The Reality of Rejection

The Reality of Rejection

The Reality of Rejection is Painful if you give other people the power to your hopes and dreams. Rejection can be either Inspiring or Painful. It depends on your emotional reaction and how you choose to emotionally react. The first point I would like to make is the power for anything to happen is within you, nobody can give you the opportunity, nor the acceptance without you yourself knowing fully you are capable and powerful.
Some people can walk into a room and just be in the zone in that room and conquer that room with their energy. You have become the space, the being, the whole result is in your heart.
Rejection is and cannot touch you unless you have master your art and your whole focus and effort has been put into that certain goal. There is a quote “Be so good that you it is impossible to be ignored.”
Don’t feel bad if you are rejected, instead ask the reason why and find a way to either improve yourself or understand yourself enough that people cannot see or appreciate your true value and worth and then move on. Life is always fair, you just have to realize if you are aware and acknowledge it if people are undermining your capabilities and misinterpreting your worth due to their inability to see it. Only you know yourself best to understand if people are rejecting you based on their professional opinion or from a personal agenda of feeling equal or inferior. Yes certain times there are situations where certain people of high position or status would reject you based on their own insecurity of not wanting you to outshine them. So they will play on the fiddle of your hearts to manipulate your worth and reject you so they may control the volume of how you can shine or how you can be accepted under their conditions.
If you give people the power to reject you, you can view this in two ways, the first way is to understand their point of view and what they would like in their choices, since you are asking or offering people a certain thing, it depends on the person you are inquiring wether or not they would like to accept you. So respect for other people’s point of view and desire is vital. Second is that if you wish to achieve a certain something and people reject you because they doubt you or don’t believe in you. Then you can choose to learn the reason why behind the rejection and is there a way that it is beneficial for you to improve yourself until you get better and master yourself. If you believe you are good enough and the rejection is preposterous then you can walk away will your head held high as you believe in yourself and capabilities and smile with gratitude that the opportunity lies in the incoming experiences. Not everyone can embrace your true value, so to find the best space and opportunity to shine is a goldmine. Seek your goldmine with persistence, confidence and love. Seek people who can truly see your value and respect your worth. There will always be a space for you to shine and be accepted.
At the end of the day, you don’t give power to the people who reject you because of their status and success. Because they believe you cannot do it. You don’t do that, and never do that. Never give any power away to any people. Especially through situations such as this. If you are in a cooking competition and the judges criticize and rejects your food. It is their personal judgements and it is not the judgements of the universe or the rejection of the universe. There are many other individuals who will find your creation a splendid energy and a brilliant masterpiece. It just needs the right plug towards it. The power to reject has to be seen as a kind respect to other people’s free will and how they choose to see you. They may not know all of who you are and your worth, but you can always consistently be yourself and if it is not good enough for people and you are being rejected for who you are, then you have two choices, are they giving you an advice to be better and would it make you more better, and the second choice is to walk away and continue your life in this reality with other people whom you will find that will appreciate and accept you as you are.
Your life is not in order to please people’s cup of tea, you cant always be the specific tea for that specific someone. You have to be your own special blend of tea and be around people who will appreciate your taste and your specialty. You will find your clique and your circle of reality and you will maintain your inner sense of power of acceptance. You accept yourself as you are and the reality of rejection will just be a bad cup of tea to be dumped and forgotten, and make a new batch of tea with a new circle of people until you find the right reality that accepts you completely, the one that allows all parts of your specialty to shine through and through. You are amazing.

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