1. The World is a Big Bully


Validation is Approval to continue to pursue an action or desire or to become. Validation happens when you doubt your capabilities and confidence to pursue what you like to do. Hence you need validation you are on the right track. So you seek validation from your external instead of internal validation with self-confidence and self-approval.

When you seek validation from an external source, you are giving your power away of assurance toward others around you. They then feel more superior that they have the capability to ensure you to feel good or less than good. Sometimes the people you ask for validation for can give a really good insights and feedback and boosts you on your divine path. But what if it doesn’t and you speak to the wrong person to validate your progress, journey or ideas. When this happens, you will feel judged and then incapable to proceed. Rather than a motivating, empowering validation the person you seek validation from may give you their personal judgement and not a judgement based on your highest good and wellbeing. They are seeing from their perspective and not from a universal all-rounded perspective. Not everyone can give a perspective that is well rounded, you will need a very wise group or circle of friends who are professors, analysts, and people who are deemed worthy of their feedbacks and testimony. If you have them at the back of your hand, that is great, if you don’t read onward.

Validation is sometimes a doubt that creeps in the mind feeding you a little insecurity that you need more assurance before your proceed, that is why re-focus your energy into your heart and build your self-confidence, whenever you feel you need validation, put your hand on your heart and feel your heart as the focus of your life, giving you the perfect validation you ever need to keep pursuing what you love to do and want to achieve and more.

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