Your Heart, Activate the Self-Defense Mechanism

Your Heart, Activate the Self-Defense Mechanism

The Heart has an Organic way of Defending itself in a state of danger, although due to the conditioning of the society, and the parenting skills that has been passed down towards certain family groups and class of society, some of many individuals may have been conditioned to revoke their right of defense and find themselves in a chain of self-sacrifice to debilitating self-harm and low self worth.

It is harder for some people to activate their beacon of truth in their heart, to act and speak on self-defense and protect their wellbeing and livelihood due to their upbringing and how they are raised. That is why the stronger and pure connection you have towards your heart that can connect to your body impulse and mind awareness, the easier you can connect and activate your self-defense mechanism of your heart’s solid truth.

Despite being harder to connect and activate the self-defense mechanism in your heart, it is however able to be put into high gear with practice and awareness. All it takes is just to be yourself, face with the people who may wish to provoke your self-love to intimidating you to submit to their requests and favors; this could be students, peers, colleagues, bosses or family member to partners and siblings.

Tune into your heart and instead of suppressing the emotions, allow yourself to remove control of your facial expression, the thinking of what is accepted in your past experiences and release the control of your hidden emotions from the hold of your mind. Feel your emotions however unpleasant it maybe and express them through your words unfiltered and uncensored facial emotions.

Despite understanding there will be consequences towards expressing your true feelings, you must be aware, that your life must not be dictated or threatened by other people’s inability to accept who you truly are. As part of society, all individuals must and should stop the emotional threat by controlling how other people express themselves, some authority figures uses punishment and abuse of their power to instill fear into specific individuals so that they may feel powerful and integrate the sense of themselves.

A handful of people has suffered a lot of emotional torment by suppressing their authentic feelings because it is merely not accepted by those they seem as authority or having power over them, could be parental figure, partner, or teachers and even higher self-esteemed peers and colleagues.

However, as you are a person who is responsible to treasure your heart and living being, it is your ultimate choice, to be in the vicinity of these individuals or to move on towards being in a space and place that is healthier towards your long life. Self Love and Self-Assertiveness to validate your self-worth and importance can create this shift to transition to a new lifestyle.

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