going to fight the energy of the surrounding. But it seems that both of them wish to fight my energy shining. They were putting off the vibe to intimidate me, to put me in fear and to harass me. Just because I choose to disconnect and remove them from my life as I understood what kind of a person they were. I commit to my values but they did not. They were looking for some pawn to abuse and use and leech energy from. Once I recognize their values, I begin to put my boundaries. In life, people may not be comfortable sitting around you because they cannot see that you outshine them. They are competitive and brutal because they believe in breaking freewill and disrespecting other people.



Confrontations towards Fraudulent Deceivers


Confrontations are an action to secure your parameters and boundaries. Learning the Healthy Steps to be able to Confront Anyone at any situation is one of the important skills to have in daily life. To exert your power in this situations are through validating a strong ground and self-belief and standing up for your rights.

Many individuals may feel like they have been easily pushed around because of their inability to create a safe confrontational experience and situation due to the fear of their minds controlling their hearts from speaking up and raising their voice with integrity and truth.

Lets change that and make you comfortable with voicing your reasons and sharing your light with others. Expressing to people what you don’t like should be practiced regularly, or else people may step on your toes and all you do is keep silence and ignore your rights and self-worth. Stop it by voicing out a denial and rejection motion and you are not putting up with the tolerance of that particular behavior and make rules that validates your self-worth and grow your self-esteem to demand what truly is your worth and boundaries, so other people will give you the respect you deserve.

If you find it hard to confront people based on your own insecurity of voicing your rights and feelings, there are several practices, step-by-step actions you can follow to learn how to voice your opinions and practice confrontation that comes from self-love and integrity.

First of all, you will have to mentally observe the situation and ask yourself sets of question as below:


  1. Are you being threatened at any point to commit doing the requested action
  2. Do they demand you to do the actions or requesting with permission you partake into the action, Is it a Request or Command
  3. Are they taking you on a Free Ride and taking Advantage of you
  4. Are you scared that they will show Rejection and Disappointment if you say No
  5. Are they emotionally manipulating you?
  6. Are you about to say yes to please and satisfy them, putting aside your personal space, needs and concern
  7. Can you freely express yourself, is there space for your to express or are they taking the reign of the discussion not allowing you to say how you feel about it
  8. Do they show a keen to listen to what your opinions and feelings are?
  9. Are they conquering the conversation and dominating the outcome with their influence?
  10. Do you feel forced?
  11. Do they ignore your questions?
  12. Do they keep shifting your focus towards them and instead of yourself?
  13. Do you feel uncomfortable?
  14. Do you think they are on a limb to draw off more assets from you?


Learning from Previous Mistakes in Life /

Preparing you to face Future Encounters
Do you have or hold any regrets in your past experiences that still hurts you or emotionally cannot let go of? This is the practice you can do to assist you to transform your regret into nuggets of wisdom for your soul and emotional growth and wisdom. Use this steps to learn your lesson and to remember that the lessons you learn is what will prepare you for the future. Have faith that everything that happens holds a blessing in disguise and a silver lining despite you not able to see it right at this moment. You will know exactly what to do, the next time around, if and when the similar situations occur, and this shall help you to prepare yourself for that.


  • Step out of your situation and see from a third party perspective
  • Narrate the Story or Situation out loud and see how you actually feel about it
  • Express the Feeling you Sense from this Situations
  • Ask yourself what does the Opposing party want from you,
    What are their Hidden Intentions & Motives?
  • Ask yourself what do you feel obligated to do

What Assets do they want from you?

  • Ask yourself, truthfully sensing from the inner depths of your heart,

Are you with your free-will,

willing to do what you feel obligated or forced/strongly influenced to do?


  • Observe from your Mind further away what are you complacent with if you take the action you feel obligated to do

Will you be satisfied engaging in this action?

  • Disengage yourself from your strongest sense and peel away all the exterior of the emotions and logically unveil the deep insight that is hidden through all the layers of emotions.
  • Were you caught up in the moment and not being able to think on your feet and moving too fast with the flow, not realizing your heart really persist not to do what is forced towards you?
  • Is your mind clear-headed and you can think purely based on you as the prime-focus and not others needs and desires?
  • Ask yourself how is taking that decision, that feels pushed or influenced upon, brings you to self-love or self-respect.

Does this bring me to the alignment of self-love, self-respect, or self-destruction?

Does this bring me further from self-love, self respect and closer to self-destruction?

  • Write down the most possible reasons to not engage in the activity requested. On a logical context.

Why should I not engage in this action? What harm does it brings to me?

  • Write down what benefits you gain by committing to the action you feel that is requested or enforced towards you.

How does this action benefits me in the short or long term?


  • Knowing what you know now, how would you react to the next occurrence or experience?

What did I learn from this experience and how would I do things differently?


Releasing Emotional Baggage’s
Emotional baggage is an energy compiled in your body or heart and mind that distraught your whole wellbeing when a visitation of the memory of the past is brought forward to the present moment. It holds you back from enjoying the present and future and you get emotionally sick or troubled whenever you put the mental focus onto the past experiences.

Holding on to emotional baggage is truly one of the most draining things to do in life, it also stops us from enjoying the best things that are present because our body, mind and emotions are still subconsciously holding on to the past experiences. It is like we are holding on to old ragged clothes in our wardrobe and wishing there was space and not doing anything to remove the old clothes, some people suppress their experience and emotions inside and choose to not look at it and kept it deep inside their hearts, this emotions needs to be surfaced and cleaned and removed. The action of cleaning this emotions means that you need to heal from the experience and transform any negative feelings to wisdom and positive perspective that will easily allow you to move onwards and release the baggage into something lighter, which is the gain of wisdom in your book of life experiences.




Forgiveness is an Act of Self-Love


Forgiveness is for yourself to love yourself enough, to release the past and to move onwards into the present and living in goodness. Forgiveness is a gift for you to learn to love who you are so that you can always remove grudges or pain or the feeling of negativity and or suffering. Forgiveness is an act towards releasing the past so that you may ever stay in the present allowing the good gifts of life to keep arriving for your best life and path to occur.



Nurture Yourself (Inner Parenting)



III. What is Your Desire?
The Gentle Lane


Since our modern society has been in a rat race to achievement and success, people actually turn to modern savages, we are in a highspeed bullet train and many individuals in the mainstream society, has become less emotional and less compassionate and gentle. We end up starting to treat ourselves harsher and more violent and forceful towards the people in our surrounding. We even create emotional and mental harm towards others in order for us to obtain what we mentally desire and hurt others through the process.

We force ourselves to have good grades, or complete tasks without taking care of our health, emotional and mental needs. Work overtime or endlessly. It has now become about the exterior fulfillment and yet a neglect towards inner satisfaction that is long-term.

The society are now mainly perked up and frizzled maintaining a rapid lifestyle, they are going further away from their heart and following the robotic tendencies of plans, schedules and set of plans made in advance extremes. A rigid set of constrict compulsary attendance and behaviour. Force of mechanism of living instead of ability to be free in their life and going with the flow. Walks turned into fast paced, rushing from one place to another, driving became point to point destination and no longer a journey. We see beginnings and endings and not experiencing the true moment fully.

We want to force things to happen and never stop to pleasure and seize the moment of taking sweet time to enjoy a stroll, or looking at the trees, birds and the sky. We get more far apart from nature, when we do that, we get more far apart from our human nature.
The gentle lane starts with our ability to calm down and take a look around, don’t be pushed or rushed by the world, especially be aware if the world is bullying you or pushing you around. Take charge of your life by putting a stop to being pushed around by the necessities of the world pretending to make their needs important, look inwards and take the time to say how much of an importance you are to your world, thus creating your ability to choose how you direct your life. Wether with force or gentleness.

Create your world through a practice of being gentle to yourself, don’t make your heart become brutes and ignorance of other people’s emotions. I am inspired to quote Charlie Chaplin’s speech to humanity­.

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost, The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in man; cries out for universal brotherhood; for the unity of us all,” Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in The Great Dictator.


Think about how we treat ourselves, is truly how we treat others, if we treat ourselves harshly, cold-hearted and with no compassion, how are we raising the childrens and future generations, our actions creates ripples of effects that will affect many thousands populations in our surrounding and society.

Our knowledge to love and have compassion, to be gentle in our life journey affects our consciousness and ability to be in charge of life, most violent people are forced to live life through the constant push of the world’s demands of them to be the best, to give their all, to sell themselves towards the desires and needs of the industry, we are feeding our energy and attention to an industry that is fueled with illusion of happiness and wealth. But yet at the end of the day, isn’t there an emptiness that creeps in and whatever that needs done, you are putting more effort in what is making you go further away from your heart.

A forceful way of living is not natural, because what is natural is a flow like the stream of river in the mountains that eventually creates a lasting impact to cut the rocks and create a stream to finally make a stream big enough to create a valley. A force can be estinguished and can be limit and finite, think about your life of force, when you force things to happen, there is a limited resources and effort.

A gentle lane and path in life is a flow that is abundant, that is not limited in its resources, you will not feel exhausted, torn to pieces and tired from forcing things to happen in your life through your activities of achieving fullfillment and your desires in life.
Its time to take a step back and evaluate your life on how are you really pushing yourself or allowing yourself to be gentle and flowing with the natural path of life, with gentleness and creating a lane filled with compassion and love towards your heart, and the people whom you love around you, this action is self-loving, self-praise and is a powerful use of your free will and sovereign choice in life. You are the Dictator of your Life filled with Gentle Love. Will you make a choice to take on The Gentle Lane?


Liberate your Heart from Mind Control


Mind Control is usually the imprisonment of the conditioning of the individual’s current surrounding and the environment prior to their mature adulthood. Mind Control is through regressive repetitive values that are instilled within a persons psyche, through their family upbringing, their religious influence, their societal and peer conditioning. Why Liberate your Heart from Mind Control? Liberating your heart from mind control is so that you are aware, you have a personal desire, a personal identity, to shine and express the true you inside of your soul, your soul doesn’t come from your mind, the mind is only a tool to express your soul from the depths of individual desires of your heart.
Most of the challenges a individual faces is to remove their societal control of being in the norm, to finally waking up their hearts in order that they follow their own true path and desires. Most likely the situation that influences this change is that a person needs to remove the affect of how society sees them, how their family sees them, how their peers judges them as, to remove this judgements is to release the mind control of being seen or fixated as a particular person from what has been in the past, and to release that identity the surrounding perceives as your true selves and to finally show who you really are through the expression of our true desires and hearts and being your unique individual selves.
Hence this is why liberating your heart from mind control is the first step to be authentic in truly being yourselves and freeing your mind from the society’s imprisonment of your real identity.


Desire from your Mind


Desire from your Mind is about what people say you think you must have, such as wealth, fame, material influence, desire that comes from societal collective conscious, that came from an understanding of the value that the environment in one’s surrounding showcase, preach, suggests, influence, and praises. Most time people with desire from their Mind, actually commits to giving in to the desire of the mind due to receiving the praises from society, it is a stance of stature of being on a specific pedestal so that one may be seen, heard, appreciated, valued, or accepted as the majority norm in the society.




Desire from your Heart



Asking Equals to Raise of Self-Worth


People with high self-worth are fearless of asking for something they want and desire. They are brave to face the probabilities and possibilities of rejection or acceptance. They are open to receiving any reply and have the strong heart to request or ask for what they want. They hold no expectations, but the open water hope that their requests be met with a yes through the right individual they are asking for.


Asking from Passion

Asking from Passion is an action of a open heart of faith to believe that they can unconditionally receive their desires, they know in deep down of their hearts they are ready to receive it and the mind holds no fear against them to either be rejected or to be prohibited from being sent their desires.



  1. How do you Carry Yourself?







Self Worth comes from your Heart


Self Worth is the Capacity to Feel Large in Situations throughout Life. Self Worth is the Feeling of Deserving to pursue the things you desire. People with low self worth finds it hard to pursue their inner wishes and desires through many obstacles in their path. People with high self worth may find it smoother to commit and pursue their desires because they feel deserving to receive their desires.
The Feeling of Deserving allows someone to realize their self worth and net worth to embrace their pursuits. To believe in being deserving of receiving what the heart wants is a challenge and practice.
Self Worth connects deeply with state of Inner Happiness, the person who has a drive to create and transform their life, will work with their self-worth, a state of deserving, and believing of their ability to receive their desires as a true form of reality in their life experience.
A person with a low self-worth may coincidentally be affected by negative remarks insights and judgments from their surroundings. To shift this energy within the body, to have a higher self worth, when having low self-worth is normal, the attention of energy needs to be focused on the heart center and to make a choice to feel good and put yourself into experiencing the feeling of attaining your desires and inner wishes. This shift in attention from the mental judgment, negative thoughts and heart-wrenching worries, will create a bold transition from lack of worth towards, and expansion in self-worth.
How to Raise Self Worth? Practice centering yourself in the heart space by choosing to put your mental focus in your heart and creating an intention to receive and a feeling of acceptance of the wanting a certain something.


Self Worth & Ego


The Ego is a state of unawareness, it is a blackhole consumption of energy and destruction of unity. Ego separates and judges and breaks. There is a factor to be laid out for an understanding that certain versions of self worth needs to be enlighten and points made, in relation to ego.

Some individuals may have a fantastic extravagant ego, where they believe they can have all they want in the world, with no consequences of how to obtain it. In this manner, some self-worth comes from the mind, the source of ego, the channel of devastation. Some people who feels a certain feeling that they are larger than life, may receive the wrong credits of what it truly means to be larger than life.

In this context, the self-worth through ego, connects the dot, that they can take and force their surrounding to succumb to feed to their sense of self-worth. Hence, they manipulate other people and friends, peers, strangers, to believe in them and their illusion of truth, in order for them to get what they want and their desires. The sense of self-importance and self-centredness is on a verge of extremity, that this self-worth attitude creates a very rough and imbalance in their personal connection to their surrounding and the people that they engage with.

Therefore it creates a disharmony and discord where self worth through the root of ego, collapses relationships and friendships. The way they feel that they are more deserving, actually expresses, that they are far better or superior than their surrounding. Rather than sharing a belief of equality and collaborative measures, these individuals portray a certain outlook of life with an authoritarian that enforces other people to submit to their request. The compassion to engage in this pursuit, is nil and it feeds their egotistic mental worth. It does not engage their connection to the heart, they are coming from the crossroad of feeding the illusion of self-worth towards a sense of superiorship from a state of unawareness, unconscious egoistical conditions.

Have you ever been on either side of this situation, if you do, how are you understanding the root of ego connecting to self-worth actually deprives the true connection to the self-worth coming from the heart and wholesome feeling?



Self Worth & Passion


Your Passion in Life, truly defines a sense of self worth for you.


Self Worth & Asking From Love
Asking from Your Voice of Self-Love

Put emotions to your speech (asking from your heart)


Emotional Eating/

Shopping/Seeking Attention/Seeking Wealth is Filling a Bottomless pit hole the wrong way to solving an emotional desperation


Emotional eating happens when you are hungry for energy to replace what feels missing in your heart center.



Never Lose Your Heart Chasing Wealth

Emotional Decision
Mental Decision
Physical Decision


  1. Emotional Displacement


Fear of Wanting


Fear of Feeling


The most painful experience to confront is the truth, sometimes it is even feared and avoided. Feelings are holders of truths, some people live their feeling being emotionless as they repress the truth inside their heart, it hurts to feel the emotions they feel, instead of confronting it and expressing them, it is suppressed and locked deep inside their hearts and it carries onto become an emotional burden and the heart becomes so heavy that joy no longer is able to seep through, even if it does it doesn’t last permanently or longer than what a light hearted emotions could carry.

People fear of feeling their emotions because they are not able to be authentic in living their lives, at times this condition makes them face their weakness, vulnerability, feeling of failure and they are susceptible to personal judgments and personal rejections. That they are imperfect and somehow failed, instead of facing their lack and weakness in life, they choose to suppress emotions and deny and reject them and live in their egoistical mind of perfection, righteousness and superiority complex.

What is superiority complex and how does it relate to fear of feeling? Superiority means that they are holding a power over something; it could be a situation, another person, or a general condition in everyday life. It is to cover their feeling of unworthiness, lack, insecurity, extreme undesirable condition and rejections. Instead of coming clean with their emotions, their mind creates a superiority complex and throws away the realistical truth in life and cover all their flaws with their ego boost and their perfection and righteousness. They are never wrong, and they are always far more superior than their counterparts individual that surrounds them, they will never give up and will always force to win in any arguments, will force other people to be in the wrong or even to be violent enough to create a violence in their surrounding in order to maintain their security of their reality. In order for them to not feel their emotions of lack, insecurity, or incompetency.

They constantly desire to be in control and in power, they have to work hard in order to be always on top, to have positions of authority, to constantly have powerful influence over others and they will take it as an insult if anyone disagree in their decision or advice or suggestions. This people are too deep in their own set of reality to understand they are very much ingrained in the way they see life and not the overall reality that surrounds them. Life is seen through a very narrow-minded scope and they only know their way is the right way, with the inability to make space and room for other people’s viewpoint and perspective and very controlling in not to be influenced by other individuals around them.

If I have a fear of feeling, how do I go about slowly and gently to start uncovering all my false masks and emotions? How do I step by step learn to live an authentic life if I do realize I have chosen to surround myself with a lot of false belief and many mirrors filled with ego, fear, lack and insecurity? How do I transition from the inability to feel to the ability to feel again?

If you are willing to do anything, the first step is never to be harsh on yourself. Instead, choose a warm soft gentle approach to yourself. It would be hard if you have been promoted and influence harshness, force and rough discipline in life to get what you want and where you wanted to be. The openness you have to make a shift and change in your life, the willingness is already the first spark of faith for you to step into the threshold of the universe supporting you into this pathway of emotions and feelings.

If you see and observe nature, nature is never forceful nor harmful, they take time to grow and evolve and nothing is instant, it was always gentle and strong will with a sense of easy-going flow. Allow yourself to get into a state of breathing and being and allowing the same natural process to take over you and consume your mind and your controlling factor. It is by first practicing gentle and soft conscious aware of breathing repetition, it will be best being done in privacy of your own or in the solace or solitude of the natural surrounding close to where you live. Beach, parks, gardens or your backyard is most recommended. A zen and peaceful place that you can find to be serene, calm and undisturbed will assist you to begin the journey of uncovering your emotions.

When you first begin to feel your emotions and uncover the shell one by one, imagine you are peeling the skin of an onion, there are layers into it. Do not force yourself to feel emotions, let it rise slowly as you breath gently and gradually. When you feel the emotions, remove any judgments, rejections, mental associations with anyone or any influence from the external surrounding. Only feel you without conditions of your mind’s objectifications. The mind is now turned off and is not required to respond. The only correspondent to your heart is between your higher self, your soul and your inner deep emotions and feelings.

Having a book beside you to jot down how you feel and what you sense in your first private session with yourself can give you perspectives in the long run. Journaling your experience enables you to see your soul growth in experiencing your emotions to be authentic. In the first session with yourself, try in a smaller amount of time such as 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Put on some relaxing music or the perfect silence of nature or your private zen space and make yourself comfortable with pillows and your favourite hot drink.

You can do your sessions everyday before sleep or in the morning or as you feel you want to go deep within and work on your emotions, to journey into authenticity and truthfulness. Choose a time where you are undisturbed or unaffected by your surroundings, middle of the night could be the most quiet times around as most people sleeps and rests for the tomorrow.

Layer by layer, allow your inner voice to express its emotions and silence your mind, just bear with the emotions coming out and being expressed. Reminder that there is no conditions, no right or wrong, it is okay to express hate, sadness, grief, anger, darkness, negativity, rejection from the heart. The point being we are used to suppress our negative emotions and not able to express them fully in the life we live due to the conditioning of society, friends, family members, or workplace. Take this time to feel your energy and emotions within you and to acknowledge how you truly feel without the presence of other individuals in your surrounding denying or rejecting it. This is your body, your life, your emotions, you have the soul reign over your emotions. You can express them at will now and face your emotions.

You have no fear of feeling as you slowly gently allow the feelings to appear, express and jot down what you feel and write your emotions down in your journal. Do this everyday and time you feel like you want to express some of things you have experienced. Bringing your journal around everywhere will help you reflect your emotions and be upfront with what you feel inside daily and start to take observational measures to know your deeper sense of selves.

If this way doesn’t work how can I go about if I am interested to start to feel my feelings? One of the ways to go about it is through a good coach that you feel comfortable with sharing your feelings and emotions with. With intention you can ask the universe to send you a sign, on who can assist you to get to where you want emotional wise and wait for the answer to be sent as signs into your life.

With practice and patience, you will slowly get to know yourself and able to really tune into your emotions and start to understand your senses deeper and able to send compassion towards your mind to create consciousness from the intelligence of your heart and sense of self-love. All the heart wants is to be heard and this is one of the ways you get to reach that point inside you.



Being Guilty of Deserving
Being Guilty of Deserving is a Conditioning Pattern that you feel guilty to receive abundance when you see the suffering of other people not able to receive abundance or opportunities as you have. Feeling guilty first and foremost is a subconscious action to reject the universal prosperity from reaching to you. Guilt needs to be reformed into Gratitude. If you have had trouble accepting abundance because other people was not able to receive the same type of abundance as you, you must be aware, that other people are not you, and that you yourself are unique and are a child of the universe and earth. Every and each one of this individuals on earth has their own destiny and path to take. You cannot keep thinking you have to feel guilty and sacrifice your abundance, opportunities and life path because you see your surrounding as a lack and not enough. That you see and feel other people’s unhappiness of your abundance and opportunities that arrives for you. Understand that you cannot satisfy other people’s emotions through wanting to release and reject the abundance that is in front of your doorstep just because other people will not have that opportunity. Stop rejecting your lifepath to be pleasing the comfortability of other individuals in your surrounding. Gain the consciousness to be aware, their uncomfortability is coming from their lack of awareness that if they follow their heart just as same as yours, their opportunities will come too.
Have you ever had the experience where you have to let go of your opportunity just so you can make other people comfortable that you are not going to change towards being a better growing version of you. Have you ever letten go of the opportunities in life that passes by because you are unable to shift focus to begin to think what is totally supremely good for yourself and you are not able to understand the opportunities that is life changing.

There will be opportunities that will come knocking on your door, there will be situations where you will start to receive offers and invitations to change your life. It could be a sponsorship to an education, or the ability to work for someone prestigious or in a company you have dreamed of. It could be to travel to a place that you loved since you were young. There will be opportunities, but the last call is your decision. Will you feel guilty if other people do not have that opportunity and you allow yourself to fall with everyone in order not to take these opportunities in front of you.

The greatest risk in any individual is the risk of pleasing others, the risk of shifting focus from one’s own self-importance to the voices of ego and doubt of others. Sometimes it takes the effort for you to challenge the status quo and show your greatness and inspiring other people to come into their greatness. If you are allowing yourself to take the throne and the glory of the opportunity that comes knocking on your door, you will be able to understand that the people in your life will start to acknowledge how you respect yourself and honor yourself, they will start to admire you and follow your steps to great achievement.

If you choose to feel guilty when an opportunity comes knocking on your door, you are not serving anyone any good, because you are not stepping up to the plate and going through a journey and showing people, that this journey can happen to anyone if they too believe in themselves and learn to shift the focus to self-importance and self-love so that this ripple and chain of inspiration can also happen to them who believe in themselves and those who removes the guilt of pleasing other people’s comfort zones.

Feeling guilty of being blessed by the Universe is a horrid thing to do to the Universe and yourself. You cannot keep the attention to people who are unhappy of your blessings. Understand that they are still in the journey of awakening and enlightenment, the people who wish you would pity them and feel guilty for having so much are people who are still in the darkness and do not understand that your shine and glory is going to affect them in positive ways as they learn how you success in life, they too will learn by observing your journey and progress into achievement.

Do not sacrifice your life opportunities because you think other people deserve more than you, if other people deserve more than you, then they will specifically have that opportunity in front of them. Not you. Focus on yourself and you will instantly realize there is no reason to feel guilty, because everyone wins if you win. You matter, You are important and You are deserving of all the blessings and opportunities that comes knocking in your Life. Your desires and dreams and hopes begins with you know you are deserving of all your greatest desires and dreams and hopes and that this will substantially create a growth and progress in your life. At certain points of time in your life you need to ignore the situations in your surrounding and listen to your voice so well that only your voice matters and only you are able to speak for your own soul and desire that you are able to embrace the opportunities and blessings and abilities that you are born with and never down-play your abilities that the universe has blessed you with just so you can please other people in accepting you. Please read Self-Validation to understand how to combat this situation of people-pleasing and acceptance. The universe didn’t create you to satisfy other people’s demands. The universe created you to live a life where your happiness is the crucial priority at all points of time. When you are happy, you inspire other people to take the decision to be happy too. Can you not see that your actions of self-love and self-bless is creating a ripple of individual-empowerment and self-believe for other people to follow suit and pursue.
Be a great example and remove guilt and substitute it with intense gratitude that you are deserving of all the opportunities and blessings that the universe wishes to give to you unconditionally. You are worthy of all your desires, embrace each one with love, gratitude and joy. Show your surrounding how to live a life full of blessings and you will magnetically impact a positive vibration and frequency in your surrounding.


Self-Humility vs. Humbleness


Feeling Ashamed of Your Mistakes

Nobody should make you feel ashamed of your mistakes, mistakes are not the end of the world, mistakes happens to everyone and nobody is as saint or as holy, all humans has done something that was first not recog


Emotional Manipulation
Emotional Wisdom & Experience &


Choose your Experiences
You choose your experiences from the feelings you allow to be in your heart and the thoughts you allow to run through your mind. Awareness of your inner reality will create the external energy creation in your external reality. When you feel good inside, you are allowing the good things to vibrate and be attracted to your current state of vibration and frequency of your emotions and thoughts. You choose your experiences in life whether consciously or unconsciously and you will get to the point where you are going to slowly gain awareness on your choices with how aware are you of your feelings and your thoughts. So choose your emotions, and choose your thoughts and start to build your life through an awareness of choosing the experiences you want to allow to come into your life with your own will and powerful decision making through the consciousness you now have in your life. Nobody can influence your life if you are aware of your conditions and your desires of what kind of life you really wish to pursue and live.

Want and Desire From Happiness

You can begin to want something again once you can feel the self-worthiness rising the vibration of your energy to believe you deserve whatever you desire, and wish. Make your wanting come from Joy and Happiness, Not from and Ill feeling or Lack. Make your feeling of want come from presence of gratitude, rather than the feeling or it is so far and out of reach. Feel that all your desires are readily available, your emotions and good feeling will create that experiences that will allow the things you desire and want to come over to you and bring you the most important thing you treasure in your life. And you will feel a sense of accomplishment the more you spend your time, energy, and emotions to feel your heart feeling the want and desire from happiness and joy and love and gratitude.

A situation that occur when dependency happens is when you are depending on other people’s encouragement, thumbs up and acknowledgement in order to get approval of life. A child may depend on their parents in order to ask for the guidance. For an adult, independence is the true way to achieve mature development. Independence is an act of ability to make individual choices based on their thoughts, emotions and individual beliefs.

Fear of Reality





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